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I definitely think tech n9ne is a lot better then busts rhymes as far as lyrics go, with busts rhymes, sure he's fast but you can't understand a word he's saying and if you look up the lyrics for his songs he says the same thing over and over again. I can say cat 50 times super fast but that doesn't mean I'm the "fastest rapper" tech not only raps extremely fast but you can hear what he's saying (which might I add his lyrics have great story lines and are very creative) and he also doesn't continue with saying the same word. Tech n9ne will forever in my eyes and every one else's eyes will always be the fastest rapper alive. Technician I am, whole heartily in life and in death! Vote for tech! 'n

He has to be the most intelligent and versitile rapper, his tracks are full of complex rhymes but this doesn't slow him down or effect his clarity. He produces fast rhymes without repeatedly using easy quick short words, which other rappers rely on to rap fast. This makes him the best of the fastest rappers, period! No one will ever be able to top him. There will never be another rapper like Tech, he is without doubt the greatest rapper there has been, it is not just the rhymes, it is the tunes and the way he puts a track together. The sad thing is most people don't hear that in his music they are too sold on mainstream rappers, which makes me wonder sometimes if they really like or understand the skilled composition of rap.

Tech not only raps hella fast, he tells stories in every song. People say Eminem has deep songs but they really need to listen to tech's lyrics and just how deep he dives into his life. Even when he raps fast you can understand all of the words, you may not be able to sing along but you catch them all. He is my favorite rapper because of his dedication to music and not only just his speed but how he puts out beautiful, deep, and super creative music. He is THE most lyrically talented rapper in my opinion

Tech N9ne Is Very Fast Have You Heard What We Are By Him... Yeah Pretty Fast But I Think Hes A Little Faster On Midwest Choppers 2. But He Recorded A New Song With His Labelmate Brotha Lynch Called Takin' Online Orders Man Is He Fast Recording At About 17 Syllables A Second. Yall Need To Check Up On Everything Before You Say Twista Or Busta Is Faster.

just a few of his songs... his fastest ones even though about 80% of his a fast...
1. ) Psycho Bitch II
2. ) Midwest Choppers 2
3. ) Crybaby
4. ) Welcome to the Midwest
5. ) Sex Out South
(these are not ranked in any order)
and TONS others...

Tech n9ne is the best and rawest rapper out there. He don't get the respect he deserves. He would out rap and out perform anyone. If eminem didn't back out of the song so lonely, it would have been the best song with the 2 best rappers out there. But tech still did the song and it was ill. They need to finally do a song together.

Tech N9ne is not only a fast rapper he also has the sickest rhymes and the sickest flows than any other rapper. He got his name from the gun Tec-9 but in fact he goes faster than that. Although it is said that eminem has real emotion to his music doesn't me that his flows are all that sick like tech n9ne and sure twista is fast but he just uses tongue twisters but he fell off cause most of his music is about sex and busta rhymes fell off to cause he may rhyme fast but his flow isn't all that sick like it was before like one of his old songs ft bonecrusher cameron jadakiss but either way Tech N9ne should be number one because he has the sickest flows his rhymes come from the heart he is faster than a Tec-9 almost as fast as a AK-47 or hell maybe faster don't believe me listen to some of his songs and compare it to a Tec-9 Tech N9ne should be number 1 nough said

Unlike the above rappers, Tech N9ne uses complex lyrics, he doesn't use 1 syllable words to make himself sound fast.
He is one of the only speed rappers that you can still clearly understand.

Tech is so big that he doesn't need radio play and still has the mainstream coming to him, begging to be on his tracks.

tech n9ne is FAR above twista's level, twista just raps as fast as he can, its like an entertainer for a talent show if you think about it... but the way tech n9ne heavily spits his fast raps with so much heat, emotion, passion and energy show what real talent is... krayzie and bizzy are off the hook too

Tech N9ne isn't only the fastest rapper. He's the best rapper. When you can rap fast, and actually send a strong message, entertain the fans, and all of what he can do. You have one talented rapper and that makes the fast part of the rap all the more impressive. Technicians!

Tech has a very good flow and he raps fast. All the bandwagons thinking Eminem rap fast and has a great flow don't listen to many other artist. Tech consistently goes hard and he hasn't fallen off like Eminem. Tech, Twista, Twisted Insane, Busta Rhymes, etc. are simply the best at rapping fast.

OK tech n9ne should be like 8th or 9th he can fast for one just listen to worldwide choppers that is one of his fastest songs he's done it ain't the fastest but its pretty fast and he does rap about his personal life like in on of his newer songs meant to happen he raps about how he saw his mom have a seizure I'm pretty sure but I don't what exactly happened to her but he talks about his early life and a lot of I would think deep stuff in his life

His songs like "Welcome to the Midwest, Klusterf***, and the "choppers" series all show his abilities not just in speed, but also in flow. I've seen him live, and the speed and flow is there. They turn all the music off so you know he is doing it all by himself

Welcome to the Midwest, He's a Mental Giant, Worldwide Choppers are all prime examples of his speed. He's not the fastest that's pretty accurate with Busta Rhymes and Twista, but he's by far my favorite. Oh and Eminem should NOT be number 4 by ANY means. People are just so bandwagon these days, they'll click anything with his name on it.

Tech has a style nobody can top, his lyrical delivery is phenomenal listen to "Breathe", "Requiem For A Dream", and his remix of "Party Like A Rockstar" and you'll see nobody can top Tech nobody.. He just blows 'em all away

Tech raps about not only like partying; but about having it hard growing up, real struggles in the world, dealing with haters. He's fast, like hella fast. Not quite Twisted Insane fast, but still pretty fast. plus he has impressive control over speed, flow, and rhymes. Tech belongs at 1 or 2

Tech N9ne obviously raps faster than Eminem, he should at least have 3rd place if not second. Tech N9ne raps so fast that some of the time it's hard to tell the words apart, even though he is clearly speaking words. He raps fast through out his whole songs, unlike Eminem who raps fast partially in his songs. I personally love both Tech N9ne and Eminem but when it comes to a list of who is faster at rapping, it is obviously Tech N9ne.

Worldwide choppers and Psycho bitch II are both really fast and really good songs. He does some really intricate rhymes and his lyrics are awesome. Not the absolute fastest rapper ever but does the best songs I've ever heard out of a rapper

He can rap, almost as fast as bust but he can still pronounce the words with out babbling. He can change technique really well. He doesn't go as fast as he can in songs, because he still wants to be understood.

There will always be certain rappers that are just talented. Tech is one of these ultra talented rappers. He spits faster than most people in the came, he has enough songs that everyone can enjoy something. Impressive dude.

By far the FASTEST rapper. Listening to worldwide choppers or breathe. He can speed it up and slow down and still be legible. He even makes sense while he's rapping. Its not just a jumble of words.

He is the best rapper if all time and probably the fastest and he doesn't just rap fast like every body else he has the ability to change styles while he raps and doesn't slow down. LETS GO TECH!

Got to be #1, He is insanely fast, his featured verse on Brotha Lynch Hung "Taking Online Orders" Is absolute INSANITY! And he has way more skill and different flows then Busta and Twista, not disrespect intended.

Tech n9ne beat krazie bone and twista in 2000 and 2011 he is the fastest rapper alive his song stamina is not his fastest song like most people think and busta rhymes is doing good but he raps as fast as I can

The best lyrics and voice ever! He is not only a great rapper, he is a talented singer, who can successfully work in different styles. Technician.