Top Ten Favorite Ever After High Characters


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1 Raven Queen Raven Queen

Raven, you rock! Go Raven!

I love Raven, She is my most favorite character. She is so beautiful in every episode especially in legacy day,thronecoming, way too wonderland and she is so beautiful in dragon games.

2 Apple White

Apple White is a great character but if they made the daughter of Elsa she would be popular.

I like Apple White but she is so white that I can't understand what color she is.

Her color is white and red.

3 Cerise Hood

I think cerise is best character because she is awesome she is my favourite character because she is loyal I love her outfit and she is half wolf wolf are the best animals ever

LOVE HER! Also love Hunter + Cerise

Damn wheres maddie?

She is cool

4 Briar Beauty

My party gal.

After realizing that she doesn't want to sleep 💤 for one hundred years,Briar understands Ravens need to break away from her destiny and so she follows her heart ♥

I'm SO LIKE BRIAR, I have brown hair and even have a cousin called Rosabella... LOL
i adore briar,
i'm the only briar in the world
lots of love
Briar, I am the one who posted 'APPLE IS SO AMAZING bla bla bla lots of love briar... on eah best and prettiest - apple white

5 Blondie Locks

I don't like the way she dress it's so much.

Uggg why does it always have to be Raven and Apple can somebody else b e the main character instead of them?. Blondie is m.ore like the m.ain character

6 Duchess Swan

She is awesome and cool - cooliobaconbitz

7 Ashlynn Ella Ashlynn Ella

Ashlynn is so kind and beautiful and her heart the most warm heart is to die for!

She is the most amazing character in the show!

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8 C.A.Cupid
9 Ginger Breadhouse
10 Lizzie Hearts

She has one of the most developed stories and is one of the only characters in this series with any depth.

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11 Cedar Wood

Creative puppets are awesome :3

Lobe het

12 Blondie Lockes
13 Kitty Mischievous

She is so pretty - cooliobaconbitz

14 Prince Charming

Prince charming isn't so charming to me.I mean like he already has a girl friend so why would he flirt with other girls.

15 Poppy O'Hair
16 Rosabella Beauty

Rosabella I love her so much ever after high writer please make Rosabella the main character!

17 Holly O'Hair
18 Dexter Charming
19 Hunter Huntsman
20 Bunny Blanc
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1. Raven Queen
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1. Raven Queen
2. Briar Beauty
3. Apple White
1. Raven Queen
2. Cerise Hood
3. Apple White

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