Busta Rhymes

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Trevor George Smith, Jr., better known by his stage name Busta Rhymes, is an American hip hop recording artist, actor, record producer and record executive.


There are faster songs than Look At Me Now by the way. (Why Stop Now = wow) Busta IS the fastest! His manager won't allow him to go his fastest because he thinks his records won't sell. If his music is too hard for people to understand, they won't buy it, goes the theory. I think that's why Twista isn't as popular. Busta could go faster than Rebel. You can tell from videos on YouTube of him clownin around (not recording). BUSTA RHYMES IS THE FASTEST RAPPER!

Busta I think YOU are the fastest rapper ALIVE I LOVE YOU "don't STOP" PLEASE!

Busta Rhymes is incredible! In his songs Break Ya Neck and 60 Second Assassin he is just mad! To all people who only know Bust Rhymes from Look At Me Now, you must listen to these as well as the rest of his music... Beware though it's fast! Credit to Twista too, he never lets you down

I personally think that busta rhymes should be number one because I am having a hard time believing that twista is faster... Nobody even knows Twista like that. Busta has been out for over 10 years and I feel he is better qualified and more deserving of the number one spot. Twista is cool and I'm not hating but who made this list like really?

Eminem is the best rapper alive, but Busta is the fastest. I'm sure everyone has heard him in Look at Me Now, and wow! Amazing! Speed is crazy and he doesn't choke once. Doesn't mess up nothing. I mean it took me multiple times to finally realize a portion of what he was saying in look at me now, I still don't understand all of it, but just his speed alone impresses me. It's pretty awesome - dragonfly99

Look at me now was fast, however that isn't as fast as what Busta Rhymes can do. I you listen to 60 second assassins, Busta makes Look at me now sound slow. Very talented rapper, and to me the fastest out there. by the way, 60 sec Assassins has Twista and Lazy Bone in it as well. Both two fast rappers, however they rap fast in spurts. Busta is fast throughout which gives him my vote.

man he is better than twista.
busta is the best in the world.
I like him so much.
but I think he can go faster if we chant him on he could be the fastest.
he is still the best.
thats what I think.
for all the people who don't like busta you are dam stupid.

thats what I think of busta.
he goes so fast in look at me now you can't under stand him.

Busta rhymes is definitely one of the sickest rappers I've ever heard. Break ya neck is the sickest thing ever. Busta should be no. 1 You can barely understand what he says, I only understand the last 2 words in each sentence. Respect Busta.

Busta raps the fastest of everyone, Eminem fast but he ain't got jack on Bus a Bus. He raps much faster for much longer times than the likes of Eminem. Listen to Why Stop Now, Can You Keep Up, Let's Go (Travis Barkers song) and Look At Me Now (Chris Browns song). His lyrics aren't to serious most of the time and are great to listen to whatever you may be doing!

Busta is just sick the way he spins like a choppers blade and rhymes with it again and sometimes he just doesn't want to take a break and breath he just spits so fast that sometimes he goes off beat then the beat will just have to stop for him twista is fast and a tongue twista but I think busta is faster because he doesn't take a break check out his verses in the song 'can you keep up' its sick men.

Busta Rhymes has to be one of the fastest rappers of all time, especially because of the remix to "Welcome To My Hood" by DJ Khaled. His verse isn't as long as "Look At Me Now", but he still kills the track.

To be honest, Eminem is the best rapper in the world, but he is not the fastest. Busta rhymes is fastest, just listen to "break ya neck", I barely heard anything in that song. Its incredible! Besides from busta rhymes, twista is the fastest, followed by Eminem, then tech n9, and yelawolf, and ludacris. Those r my favorites!

Busta rhymes the one and only busta Muslim but he can rap fast I should know I slowed down look at me now and welcome to my hood remix he's still fast also listen to grow up cher Lloyd ft. Busta rhymes the only song that twista is really faster than busta in is go hard remix so bust would win!

Busta rhymes is truly the fastest rapper if you have any doubt hear the songs-1) break ya neck,2) can you keep up,3) look at me now,4) how we roll. I can rap Eminem's rap god verse 4super sonic speed as fast as he can but I can't rap busta rhymes song any of them, so he is the fastest rapper what do you think?

There's no way anyone is in any way Faster than Busta.
Maybe Twista.
"Can You Keep Up" dictates this majestically.
When people try to enforce their opinions with "Well Eminem raps about life" Like really. On a Fastest Rapper list. Really. Get out please.

He is the fastest rapper his song can you keep up is the fastest song ever nobody can keep up with him some people say Eminem is quicker than busta rhymes but that is not true. Busta rhymes is quick I can't hear a thing he says.

Busta Is a really fast rapper, in the video Look At Me Now, he raps really well, It's a really good song too, Busta, WE LOVE YOU! Its hard for other people to sing or rap to as well, which makes him a really fast rapper and I think everyone should LOVE Busta!

I want to know how Busta Rhymes is the "fastest" rapper, if you can show me a song with Busta rapping over 20 syllables per second, be my guest.

Busta rhymes, yes he's fast and definitely has talent but I agree with the person above he trys to hard to be the best he needs to let it flow like Eminem and actually Eminem shouldn't even be number 1 he's just a good example and about kendrick lamar he's not fast sorry kendrick you are my favorite if I had to vote best rapper overall not just for fastness you would be in top 3 but for fastness your where you are

Busta rhymes is the fastest rapper listen to all of his songs and look up busta rhymes is the fastest rapper and the rappers your saying don't rap about drugs and other stuff they do. Look up Look at me now or Break your neck or Thank you. Mostly look up look at me now cause he killed it. Really listen to all their songs. No offense to Eminem but he also used made up words like isumaluma something. Just saying.

I like Busta Rhymes more than Twista for some reason, don't know why. But "Can You Keep Up" is a song by Twista Busta Rhymes is AWESOME. You can understand the word and the end of every line, if you're lucky. Spit till the death of me. - DASpyderMunky

Busta Rhymes is the best on this list but really... D-LOC and underrated Smash on all these rappers. And Eminem? Seriously? Hope you read this punk. He's good but I can find a better rapper on the streets

Busta Rhymes 2?!?! Come on haven't you listen to why stop now yet 1st verse. That verse is the fastest I ever heard. Busta deserves to be the number 1 fastest rapper. Twista sounds slow compared to busta.

I have heard Busta Rhymes and Twista spit faster then anyone one this list. They both rapped a song called can you keep up, look that song up and you'll see they're faster then anyone on this list

Eminem is my favorite rapper but in speed hands down to busta rhymes. Eminem rapped fast once or twice in rap god but listen to look at me now chris brown ft. Busta Rhymes and lil Wayne and listen to the part where busta starts rapping. If Eminem can come even close to that than hats off to him but Busta Rhymes is much faster. Fluid? Maybe not but definitely faster

Fastest! His manager says not to go as fast as possible b/c no one will listen to his stuff. He's faster than you can possibly imagine...