Favorite Accents of People Speaking the English Language

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61 Newfoundland Newfoundland
62 Boston Boston

Most of us speak in regular American accents lol


63 Hillbilly

I'm Filipino, and I love the hillbilly accent! They sound like they pretend to be sarcastic and drunk! - JomartheGreat

64 Maltese
65 Slavic

A very pretty and enchanting accent. Though it is rather rare where I am from, its beautiful. It brings sophistication and charm to the one with said accent, and is rather adorable!

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66 Sinhala

I've been told to have an awesome accent, maybe because I'm srilankan too.

67 Cork, Ireland

Again totally different from most other parts of Ireland, for such a small country their is a different accent in all 32 counties

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68 Yat
69 Leitrim
70 Indonesia

Indonesia is beautiful! Love their accent, clear and very understandable.

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71 English V 2 Comments
72 Manchester
73 Deep South (redneck)

I have a very southern accent. I'm from Georgia. So me and a friend (which is from Canada) goes to Florida. Mind you the next state. She had to translate because they didn't understand me. That wasn't right at all.

Ahh SO SEXY! I have such a thing for this accent! - Bec

Especially love the old fashioned accents around alabama/georgia :D

I built a lawnmower out of duct tape and dildos

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74 Tibetan

Tibetan language comes from the place in China which was once a country. There are thousands of people talking in Tibetan but the language is ignored due to the force of Chinese government but the language is still widely spoken and is literally cool to hear and talk.

75 Somali
76 Ghana

It is really good. everybody should try it

I love their accent almost like British accent

77 Donegal, Ireland

A softer northern Irish accent. Totally different from most other parts of Ireland

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78 Limerick

I find some limerick accent similar to that of a dangerous Irish leprechaun

It seems to me thatmost accents in English are Irish peoples accents

79 Bermudian
80 Gyspy

I think anyone can try a different accent I did I now no some of gypsy and I love it please try a new accent for me I'm sure all of you will do brilliant at trying a new accent please try one xxx

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