10 Fattest Countries in the World for 2016

Probably not disclose a secret to say that the peoples of the world are constantly getting fatter over the years, in almost every country, obesity rates are increasing: in poor countries and rich nations, and among the youth and the elderly. It is easy to trace the causes of increasing obesity and understanding, many of people moving to the cities, and in the cities, there is a greater ease in obtaining cheap unhealthy foods. Also, people do not need to move a lot, and often spend whole days sitting in the office or behind the computers, which do not burn enough calories they eat. As it is access to junk food and soft drinks larger than ever, and our lives have become prone patterns more and more to sit. In 2016, the characterization can be about 40% of adults in the world as obese. In more than 100 countries, more than half of the adult population suffers from overweight. And millions of people die each year due to obesity-related problems, The incidence of diabetes, heart disease, and other problems, are on the rise. And it saw the global food supply a steady increase, which resulted in huge benefits in all parts of the world, and at the same time, states were not really able to change the alarming rates of obesity. It is believed many Americans that they are probably living in the most countries of the world population suffers from obesity. While this is not true, but they also occupy the rank on the list of the top ten. We offer the following is a list by more than ten countries in the world are suffering peoples of obesity in 2016
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The Top Ten

1 Kuwait - 42.8% V 1 Comment
2 Saudi Arabia - 35.2% V 1 Comment
3 Belize - 34.9% V 1 Comment
4 Egypt - 34.6%

Like many countries in this list for the most obese people in the world, the cause of the problems in Egypt, partly at least to the rapid industrialization wheel.
In Egypt, the percentage of obese people in the cities twice the proportion in the countryside. The abundance of cheap fast food is nutritious, along with a less active lifestyle, a dangerous combination. The results were depressing, especially in Egypt.
Egypt is to have the highest diabetes rates in the world, and adolescents in the country drank vast amounts of soft drinks, which makes most of its people obesity in Africa. - ibrahem

5 Jordan - 34.3%

There are similarities between Jordan and the United Arab Emirates when it comes to the problem of obesity.
For example, obesity is more common among women than men, the difference is particularly evident in Jordan, where the rate of obesity in women weakness in men.
It was the link between obesity and the age of marriage in this country, as it is associated with marriage lifestyle unrestricted, unemployment, and a lifestyle conducive to weight gain, as well as early marriage.
The World Health Organization considers smoking and wealth and other factors contribute to the rising obesity rate in Jordan, and put it in the ranks of the most obese nations peoples - ibrahem

6 United Arab Emirates - 33.7% V 1 Comment
7 South Africa - 33.5% V 1 Comment
8 Qatar - 33.1% V 1 Comment
9 Mexico - 32.8% V 1 Comment
10 United States - 31.8% V 1 Comment

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