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1 Through The Fire And Flames - Herman Li and Sam Totman

Fastest guitar solos I've ever heard I'm in love with this song simply due to the skill required for the shredding.

Obviously the fastest. And shame for everyone who think they speeded it up in the studio...

Just like I thought. - zxm

THERE IS NO FASTER SOLO. - blackphoenix

2 One - Kirk Hammett

Quite fast but shouldn't be on number 2. - zxm

Start of solo is stupidly fast

Look at the tapping part, it's faster than everything on this page, 16th notes triplets at 216 BPM it's a insane speed, 21 notes per second, seriously...

3 Raining Blood - Kerry King, Gary Holt, and Jeff Hannerman

Isn't even a solo. - Userguy44

4 The Number Of The Beast - Janick Gers, Dave Murray, and Adrian Smith
5 Killing In The Name - Tom Morello
6 Free Bird - Hughie Thomasson
7 Afterlife- Synyster Gates

There is a point in the solo where the guitar sounds like it is about to die from being played so fast

Syn good

So difficult to play it‘s so fast

8 Don't Know What I Got - Tom Keifer
9 Heroes Of Our Time - Herman Li and Sam Totman

Deserves a bit higher position

10 Revolution Is My Name - Dimebag Darrell

The Newcomers

? Blackened - Metallica

The Contenders

11 Eruption - Eddie Van Halen

The fastest guitar solo ever played (or at least what seems like it) deserves a much higher position

12 Sweet Child O' Mine - Slash
13 Peace Sells - Dave Mustaine

It is Dave Mustaine

14 Domination - Pantera

Maybe not the most difficult solo but its definitely the fastest I've ever heard. (and also one of the most unique and memorable, usually fast solos are meh). And I listened to malmsteen, MAB, gilbert and others. Those 2 ascending runs with triplets are INSANELY fast. Especially live version he plays even faster than on album and its very clear.

15 Stargazer - Ritchie Blackmore

It's good to see Ritchie Blackmore here because he is usually very underrated.
However, he has several solos that are faster than Stargazer. Off the top of my head:
Rainbow - A Light In the Black, Kill the King, Death Alley Driver;
Deep Purple - Child in time, Highway Star
I fact, Stargazer solo isn't fast compared to his other solos. - Metal_Treasure

16 Far Beyond the Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen

Faster than One, Free Bird or Taxman. - zxm

17 Kill the King - Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore)
18 Cult of Personality - Living Colour
19 Army of Noise - Michael Paget and Matt Tuck
20 Jordan - Buckethead

The Whole song is pretty much the fastest solo ever.

21 Taxman - Paul McCartney

This fast? LOL. This is a very weird understanding of "fast". - Metal_Treasure

22 Paranoid Android - Radiohead
23 Boshe Achi (New) - Warfaze

I know most people won't listen this solo. But if you have curiosity then you could try it. Even his band mates can't play this solo. The starting licks are very very fast. - zxm

24 No Boundaries - Michael Angelo Batio

There are (or maybe) faster solo of his than this song. But this song has very fast solo. I added this cause its his most popular song. - zxm

25 Double Guitar Solo - Michael Angelo Batio
26 Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen
27 Nosferatu - Coroner (Tommy Baron)
28 Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin

Listen to the guitar solo and go back here to vote

29 Highway Star - Deep Purple
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1. Through The Fire And Flames - Herman Li and Sam Totman
2. One - Kirk Hammett
3. Raining Blood - Kerry King, Gary Holt, and Jeff Hannerman


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