Top Ten Fastest Christian Rappers


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21 Seckond Chaynce

Seckond Chaynce is a boss at speed listen to "Can I Flow Yo"Then try to keep up

Seckond chaynce-spirit fingers, the original one with kb and ov. He is at least at number three with that one.

22 Black Knight

He is really fast

23 Relentless

He is literally the fastest rapper on here without of doubt because he is a world record setter for rapping. It's too bad nobody knows about him...

24 J. Monty V 1 Comment
25 Dwayne Tryumf

He real fast too

This man is d beast. Next ting anthem was THE fastest. Faster than lecrae and Andy mineo. Only person faster is canon

26 Mogli The Iceburg

Although this guy isn't big if you look him up and listen to A. You can't hold me down or B. Gain the world when he raps he's faster then canon in my opinion an amazing Christian rapper

27 Michael Kenji Shinoda

Number 1 foe real... Enough said!

28 Tony Tillman
29 Papa San

Papa San is easily the fastest Christian rapper in the world. He spits out rhythms in a fast tempo.

30 Slikk

Slikk is great listen to "Black Kids Rap Faster"

31 K-Drama
32 Real S.O.A.K.
33 Jai
34 Steven Malcolm
35 Er3k
36 Viktory

Dude drops the bars but yet still sticks to the message

He brings the beat and he real good - darkvader23

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37 Jk.A

That's me you should hear how fast GOD lets me go!

38 Steven Cooper
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