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1 Irish

I would have voted for the geordies if they had been here. I think its fantastic that you can have such diversity in language that sometimes you have no idea what people are saying. there seems to be more differences of accent in the uk than there is in america... Surfer speak would have been good too... Dude - Cantonez

I think an Irish woman speaking English is the most sensual sound there is around. Italian and American Southern would be right behind the Irish. - mgenet

What the hell... Irish? Really? Is this a joke? The English accent is the best!

Best accent ever

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2 British

There's so many kinds of accents in Britain, it needs to be narrowed down a bit.

There is no exact 'British accent' as Britain is made of multiple different accents but I think the one you're referring to is the southern English accent which I agree is the nicest accent

I thought this would be higher rate, I love British people! Sometimes I wish I were British. Like one time, this British guy was talking to me, I couldn't help be crack up. It's just funny how they pronounce their Ts, laugh out loud! - lovergirl923

I think that the British accent just sounds nice! It isn't harsh, it is quiet.

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3 Scottish

Greatest accents in the world the way they pronounce words and roll their R's. I wish I could talk like a them.

I am Scottish but I don't sound Scottish, but some of my friends that don't speak Scottish say my accent is pretty strong. Best accent by far!

Good Old Scottish Accent one of the best I have to say should climb up the ladder!

Nice and pleasant to listen to. Wondering why 3th place. Clearly the best accent so far.

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4 Australian

I agree, even though I'm an Ozzie, I have to say I'm proud to have this accent. I never knew how strong it actually was until I spoke to a couple of Europeans who couldn't understand a word I was saying but said that they loved my accent, all the same lol.

ozzie ozzie ozzie
oh yeh the chicks love it a verbal aphrodesiac - djperth

I have an Australian accent (I have lived here my whole life) and in different parts of the country there are slightly different accents. I think the Northern Territory has a stronger accent than the rest of Australia, but I'm not 100% sure.

It just explodes with wild untamed freedom, not that confined and flamboyant like the british accent.

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5 French

My lover is French with a so charming accent.
What I didn't know before is that French do LoVe accents form other people who speak French or not. I Improve my French which is one of the richest language and people always love my accent. Thanks France.

I like French accent it's so charming and shy, it's like the French they so adore my English accent when I try to speak this difficult but so precise living language.

My lover is French and his lover is also French as is his mother and his mothers lover and her lover who also loves another lover who is also French and as it happens also has a French lover who is engaged to a lover of French who loves lovingly the lovely French language of love.i myself puke myself daft at the very sound of the French accent but it is the puke of love or lovliness.

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6 Russian

Russian accent is great I think

Russians sound so bad ass when they speak English

Well its not "beautiful" but its badass and funny, that's why I'm voting it

I mean come on

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7 German

Why are you saying little information on German accents you don't even the reason

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8 Japanese

Takanori Nishikawa's accent is the cutest thing in the world! - Sugoi

The coolest accent in the world - ronluna

Yea and he is really sexy and pretty. I like it when he sung on soul eater for the opening.

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9 Swedish

I fell almost like british. because I love british accent

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10 Jamaican

"Do you want to go smoke some pot? "
"I think you do mon"
hahahahaha The Office is hilarious! - 3anegroes

Wow, I find it really cool how they talk... It's like my neighbor-- no, he doesn't say "Mon", but, close enough.

The patois accent is very pretty, thanks to people like Rihanna.

Best and most unique in the world

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11 Italian

It sounds so wrong and raucous, a real bawler to hear, absolutely atrocious for our ears.

HEYYYYYYYYY! What you doing ha?! Just hillarious - manya93

An Italian speaking English what a big joke.

Italian accent is my favori

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12 Indian

Damn, I love Indian accent! Reminds me of raj koothrappali from big bang theory! His accent is the best thing about the show.

Indians are the most beautiful and clever people in the world. Your brilliant complexion and tanned skin tone really compliments their unique features.I am not Indian however every night I pray to Lord Jesus the Saviour in hopes that one day I will meet the love of my life and he will be Indian and when we make love he will yell in his sweet sweet Indian accent.

The Indian accent is the best of all! I've got no clue how other people rank accents but I rank them according to their flow, the comfortability level of understanding and most important of all.. Clarity... The Indian accent excels in all these factors!

Thanks for whatever you said for indians

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13 New Zealand

The kiwi accent does not sound like an Australian accent. HUGE DIFFERENCE

I'm kiwi I didn't think we had an accent but apparently we do...

I am from New Zealand, and have this accent.

Cringe whenever I hear this dreadful, horrific accent.

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14 Filipino

Yes. I'm a filipino and once I had a phone call with my customer, he doesn't even know where I come from and guess what? He told me "you know what, I like your accent. It sounds cool." Philippines has 127 dialects, we use our national language to understand people from other places all over the country, not rarely we speak English as well so we can understand everybody.

I agree, Philippines has the most neutral accent all over the world, very easy to understand as compared to other countries in the world. Filipinos can speak excellent English and as well as tagalog. The Philippines has 127 dialects but they can stll understand and speak better English with neutral accent.

Filipinos can speak pretty good english with a good accent people from whichever country can easily understand. I think they talk cute. Love the Filipinos.

were good

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15 Icelandic

It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing accents to me personally.

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16 New Jersey

People refer to the "Jersey" accent as being the distinction accent by some communities in the North East of the state. Travel 30 min South and that accent disappears and doesn't reappear anywhere else in the state. Not everyone in the state sounds like a Guido.

17 South African

It is unique, almost similar to an american accent

We speak the clearest queens accent in the world compared to the American and the everyday brit

We speak clearly and also have a few cool, catchy slangs of our own.

This and New Zealand are the htwo best.

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18 New York V 4 Comments
19 Canadian

I'm from Canada, and personally I find we do say "eh", and our words slur together in a sexy way. Long Live Canadians!

I'm Canadian I feel like the accent is a more polite version of an American accent.

Yes they are so cool more maple syrup

Beautiful. Is a posher American accent. Michael Buble's speaking voice is like velvet on my ears. - Britgirl

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20 Dutch

You can never get rid of the Dutch accent, and I'm sure a lot of people hate it, but every time I hear someone speaking English with a Dutch accent it makes me kinda happy

The Dutch accent is very pretty, listen to Simone Simons speak, it's very relaxed and smooth, it's like French mixed with German. Dutch is also a pretty language

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