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Carl Terrell Mitchell (born November 27, 1973), better known by his stage name Twista (formerly Tung Twista), is an American rapper. He is best known for his chopper style of rapping and for once holding the title of fastest rapper in the world according to Guinness World Records in 1992, being able more.


He's way faster then busta. Listen to mista tung twista music video and in the beginning he spits the fastest rap and no matter how may times you listen to it you cannot keep up of course he uses bigger words then busta but I bet if he used the same words a busta he would crush busta in a rap battle just imagine twista is the best and the fastest. (look at the lyric in half the songs he sings) every single song he sings there is a part where he just kills it.

Not only is Twista been the official fastest rappers for many years (now his record is broken) He uses very difficult and hard to combine words and still does it very fast. (listen "Twista - up to speed")
Besides his speed he is one of the fast rappers that you can still understand while he raps crazy fast which in my opinion is the hardest task. I realized this while trying to cover his songs. I can cover lots of bone thugs songs and some busta rhymes songs but Twista is think is on a whole other level.

Twista is the PERFECT STORM!

No matter how you twist or turn it, Twista is THE fastest, songs like 'Mista Tung Twista', 'Frum The Tip Of My Tongue' and 'Runnin' Off At Da Mouth'

But I also have to say: The Guiness World Record is on name of Rebel XD, but he just doesn't sound as good as Twista in my opinion

Twista is no doubt the man hands down when it comes to st8 spittin lyrics he can get on any track and vibe to it hell the name speaks for itself he is #1 in the game check out runnin off at the mouth do some research busta ain't the fastest but he cold though twista is underrated and one of the best to ever do it he has nothing to prove anymore a true champion only puts his title on the line when he feels threatened and busta and krazy bone is no threat to twista

Busta uses other voices in his every fast rap which gives you a feeling of rush, plus he plays with the tempo rate, this fact is evident form his concerts where he he is never able to rap fast so he uses the orignal track as a background music on the other hand twista doesn't uses any of the techniques and he raps honest which is evident from his lipsing. On the same time busta uses other cuts in his fast rap videos where you are not able to see his lipsing

His name speaks for itself... Not only is he fast... But the way he places his words to the rhythm pattern is unlike anything anyone else is doing... Listen to his verse on "Yo Body" Category F5 album

The remix of look at me now with the verse by twista speaks for itself.. At some point he raps so fast that you don't even notice that the beat stops.. Not to mention songs like lets go and world wide choppers.. Twista but yelawolf is coming and fast though

It's a difficult toss-up between Twista and Busta Rhymes, but Twista comes through as the winner for fastest, not to mention being my personal favourite. Just listen to Mr. Tung Twista or his verse on Worldwide Choppers and you'll see why.

Twista is the fastest rapper man. He raps like hell and he deserves number 1. Watch it before you die and before you vote Busta Rhymes or Twisted Insane

Twista held the record for ten years straight and he did it when he was a teenager Eminem isn't the fastest and busts isn't either Twista should be number 1 he is without a doubt the fastest rapper

Twista is the fast rapper ever have you ever heard the song lets go that is the fastest song I have ever heard my him twista is the best the is my opinion. Twista is way faster then busta rhymes.

I think he is gotta be the best of all furious rappers as without proper lyrics you can't even understand the song cause if you are listening it for the first time then for you he is way faster than you think! Holla!

Am the biggest fan of busta rhymes but come on guys "tung twista" twista pronounce 598 words in 55 seconds he is the fastest rapper and Twisted Insane is the 2nd one please lets be 4real and stop playing around.

Twista is at least the third fastest rapper, only below Twisted Insane and possibly Crucified (I say possibly because, although Crucified is the "fastest", he seems to be layering words on top of each other so I don't think he could do it live). However, Twista deserves his name because, although he is not the fastest, his rhymes are harder to say than pretty much any other rapper. In my opinion, the list should go like this:

1. Crucified
2. Twisted Insane
3. Twista
4. Tonedeff
5. Flesh-N-Bone
6. Tech N9ne
7. NoClue
8. Busta Rhymes
9. Bizzy Bone
10. D-Loc

It's so sad that Eminem is number 1 on this list. Em has one fast song. And don't get me wrong I love Eminem but he is not the fastest rapper in the world. Just because he has the most fan boy stans doesn't make him the fastest. 280 words per minute. Listen to mista tung twista people. Do your homework before you vote. Rap god is an awesome song but one or two songs doesn't make him a chopper. List should look like this: 1: twista 2: busta rhymes 3: twisted insane 4: tech n9ne 5: krayzie bone etc. I left rebel off the list cause I haven't heard of him yet. Eminem shouldn't even be on this list. And as much as I love Marshall Mathers music you fan boy stans make me sick

I thought Busta was the fastest rapper and thats my boy but after listening to look at me now with his remix to it he way faster than him

I personally think Twister is the fastest rapper in the world. He can actually spit a great deal of complex words within a short period of time, no one in the rap industry can do that

Twista is fastest. Tech N9ne is fast too. Is Nicki Minaj electronically sped up because otherwise shed be pretty fast. Dr. Dre shouldn't be on this list. He's one of the slowest rappers...

Twists raps so fast I mean it is cool how someone can do that I thought busta rhymes was the fastest rapper then someone said no twista is so I was like WOW

I thought it was krayzie bone until I heard this guy spit. It was bananas. I vote twista all the way. 1. Twista 2. Krayzie 3. Busta

Twista twista TWISTA! Yeah he's really fast that's why he's the fastest famous rapper ever so yeah don't hate

He's is the best and fastest rapper in the world. He does not just rap fast, he is also rapping about the ghetto life.

He's in the books the fastest rapper ever still twista is #1 hands down listen to this man spit even the battle mix against bone thugs

Smooth on lyrics while handling chops? At that speed? Yeah...some of these cats on this list are babbling idiots. Twista brings speed while losing little in translation.

Twista is by far, the fastest rapper of all time. Nobody has any chance of beating him. Busta Rhymes (Look at me now) is fast and so is Eminem (Rap God).