Fastest NRL Players

The Top Ten

1 Matt Bowen

Little abo faster than a croc

2 Kevin Gordon
3 Preston Cambell
4 Billy (the Kid) Slater
5 Brett Morris
6 Irsrael Folau
7 Shaun Johnson
8 Jarryd Hayne

Hayne Plane, Hayne Train Delux But ill be faster then jarryd hayne you wait for the strongest most bulkiest most hardest player for the melbourne storms fastest ever Nico Te Whata

hayne-train or
the hayne plane you decide

9 Darius Boyd
10 Jamie Soward

The Contenders

11 George Rose

He is I really good football player but he is not a very fast

12 Alex Johnston

Alex johnston will get fiter with bennet coaching him

13 Josh Addo-Carr
14 James Roberts

He is fast, but he isn't good at much else. - micahisthebest

15 Rhys Wesser
16 Greg Inglis

He is the fastest player of all time from his biggest fan

17 Nathan Gardner
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