Top Ten Fastest Rappers In India

The Top Ten Fastest Rappers In India

1 Raftaar

He's fastest known rapper in India. I know at least 10 people who are not rappers and can spit fast than him

Swag mera desi is not that fast

The fastest rapper ever

Fastest rapper in India

2 L.R.B Tera Baap

Baap of all rappers

Lrb fast hai

Bhai ye to subka baap nikala... Awesome bro... This is one of the fastest rapper in the whole universe...

Baap h fast H. - lrbdeshiraper

3 Bhadsha

Best singer in the world

Badshah is number 1

4 Bohemia

He is dad of all rapper

Deshi rap god. But not so fast - lrbdeshiraper

I lv your rap u r god of rap

5 Eka

Eka you are the best

6 Billy X
7 Pradhan
8 Young Honey
9 Hard Kaur Taran Kaur Dhillon, known by her stage name Hard Kaur, is a British Indian rapper and hip hop singer; as well as playback singer and actress in Bollywood.
10 Bhadmash

The Contenders

11 Brodha V

Should be on first..

He is the best Indian rapper. Close to being best in Asia

12 Borkung Hrangkhawl

Where is b.k. people...he 2 have speed.

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