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Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce ...read more.


I LOVE Eminem and he is for SURE one of the fastest rapper he is amazing! He has the perfect ideas for songs and he's really hot! If someone is reading this well you should look him up rite now and I think the fastest songs he ever made is mocking bird, the real slim shady, love the way you lie, bad meets evil-loud, space bound, when I'm gone and no love oh I forgot this one song its kind of fast it is lose yourself well you should check those songs out and I know it was a lot of songs but just check it out

As the other's said that Eminem is the best because he raps about his life not for money and others in addition that Eminem is the only rapper that have a song non word is useless every single word have a meaning if you delete any word the song will make no sense for real also Eminem is a rap genius and the best freestyle r ever no one can freestyle as Eminem could do I think that the real rapper is the rapper who can freestyle and he is not afraid of changing is opinion and mention name's in a song he mention a lot of name's in his song that's a confident and fearless and can change his opinion so he is not stubborn for example you can the twist between songs of em cleanin out my closet and headlights so that Eminem in the first song blame his mother for the bad raising he had while in headlights em forgive his mother so this is the real rapper.

The other artists say things that roll of the tongue like "flipping it rippin it s******* it" but em actually says words like "life is too short and I got no time to sit around wasting so I'm pacing against the clock I'm racing double timing it but I still spit triple the amount of insults in a tenth of the time it would take you prices to catch on while your strong I'm like stretch Armstrong" he says all that in 10 secs as well

Rapping fast looking like he's doing it so easy I try and get 100 words per minute and he does not take no breath during and he held his breath for like 4 minutes and also was in the olympics because he really tried to fit in as an white rapper and many are proud to see Eminem TO BE ONE OF THE FASTEST RAPPER ALIVE!

He deserves to be at the top 3 due to the fact that he continuously comes up with innovative lyrics and tends to focus on the traditions of rap. Rappers nowadays focus on stereotypical phrases like "swag" and Eminem doesn't do that. He can freestyle really good better than most rappers. Plus he is the FIRST GOOD WHITE RAPPER out there in the mainstream. He dominated a African-American dominated genre. He showed that music isn't just reserved to the one's race.

Very talented, speedy, and lyrical genius that is extremely, extremely hard to compete with! Every song I've listened to by Eminem is either a 8 to a 10 in my book. I think that Eminem is a great member of the rap world, and deserves more respect than is given to him, especially from the black rap community, he blows most of them out of the water. Hell, he is #4 in all! :D

Em is the fastest... PERIOD. He hit 157 syllables in 16 seconds, and any other rapper doesn't even come close to Em's record, Em should be #1, Busta Rhymes comes to 150 syllables, also he comes up the the most cleaver raps and he is also extremely careful on what he says, yes he has said the "N" word once in his song "Remember Me" from the Marshall Mathers LP, but he was also on drugs. But Em also raps about mostly life and his life and sometimes his mothers life, he doesn't rap about drugs, money, and women all the time, he has before but he doesn't all the time he raps about a variety of things, he is not stuck to one subject and he can connect past songs to current songs extremely well... Listen to the song "So Far..." from his Marshall Mathers LP 2.
There is no reason why Eminem deserves to be #1, he has literally come up from the bottom, being white and rapping people look down on you me rapping and making music because of Em inspired me, I know how it ...more

I love eminem!
eminem is the best rapper of all time!
no one could ever beat eminem, he's just the best!
he doesn't rap about sex, money bitches, he raps about life!
i love marshall mathers!

Eminem might not be as fast as some of the other rappers on the list, but he is fast and you can still understand what he says every time! Songs like Love the way you Lie, Space Bound and Not Afraid have defined him as one of the best rappers you'll ever come across with!

Anyone can rap fast if it's nonsense and not even deep, but Eminem takes it to the next level in every way. He can connect to the listeners, make us laugh, send a message, or just be crazy sometimes but he doesn't disappoint

Eminem is the best! Fast Lane, Not Afraid. Look at me now is easy to rap cause it rhymes every word not like Eminem different words you can't follow its tongue twister unlike look at me now it has rhymes

I think Eminem is one of those hip hop artist that is going down in history he is lyrically insane he's lyrics changed the world the song not afraid all I can say em is untouchable

There's no logical reason for Eminem being fourth. He can rap OVER 400 words per minute. Again, fast lane, welcome to hell, and if you want, forever (starting about 5 minutes into the video), and kill you or criminal.

Listen no love it sounds terrific its above hobby it's a super human talent. Hell the sequel what more speed do you want fast lane, I'm on everything, welcome to hell, above the law huh... He's cool man

Has anybody heard the one he did with T.I. its called that's All She Wrote. Eminem spits the fastest raps ever and I can fully understand them unlike Busta Rhymes'. Eminem's rhymes also mean something and aren't just club songs.

"Eminem" - His name is enough to describe the fame today.. Really, he is possibly one of the most successful and lovable rapper in the world. He faced a lot of tough times in his life, but his confidence and anger brought him back to where he should be - "Top of the World and Awesomeness". 100000000000000 Thumbs up for You Eminem in real..

He is the fastest but can be more faster his songs have meaning excluding others where you can't understand a word
Faster would mean a less noticing a word by us and thus we would only say
"the song is rubbish What I think is he had to catch a plane"
But just for the sake of the competition

Because he is the greatest rapper who ever lived I mean who would expect someone like him to really start shreding those lyrics I mean he changed my life so lets give em a chance to be number one oh yeah I forgot HE IS NUMBER ONE

Eminem Is The Best.. He Can Spit rhymes More faster than others But He Wont because He Is Eminem.. His Flow, Lyrics and Nature Makes Him Best... He can Do rap Fast But people may Not like that type of Eminem.. He Is Doing The Best.. BEST RAPPER ALIVE

Look at These Rappers See how I Treat Them

Why Would I Join Them when I Can beat Them

They Call me Freak Because I Like To Spit on These Before I Eat Them

Maybe this list is about Rapping Fast but if you rap fast but the rap doesn't sound good it is not called rap it is just called speaking fast it can also be done the fastest speaking person on earth. But Eminem RAPs his raps are perfect it sounds good at the same time they are Fast.

He Rocks and he rules he is my favorite rapper of all times. My favorite album of Eminem is bad meets evil. My favorite song is Loud Moises ft Slaughter House. Just listen to it you will like it. I am his no. 1 fan. He shoudd be no. 1.

Eminem is the fastest rapper alive. Try rapping "Rap God" and see how many times you have to restart. The words in his raps are not one or two syllables like what is found in other fast rapper's verses. He has an amazing vocabulary, amazing flow, great rhythm, and unstoppable creativity. He is truly a rap god.

Man he's an awesome rapper... His voice itslf can tell his mood I. E anger, happiness n everything... Doesn't matter of speed... He's the best rapper I say...

No. No. No. Because he did one song which shows he can rap fast means nothing. Twista, Busta, and Tech who do nothing but fast songs should be miles ahead of Eminem. Don't get me wrong I like Eminem, but he can't sustain like the rappers I mentioned earlier

What color is soul, I'm on everything, Eminem is not only fastest but also a legend in making, he is simply awesomeHis rapping is not only fast but also the lyrics are awesome.