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81 Rising from the Black - Paragon
82 Ride the Sky - Helloween
83 As the Pages Burn - Arch Enemy

This song is a truly remarkable song!

84 Metal Miltia - Metallica

Metal Militia is by far the fastest song on the whole album.

85 The Game - Dragonforce

It is 250 bts per minute and it was recorded the fastest song it is faster than fallen world that is 229bts per minute and that's faster than through the fire and flames

This song actually has the record for fastest song. There's no arguing with that. Lol

This is the fastest song ever recorded just listen to it

Fallen world is 220 bts per minute, my bad

86 Panic Attack - Dream Theater
87 Pagan Fears - Mayhem
88 When Two Are One - Atreyu

This song amazingly out ranks a lot of the songs on this list and should easily be in. When I first heard it, it was one of those songs that gave me goosebumps and still does when I hear that beat. The intro just slams you, BAM. I want this in the top ten right now fight me

89 Whiplash - Metallica
90 Black Metal - Venom

It is super fast and classic venom style extreme met

91 Deny the Cross - Overkill
92 Mechanix - Megadeth
93 Bleeding Mascara - Atreyu
94 Crush the Industry - Dethklok
95 War Ensemble - Slayer

Faster then raining blood

96 Kill the Christian - Deicide
97 Metal Meltdown - Judas Priest
98 KRV Moja Srpska - Wolf's Hunger
99 Dance of Eternity - Dream Theater
100 Punk It Up - Infectious Grooves

Just listen to the solo, and you will understand that it is a really fast song

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