Twisted Insane


I remember listening to Worldwide Choppers and hearing some of those guys bring it. Busta went flat out, Twista was Twista, even that Turkish guy sounded like he had a second set of vocal chords. And I kept thinking 'how do they end this? '
And then Twisted Insane came on right at the end when you thought the song might be over, and 15 seconds later his verse was done. Mind blown. Easy number one.

This guy can rap so fast he is not famous because of the fact that he raps so fast that it is almost impossible to understand a song of his without either slowing it down or listening to it repeatedly for a hour straight. This guy is the king of speed-rapping. All who appose this opinion, I have to say that you are wrong. Listen to Worldwide choppers and he will leave you changing your answer PERMANENTLY.

Twisted insane is like fast rapping god in my Idol Like no lie this dude has a flow that I can't keep up with.. Because I a fast rapper just starting in the musik biz and like.. My Flow is kinda like his but his is wild no lie.. Twisted keep reping them choppers.. Krazy Insane.. That's my rap name south side choppers song coming out soon

Listen to Worldwide Choppers; this guy needed a whole fifteen seconds for his verse... Come on, that's just sick. Then you can listen to some of his solo work, and you'll see what I mean. He is by far the fastest rapper I have ever heard; Eminem comes in a distant second even though he does not rap fast very often (sadly).

Listen to "Worldwide choppers" which features half the rappers on here; Tech N9ne, Busta Rhymes, Twista, and Twisted Insane. He's easily the fasted on the song by a lot. He's easily fasted rapper I've ever heard. He's only so low because he's so underground.

Honestly guys, how is this guy NOT #1 on this list? I mean, it does say "Top 10 Fastest Rappers", correct? I'll always Lace Up before I'll listen to this guy (speaking of which, MGK can pop lyrics off faster than Eminem. How did this happen? ) But Insane is King when it comes to speed in my book.

If you've not heard this guy, your opinion isn't educated enough to make a real vote. This fool crushes tracks. He is the crispest and fastest rapper in the world today. Seriously, how is he not beating Eminem? There is a difference between awesome ability and "made by Dre".

He can rap backwards, and even then he is faster than Eminem's supersonic verse on Rap God. Shady is the greatest rapper alive hands down, but his speed doesn't compare to Twisted Insane. He hasn't tried to go for the world record, but he is definitely faster than Rebel

Well now. I don't like this guy's lyrics. But this top ten is about the "fastest". Busta and Twista are close (forget those people who know Busta's speed only because of "Look At Me Now", he has done even faster verses) but, for the few songs I know by Twisted Insane, he's faster.

They should have him first and put Tech N9ne second Twisted insane is the fastest rapper and that's why he's a chopper and that's why tech N9ne started a group for the fastest rappers in the world

People, he is faster than twister listen to the last 16 seconds of the song worldwide choppers. He spits 8 bars in like 15 seconds. Twister sounds like blabber like the rest. But this guy sounds like a chain saw.

Fastest rapper (after twista). He should be the number 3. Listen to worldwide choppers of tech n9ne (last 16 seconds of this). Maybe he says around 50 or 60 words in this 16 SECONDS!

Twisted Insane Is The Fastest Rapper.I Can't Describe His Speed..Just Listen To Worldwide Choppers Last Verse By Twisted Insane.8 Words Per Second! Twisted Insane Should Be On Number 1.

Twisted Insane is by far the fastest rapper out there that I have found so far. The song "Chop Shop" from the album "Voodoo" Blew my mind! 6 pages of lyrics over 40 bars (2:00) is crazy fast! He is number one without any benefit of a doubt in my mind!

According to my opinion twisted insane should be number one on the list he makes Eminem sound slow. But I don't condemned Eminem but just a simple compare like 100 round click, dome split wit rap god. Well I say twisted insane win.

Ayo, all you twista fans... Listen to A Spider In The Night or Worldwide Choppers (Last 20 Seconds Of This Last) and after this... You will know who is the number 1 He's A Genius!

Twisted Insane should definitely be top. Compared to Eminem, there's no way you can rap any of his verses without a ton of practice. He's the fastest I have ever heard (and I've listened to all of Eminem's tracks).

The list is Top 10 Fastest Rappers not Top 10 Rappers if anything Eminem is #10. I don't see how he even makes it on here. But I digress, Twisted Insane is the fastest. Use your damn ears.

Twisted insane is one of the fastest rappers by far! Don't get me wrong that other rappers are fast such as Eminem, tech n9ne, busta rhymes and all of the others but in my opinion Twisted Insane would destry them in a rap battle! If you don't agree then fair enough if you haven't heard him then search him up. The fastest I think he's done is dome split or worldwide choppers!

Anyone who thinks twisted insane is not the fastest rapper then go look up a spider in the night... Fastest rap song that I've ever heard, and much faster than rap god

He should be number one. Have you heard Spider In The Night? He makes all rappers sound slow. He should be number one, followed closely by Twista & Busta Rhymes.

Twisted insane should be about third on the top ten fastest rappers, he goes way faster than tech n9ne and twista, come on guys.

I definitely think he is the fastest by far and if you listen to his song dome split and/or the last rapper in worldwide choppers you'll think so too.

People who say Busta Rhymes is fast just think he is from Look at Me Now. Twisted Insane is so much faster that Busta Rhymes sounds slow compared to him.

How is Eminem even on this list?!?! Eminem had to try his hardest to rap that fast in that small ass piece of a verse in Rap God. Twisted Insane should be #1! Eminem- 157 syllables per 16.450 seconds Twisted Insane- 161 syllables per 16.450 seconds! WAYY faster! And Twisted Insane raps that fast anyways! Twisted Insane doesn't even have to try as hard as Eminem to rap that fast! - JuicePouch