Top 10 Fastest Thrash Metal Albums


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1 Pleasure to Kill - Kreator

There's a soft intro to the album, and then BOOM! This album is absolutely relentless. Not many bands can play faster without messing up all the time.
Pleasure to Kill
Command of the Blade
Ripping Corpse - ryanrimmel

2 Darkness Descends - Dark Angel

Dark Angel played so fast, they were nicknamed "The LA Caffeine Machine". One of the most overlooked metal bands of the 80s.
Darkness Descends
Death is Certain (Life is Not)
Merciless Death - ryanrimmel

3 Reign in Blood - Slayer

The measuring stick. Fast, aggressive, melodic and tight. Like your mamma

Reign in Blood? The fastest? Please.

Fast asf; relentless drumming, harshing vocals and what to say about the solos... Thrash at it's best.

This album is the scale of how you grade a Thrash album. There's no slowing down in this album!
Angel of Death
Postmortem/Raining Blood
Reborn - ryanrimmel

4 Fast Loud Death - Lost Society

This album is mind blowing! These musicians play mind-numbingly fast, at what makes it even more amazing is that these guys were all 17-18 when this was recorded.
Kill (Those Who Appose Me)
Trash All Over You
Bitch Out My Way - ryanrimmel

5 Infernal Thrashing Holocaust - Fastkill Infernal Thrashing Holocaust - Fastkill

Oh my god. Shoutout to Flav for introducing me to them. These guys are from Tokyo and have been around for 20 years! Listen to this album, it's a killer one.
Kill for Pleasure
Drenched in Blood
Feel the Hatred - ryanrimmel

6 Alice In Hell - Annihilator

Some really fast technical stuff here! Great album
Human Incesticide
Word Salad - ryanrimmel

7 Time is Up - Havok

A newer band with some of the best thrash out there!
Killing Tendencies
Prepare for Attack - ryanrimmel

8 The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin - Terror Squad The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin - Terror Squad

Another criminally overlooked Japanese band!
Straight to Hell
Blood Fire Metal
Chaine of the Damned - ryanrimmel

9 Game Over - Nuclear Assault

The first album Danny Lilker released with his new band after being fired from Anthrax. This album is extremely fast and is basically crossover thrash.
Hang the Pope
Nuclear War
Live, Suffer, Die - ryanrimmel

10 The Tyranny of Will - Iron Reagan

A side project of Municipal Waste's Tony Foresta and members of Darkest Hour and Cannabis Corpse. They got so popular, Tony decided to focus almost completely on Iron Reagan rather than Municipal Waste.
Eyeball Gore
Miserable Failure
I Won't Go - ryanrimmel

The Contenders

11 Chemical Exposure - Sadus

Breakneck speeds from the start

12 Violent Restitution - Razor

Arguably the most underrated thrash album of all time.

13 Excursion Demise - Invocator
14 Tapping the Vein - Sodom
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1. Pleasure to Kill - Kreator
2. Reign in Blood - Slayer
3. Darkness Descends - Dark Angel


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