Best Fastpitch Softball Glove Brands

The Top Ten Best Fastpitch Softball Glove Brands

1 Akadema

I have two Akadema fastpitch gloves and like them a lot. One of them is a custom. Wish they would do a custom glove builder for fastpitch. Right now you have to fill out a pdf form. But its worth it..

Best manufacturer without a doubt!

My daughter has a Prodigy catchers mitt and will not consider any other. By far the best we have had.

Great fit and feel, made specifically for girls hands. Girls seem to love the softer leather and deep pocket. Monica Abbott is their top endorser and after brief separation came back b/c she loved the leather. - BigKey

2 Worth

Soft leather seems to be most attractive component, however, doesn't last long time. - BigKey

3 Mizuno

Great following for their gloves. Soft leather and good sizing. - BigKey

4 Easton

Known more for their bats but make a descent glove. - BigKey

5 Rawlings

The biggest glove manufacturer, however, don't see them as prevalent in girls fastpitch. - BigKey

6 Nike

Would look more like a purchase of opportunity they desire. Readily available in stores. - BigKey


Readily available at retail. - BigKey

8 Nokona

Has strong following but gloves lack good designs and leather heavy. - BigKey

9 44 Goves
10 Pro 44
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