Hero, Loner, Bye U. Seriously.
He can rap so fast! 32 syllables was his biggest record.
Guiness World Records didn't accept him because they were racist. They said Korean can't be accepted as only English can. And the world record holder is Spanish... What...

He is the fastest rapper. No objections, I've seen the other rapper's songs like Twista etc and they are no where as near as Outsider's speed in rapping and he is definitely faster than Eminem, Twista Rhymes and such. There is possibly no one that can rap faster than him.

24 syllables a second. Enough Said. So what if its not in English - what, is English the new universal language?

Easily the most skilled rapper in the world as far as speed goes. Come on guys, does it really matter if its in English if were counting syllables? Does Korea not have syllables all of a sudden? Be fair. The man is a skilled professional and deserves his due. Korean flows better than English anyway in my humble opinion.

Outsider can do over 20 syllables per SECOND! I don't care who you are, that's talent. And he deserves WAY more respect that he gets... Amazing man.

He is insanely fast and just keeps improving with time. He would be the fastest if they accepted non-English speakers and he has some songs only he can do. If he ever learns English enough to where he's comfortable to rap at the same speed he does in Korean he would slay. 26 syllables per second man. Insane!

Outsider is the fastest rapper! Only problem is that he raps Korean! I like it! But I can't be judged for some stupid reason! 24 syllables that's faster than anyone else

Outsider really should be first. This is a list of speed. In that case, it's Outsider. He rapped over 20 syllables per second which beats Rebel 's 20 syllables per second. Eminem has never even rapped anywhere close to 20 syllables per second, why is he even first.

I saw the rappers that was at the top of the list screw those not to be mean but seriously those were kind of slow... I liked outsider better he rapped so fast that god knows what, he sang 26 syllables per minute is for me is like...

It disappoints me that Outsider wasn't included into this Top Ten Fastest Rapper thread. It looked like the author to this didn't explore more or even asked around, Outsider definitely deserve a spot on Top Ten.

He is the fastest unofficial rapper in the world. He can rap up to about 23 syllables per second. He tried for Guinness world records, but Guinness didn't accept languages other than english. It is good though that Guinness only accepts English since Japanese rappers don't annunciate vowels, which would make it unfair.

Guinness World Records... They should have accepted rapping in Korean. This man would have outperformed others without a single doubt, Period.

He is an amazing rapper- I would honestly be very surprised if there was someone who could ra faster. I've listened to a lot of English rappers and he is by far the fastest rapper I've ever heard.

No doubt the fastest and best rapper I've ever heard, truly amazing these other people don't have anything this guy.

He raps at 21 syllables per second, and would have the world record except Guiness only accepts English while he raps in Korean. Listen to "outsider hero" on YouTube for reference, with the first fast part of it at 0:44.

He should be at number 1 because he can rap 24 syllables per minute in Korean. I don't think it's fair that only English is accepted. Korean is as hard as English.

FASTEST RAPPER EVER. There was this commercial that he was in, and he named a bunch of country names, and all you can hear is a blur of words... He deserves the place. OUTSIDER!

He is still the fastest, so screw English and I think he is the best. The rap doesn't have to be English... isn't it?

He deserves first place! He raps faster than anyone in this list.. Don't be so racist just because he's Korean doesn't mean he can't rap fast.. If you don't believe me.. I daRe you to listen to one of his songs.. As for me, my favorite is loner.. Trust me.. Youll be hooked!

Outsider is the best. Enough said. Like the other commenters said, he not only raps like crazy his songs are full of meaning. He personally said that speed isn't everything and that is evident in his songs (just don't trust google translate the meaning gets warped). Go listen.

It's unfair that Outsider couldn't be counted as the fastest rapper! Just cause he wasn't rapping in English! But they accept a Spanish rapper as the fastest. Simply unfair!

Outsider is such a beast. The thing with him, he can rap incredibly quickly, yet there is still a melody within his words.

He is byfar the fastest rapper and its unfair that they only allow english which is very stupid because he is the fastest so far a lot better then the american rappers and is so much clearer when he raps then the Americans or english rapper.

Consider how long each word in Korean is when romanized and listen to how short he makes them, you will then move him up to #1. What Busta Rhymes is doing up at #2 I have no idea.

He is the Fastest if he did in Korean, he would won. It's not fair that they have to in English. Outsider don't know any English and Eminem knows!