Most Fatal Power Rangers Villains

The Top Ten

1 Lord Zedd
2 Koragg
3 Vrak
4 Psycho Rangers

Remember what happened during Lost Galaxy, Kendrix (Pink Galaxy Ranger) was killed by Psycho Pink. How tragic

Come on these guys were legit. They are 5 much more powerful and more evil than the rangers. They also could detect where they were by their voices right?

Psycho Pink is the only ranger villain to ever kill a ranger. *sniff* KENDRIX! WHY!

I loved the psycho rangers best villians ever

5 Darkonda
6 Prince Olympius
7 Goldar
8 Ecliptor
9 Rito Revolto

This guy sucks. - RobertWisdom

10 Octomus The Master

The Contenders

11 Princess Levira
12 Trakeena
13 Master Xandred
14 White Ranger Clone
15 King Mondo
16 Ten Terrors
17 Mesogog

He can kill ronan11231

18 Rhinoblaster
19 Divatox
20 Lothor
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