Top Ten Fastest Christian Rappers


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1 Canon

Canon is probably a close to Eminem for speed.

Literally a machine gun with words in the clip


Canon is the super fastest rapper I've listened to all my life...listen to Until the end of time Derek Minor feat Canon #theOks

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2 LeCrae LeCrae Lecrae Devaughn Moore, mononymously known as Lecrae, is an American Christian hip hop artist, songwriter, record producer and actor. He is also the co-founder of reach records.

You should see him in aliens

Not as fast as other artists.

Have you seen his song don't waste your life? This guy is crazy fast!

You are awesome

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3 KB

Any KB song proves my point

He is amazing and pretty fast

Amazing rapper! Too bad he was dissed in Drake's "In My Feelings". The lyrics to this song about KB loving him and riding on him, is just GAY with a capital G

KB is the BEST, hands down, Listen to 'DNOU' if you're not convinced

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4 Andy Mineo Andy Mineo Andrew Aaron "Andy" Mineo, formerly known as C-Lite, is an American Christian hip hop artist, producer, and TV and music video director from New York City.

Listen to the saints in Heroes for Sale, you can barely keep up

Listen to: The Saints and The Cross

Lecrae is the best rapper, but Andy Mineo is the fastest. Listen to his song "the Saints"... enough SAID

Listen to never land ayo and the saints and he will be on your favorite playlist in no time

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5 Nathan Feuerstein

Listen to the song Intro,that song is crazy fast

He is better than any other rapper

All-Time Best Rapper ALIVE

He is the best

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6 Trip Lee

I love 1:16 and all of his other songs but I know he is not the fastest rapper but he is very fast

I just like this guy. His so good

How is he top 10 I love him but he ain't that fast

I love him but he ain't that fast

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7 Thi'sl

He not fast

I think he real fast how you even say that

Thi'sl is not fast at all
he ain't in top 15 for me

8 Tedashii

Should be number 3 (behind Canon and Lecrae)

Love his rap w/ Crowder band

Tedashii may not be THE fastest, but he can definitely bring the heat. He is fantastic live. Look at his performance after Trip Lee and KB at the Passion 2015 Conference. I thought his performance there was better than any song from the Lecrae/Andy Mineo Anomaly tour.

This guy is the fastest Christian rapper I've heard

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9 Flame

In angels...need I go on

He is my third favorite rapper...

To me he should be # 1

He is the best

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10 T-Bone

Liquid lighting bars, and whitty lines.

He's probably the fastest rapper on this list!

He may not be number one, but he certainly is faster than most in the top 5. I mean, really? Trip lee should be on the list for one of the slowest rappers.

T-Bone is definitely faster most of the other artists on this list.

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11 NF NF Nathan "Nate" John Feuerstein, whose stage name is NF, is an American Christian hip hop rapper, singer and musician from Gladwin, Michigan.

Literally the best there is. What are you saying that he's not first!

Very fast rapper.

This dude has absolutely changed my life with his inspiring lyrics.

fast boi

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12 Modern day beast

Listen to speed freak and relentless speed kills. Way faster than Canon.

Listen to speed kills and Fastest Rapper, the names speak for themselves

Has anyone here heard his song Relentless. This dude is the fastest Christian rapper and that's a fact Jack - letdot52

Guys, he has broken the rap record. Period. Check it out for yourself.

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13 Derek Minor

Derek only spits rapid-fire in short bursts, but that's only because no track can survive his verbal jabs for an extended amount of time! Listen to his song 'Until the end of time' on Youtube. He dominates the beat like his boot is standing on its chest.

He can rap fast just listen to ready set go

Derek minor isn't fast

Derek can't rap fast for a long time but can rap extremely fast for a short time. Twisted- Trip Lee (ft. lecrae and derek minor)

14 Juaquin Fabela

He is the fastest rapper of all time this list is messed up

Raps so fast barely able to keep up even with lyrics "Modern day beast" "A million lies" or "speed kills" definitely the fastest. Gives me a concession just listening to him.

The fastest rapper. Anywhere. Ever. Period.

Off course this guy is the fastest no doubt. The list is messed up. Its suppose to be juaquin fabela then gemstone then canon then kb and Andy mineo

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15 Tobymac Tobymac Toby McKeehan, better known by his stage name TobyMac, is a Christian hip hop recording artist, music producer, hip-hop and pop artist, songwriter and author.

Listen to the slam- if you can actually keep up, you should definitely consider being a rapper!

He is the best. Me without you is my favorite song

Yeah Toby z the best

He is good.andy mineo is better. Toby mac is not bad but there's better.

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16 Gemstones

Check out his track Fire in My Hear. Or his feature on Bizzle's Holy Grail. Enough Said.

Holy Grail by Bizzle and Gemstones, he deserves to be 2nd

Lyrical Miracle! Faster than the Saints by a mile

I think he's great but he needs to amp it up to make a change

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17 Bizzle

Bizzle is good was good and forever be good

18 KJ-52

He has some slow somgs but he also has really fast ones to

He raps pretty fast in Gameface - leksap

Raps pretty fast in gameface - leksap

19 John Reuben

Doing, probably the fastest song out there, bar none, if you speed it up

20 Seckond Chaynce

I think second Chaynce is the fastest rapper in the world

Seckond Chaynce is a boss at speed listen to "Can I Flow Yo"Then try to keep up

Seckond chaynce-spirit fingers, the original one with kb and ov. He is at least at number three with that one.

21 Hkom
22 Black Knight

He is really fast

23 Steven Malcolm

THis man is FAST

24 Tyler Joseph Tyler Joseph Tyler Robert Joseph is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and rapper. He is best known as the lead vocalist and keyboardist for American musical duo Twenty One Pilots.
25 Tony Tillman


26 Relentless

Whoever didn't vote for this guy is clearly clueless, I have listened to the fastest song of almost every one of these rappers and Relentless is like 2x faster than the fastest.

He is literally the fastest rapper on here without of doubt because he is a world record setter for rapping. It's too bad nobody knows about him...

27 J. Monty

MVP Gotta listen to!

28 Dwayne Tryumf

He real fast too

This man is d beast. Next ting anthem was THE fastest. Faster than lecrae and Andy mineo. Only person faster is canon

29 Mogli The Iceburg

Although this guy isn't big if you look him up and listen to A. You can't hold me down or B. Gain the world when he raps he's faster then canon in my opinion an amazing Christian rapper

30 Shai Linne

This guy has solid Christian theology and he tackled some pretty tough concepts and helps us to understand the Christian walk within the church in a really strong way. This guy is among the best.

31 Michael Kenji Shinoda

Number 1 foe real... Enough said!

32 Papa San

Papa San is easily the fastest Christian rapper in the world. He spits out rhythms in a fast tempo.

33 Slikk

Slikk is great listen to "Black Kids Rap Faster"

34 K-Drama
35 Real S.O.A.K.
36 Jai
37 Er3k
38 Viktory

Dude drops the bars but yet still sticks to the message

He brings the beat and he real good - darkvader23

He's so good and fast

39 Jk.A

That's me you should hear how fast GOD lets me go!

40 Steven Cooper
41 MC Tempo

MC Tempo exceeds 180 words per minute in some of his songs.

42 Blind

This guy is very unpopular, however his song speaks for itself. "fastest christian rapper" by blind is by far the fastest!

43 Chance the Rapper Chance the Rapper Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, known professionally as Chance the Rapper, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from the West Chatham neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.
44 Landoman

Yes, Landoman. You've probably never heard of him, but he's dope

45 Grønne Anton

The man has bars

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