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181 Wrekonize
182 T Rock

Fast flow, good flow, "A+" lyrics. Honestly, also one of the best rappers in the game now.

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183 Dread-X
184 Mishon
185 Jibbarish
187 Maniphest DestNE
188 Crusher
189 D-SPillz
190 Playa Rob
191 Lega-C
192 Lil Jay
193 Necro
194 Mike Kosa
195 El Da Sensei

Sensei is fastest rapper in Italy, and his style is a mix of twisted insane's & twista's style.

196 Gemitaiz

The faster Italian rapper from Rome, listen to him!

197 Emis Killa

He can get fast at times (Cash Woman, √ą migelo because√¨, Ognuno per se, and Nice Pic) but not top 10 fast, or anywhere near it... But this Italian MC deserves to be higher on the list... He's not that slow.

198 Gho5t
199 Rittz the Rapper

This guy is kind of the protege of Yelawolf. He's one of the fastest rappers I've ever heard. He definitely earns one of the top spots of this list. Listen to High Five by him, or White Jesus. Or Bloody Murdah. He's signed to Strange Music.

200 V.O.T.C.
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