Top 10 Fastest Indian Rappers 2014

This list Makes The Fastest Indian Rappers in India based on Syllables per Second or SPS.
Some of Them are not even known to more than a hundred people. But still we Have Scoured the whole of India To find them All!

The Top Ten Fastest Indian Rappers 2014

1 XL Trigga J$ Slice

Being Just Thirteen, He is even among the fastest rappers of The World but still, ain't even half as Famous. We Still look forward to more of his songs. He's Learnt music by hearing and has made it to the top. He is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Your nice but yo yo is always best...

If this kid have power so first beat honey singh

Honey can't rap, he sings and only talk

2 Addy Nagar

Another Unsigned Hindi Rapper and is The fastest too! (in Hindi)

Bro you r fastest than thought you rocks

He is the fastest rapper, his style was amazing.

Addy Nagar you rock

3 AK Quest

Hailing From Delhi, This guy can Spit some crazy bars. He often Collabs with XL Trigga but none of the collaborated songs are out yet.

4 Gangstar S

Known As the Fastest Tamil Rapper on Earth, He is also amazing'. give him a mic and get passed off! He raps Eminem Style and Admires him as well.

Good rapper

5 Bohemia

I am you're Fan sir bohemian too like like life

Please your 1 position

He is "WORLD BEST RAPPER",nobody competite him

Punjabi rAp the Baadshah

6 Khil Datta

Another North Indian Rapper, Takes the fourth Place.

7 Parry G

A nice English Rapper from North India.

Parry g you are my known favorite rapper

8 Brodha V

He's tooo good in raap industry...his song after party &on my own is good

9 Raftaar

Best rap god

Best rapper - RVPandit

Listen to swag mera desi and desi hip hop you would also agree with me

He is best but he should be after bohemia

10 Sheezay (Psycho Unit)

Another fast Tamil rapper.

The Contenders

11 Sharukh Emiway

God has made him for rap battle

Emiway bantai is the best

12 MC Sai

A unique and talented young rap artist.he is fast rapper.
'lyrics was awesome '
every new rap songs are diffrent.

13 Bx Typhoon

A Hindi Guy from Chennai

14 N-Drift
15 Rapstar Saider Sam

Awesome Rapper

16 MC Heam

Another Rapper from North India

17 FireShield

He has come from nothing to this level in just 1 year, and all this himself, he also manages his study and everything. He will surely grow.

Upcoming most talented rap star from India

Fastest Hindi rapper world has ever seen

18 King Singh
19 RV Pandit

Best rapper Rv Pandit
He's new Indian underground rapper
Rv Pandit best rapper and writer

He's best new underground Indian rapper.
Rv Pandit a new rapper Hindi Punjabi & haryanvi.
Best rapper and writer. - RVPandit

Best rapper - RVPandit

20 Rapstar Haarun Khan
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