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1 Rap God - Eminem

Fastest song of all time

None of you have heard this song before if you think it's 7th place.

It's the best and fastest song ever

The one verse made it.✌️love em

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2 Break Ya Neck - Busta Rhymes

The ultimate Busta Rhymes song. Next to Look At Me Now.

Fastest ever.

3 Worldwide Choppers - Tech N9ne

The only reason Rap God is slightly above this is because of that one verse, Other than that its not even that fast. This song was named Worldwide Choppers for a reason, cause it's the fastest ever with some of the fastest spitters in human history.

I don't see how this isn't tied with Rap God at the very least..

Faster than Rap God FOR SURE

Way faster then gay ass eminem

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4 Creep Fast - Twista


5 The Evergassin Gobstopper - Twisted Insane

Listen to him when he gets fast

6 From Da Tip Of My Tongue - Twista
7 Can You Keep Up - Busta Rhymes

This is faster than I talk. And I talk REALLY fast.

8 Midwest Choppers 2 - Tech N9ne

Better than rap god

It made me cry

Should be higher then Eminem

Isn't even a competition, WWC1 is 1, MWC 2 is 2 and speedom is 3.

9 Mr. Tung Twista - Twista


This is for sure faster than rapGod, with this coming in at 13 sps,
and rap God at 11 sps,

10 I'm on Everything - Bad Meets Evil

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11 Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2) - Tech N9ne

There's no way it's this low on the list. Listen to his verse and you'll see why

Should be way higher on the list, at least top 5

Definitely should be higher on list

This is faster than Rap God. Eminems verse is faster than the fastest Rap God verse

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12 Look at Me Now - Chris Brown

I love this song, but eminem is faster.

Busta rhymes is so fast in his rap

13 B.O.B. - Outkast

Fast, easy to understand, great lyrics. Outkast doesn't get the credit they deserve.

Extremely coherent with great content and very far at and smart wordplay

My baby don't talk this fast its like really fast

Rediculously fast, great song

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14 Joyner Lucas - Panda Cover

This song is a banger

Who else thinks that this song has fastest verse of all time

Should be first

15 The Chop Shop - Twisted Insane

Fastest song ever, it should be in first place

Super underrated. Makes Rap God look slow

Clearly faster than most above it

This is the fastest song in the options fastest is underground choppers 3 splyt seconds verse

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16 Holocaust - Ceza

Should definitely be higher

One of "must be listened".

17 Gucci Gang - 6ix9ine

Fastest ever

This be fast

This should be #1 smh

Free 6ix9ine

18 60 Second Assassins - DJ Kay Slay
19 Bang Bang - Jessie J

I mean nicki has a verse but dude its not one of the fastest songs :/

Nicki has a faster verse on feelin myself

Ok whoever put this up on this list is actually retarded


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20 Breaking News - Machine Gun Kelly

Come on... MGK deserves better than this...

Mgk is my idol says camron pfuhl

21 Speedom - Tech N9ne

Why is this twice on the list?!

22 Brainsick 1.0 - Twisted Insane

Do you guys not listen to music!?!? This song is insanely fast if you listen to all of it!

Listen to this song! Y'all are high

23 Alphabet Aerobics - Blackalicious

It's the best cause I know it off by heart and can sing it X2 speed

24 Stainless - Logic

Should be 1st

25 Doozy - Token

This is fast but listen to watsky and bliss and eso's song" Tear The Roof Off"

I god yes

26 Kod - J. Cole

J. Cole second verse sheesh

27 Unstoppable - Twiztid

This is for a fact faster than that retarded ass rap god song. So many rappers in the world can do that. He is so damn slow in some parts. Listen to every song on this list. This song is more clever and fast than any of them except for tung twista

28 Offended - Eminem
29 Concealed the Outro - K.A.A.N.

KAAN is a under rated rapper that has a good flow and can maintain his speed and flow at the same time.

30 HYFR - Drake
31 Stamina - Tech N9ne
32 Ab1 - Kung Fu Panda

This guy hails from Africa and is pretty much unknown for now but is incredibly fast and talented lyrically, look him up on Google, some of his related works also include momentum and raptomaniac

33 Let's Go - Travis Barker

Twista and Busta in the same song! What?

34 One Last Time - Twista
35 Mondfinsternis - Kollegah
36 White and Nerdy - Weird Al Yankovic

so good

37 Undaground Choppers 4 - SpriteBeatz

What the hell this song is doing here at 42? listen to interchopper and crucified's verse...

38 We Run This - Pitbull

No. Just-just, no.

Never expect to see Pitbull on this list,do ya?!.
Then take a listen to this song on YouTube,the second verse and prove me wrong.

39 That Music - Crucified

It's the fastest rap song ever. The only reason it ain't 1 No1 is because of people dick riding bigger artists. This right here is raw talent

I don't know why yall didn't have this on this is fast, just listen to it 100% fast

It may or may not be Cru’s fastest track. Prolly isn't but ok.

40 I Keeps It Movin - Axe Murder Boyz
41 Smoked Out - Crucified

I can't follow

42 Maxima Velocidad - Don Xperto
43 Dome Split - Twisted Insane

Twisted Insane hours really fast in this song.
The only part you can keep up with is the chorus.

44 Kokamusik - Kollegah
45 Analyse - Juliensblog

Kinda easy

46 100 Round Clip - Twisted Insane
47 Why Stop Now - Busta Rhymes
48 Welcome 2 Hell - Bad Meets Evil
49 Blammers and Burners - Tech N9ne
50 Downtown - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I think this song is really fast at one state

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