Krayzie Bone

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Krayzie bone is the fastest and greatest rapper ever he actually raps meaningful stuff and sounds angelic doing it plus he keeps it real he raps about everyday things that happen in life not like that commercial Lil Wayne who only raps about being in a club, being rich not everyone is in the club 24/7 or is rich so props krayzie I wish he could be played on the radio so he can show that fake Wayne dude who the real greatest rapper alive!

Krayzie is the fastest rapper. To rap that fast and make it sound good is a rare quality. Krayzie is the best, hands down.

Krayzie, Flesh and Bizzy are the fastest rappers, best flowers, realest, most experienced, free stylists and studio artists I can think of of the top of my head.

I actually have a friend, now in her mid 50's, who raps like him. Like Krayzie, she uses the whole harmonization thing like he does. And Krayzie? Well, he's now 43 years old, and he's still staying strong. Much love to him.

He's not the fastest rapper of all time but definitely. the best sounding rapper, he can flip any flow on any different beat.. Nobody can touch his flow

sorry guys for me krayzie is the fast rapper I heard I'm a bone fan Peace!

He raps fast as hell and sounds amazing, the perfect combination, Twista sings fast, but doesn't sounds good.

Just fast no one that can beat him I like the FLOW MOTION! But he is not the fastest but his flow is great yeah

Krayzie bone shoulda been number one... Bone Thugs n Harmony point blank period!

Krayzie is one of the fastest rappers I know... together with his group members Bone Thus N Harmony

Krayzie Bone's lyrics are better he does it so efficient and with such eas, he's the best alive!

Krayzie Jackson is not only fast, but he also gotta venomous flow!

Krayzie is fast with melodic flow and deep lyrics... It isn't all put together to just be fast...

Midwest Choppers 2, Celebration remix, Flow Motion, Spit your game, Cus I'm Bone Bone

Krayzie bone is clearly the fastest. he is just not on the media As much as busta and shady

Krayzie bone is the best hands down nobody can run with him

Krayzie should be above Eminem!


Krayzie is untouchable and he keeps it real much respect for the man.

Krayzie bone is the fastest rapper in the world I put krayzie bone 1st

Krayzie provide it that he cam beat Eminem so he should be number one

Listen to Midwest Choppers, then you'll see why he's on this list.

The original flow mo, handle the videos and spit your game..

Listen to his verse on Flow Motion (Faces of Death version).

This guy is amazing rapper. The way he raps gives me chills.