Favorite Accents of People Speaking the English Language

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21 Canadian

I'm from Canada, and personally I find we do say "eh", and our words slur together in a sexy way. Long Live Canadians!

I'm Canadian I feel like the accent is a more polite version of an American accent.

Yes they are so cool more maple syrup

Canandian accent is very easy to understand than any other accent

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22 Dutch

You can never get rid of the Dutch accent, and I'm sure a lot of people hate it, but every time I hear someone speaking English with a Dutch accent it makes me kinda happy

The Dutch accent is very pretty, listen to Simone Simons speak, it's very relaxed and smooth, it's like French mixed with German. Dutch is also a pretty language

I just love it c:

23 Trini

Hey, it's my accent... Most people aren't familiar with it. Some mistake it for Jamaican. Can't imagine why though. But those that are lucky enough to hear it... Love it.

Beautiful accent, it's like a song to my ears. I can't imagine it being mistaken for Jamaican. - Reception

I am canadian and I moved to Trinidad the accent is sometimes hard to understand

Because ninki manaj

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24 Oxford

I'm Australian and find that people who have spent years living in or near Oxford, have the clearest English accents. This accent is also gentle, making it easy to listen to, unlike some American accents that are clear but sound very harsh to me.

25 American

American has good accent ever than any country

It's actually different from british

American male accents are hot.

I'm a scouser but the American accent is the best for me I love it

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26 Barbados

Lovely accent

27 Spanish

Why isn't this up higher on the list? Spanish speakers, from Spain, have a beautiful accent.

I like the Spanish accent

The best one by far

Most beautifull romantic sounding language!

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28 Nigerian

Nigerian accent is so sexy, I love it.. people do the wrong Nigerian accent a lot.. An educated Nigerian speak so sexy

I love the Nigerian accent. So exotic and sexy

It's the sexiest. No argument

It's so easy to use

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29 Greek

Greek accent is just amazing when a Greek speaks English with this cute unique accent is just wonderful - matty101

30 Yorkshire

I just love the way this accent sounds.

31 Cajun
32 Portuguese

I mean it's so cool


Alec Fane, Native English (British) Author and Poet
Written Aug 22, 2015
My first thought was "sexy" but that's subjective and probably not the answer you're looking for.
Laura Brewwer has given a pretty good clinical answer, I'll try to round out the image with a more poetic one.

Brazilians tend to speak with an almost musical flow that seems to be common to romance languages. With the occasional discordant note where they struggle with proper pronunciation. (Usually with the hard Germanic elements.) The deeper male voice tends to produce a sound like a poetry recital, while the higher female voice almost seems to sing rather than speak.
English is quite a blocky language, and spoken by native speakers, it's a big square building made of big square bricks. Brazilians speak it in such a way as to add sweeping, graceful arches, delicately carved columns, and bright flowering gardens. They add beauty and rhythm to what is otherwise a rather plain and flat language.

33 Arabic

Great accent I know a lot of people with that accent

It actually sounds cuter than you think

Arabic best accent =)

34 Creole

Amazing accent,especially the haitian creole accent

35 Geordie

Like a Perrie Edwards.

Like Ant & Dec

36 United States United States The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.

USA is a dumb country



37 Thai

Thai people speak English so funny

38 Northern Ireland

I have a strong 'norn Irish' accent and every country I go to people love it. - wolphert

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39 Scouse

come you all know you cant beat a abit of scouse

The Scouse accent is the best. So do one you wools

Best accent ever

40 Romanian

Love it!


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