Top Ten Favorite Ever After High Characters

The Top Ten Favorite Ever After High Characters

1 Raven Queen

I love her she is my favorite because she is nice even though her blood is evil. - ashlyn

A great character with great personality! - Sugarcubecorner

Raven, you rock! Go Raven!

She is absolutely the best here obviously, love her!

2 Briar Beauty

Even though she will have to sleep for a 100 years, she still want to live her live to the top!

When she roasting Apple in Thronecoming, she was a total brat.

Nothing's wrong with Briar! She is one of the best characters in Ever After High! She is kind, selfless and likes parties instead of her destiny, sleeping for 100 years. She is my secondary favorite after Ashlynn.

The prettiest one & has such an endearing character

3 Cerise Hood

I love Cerise! She's my 3rd favorite next to Maddie and Raven. And her art and storyline is so pretty. I really hope that MGA buys this dollline so it could be popular again.

I think cerise is best character because she is awesome she is my favourite character because she is loyal I love her outfit and she is half wolf wolf are the best animals ever

LOVE HER! Also love Hunter + Cerise

Damn wheres maddie?

4 Apple White

Apple is amazing in every way. Sure, she seems selfish, but she really does care about her friends. Though she still needs to learn.

I like Apple white. yeah people think she's selfish but in way to wonderland she changes her mind and helped Raven queen if it weren't for Apple Raven would have been evil permanenly.GO APPLE WHITE

Apple White is a great character but if they made the daughter of Elsa she would be popular.

I love her little Apple handbag

5 Madeline Hatter

Why is she at 19 I will visit you all and kidnap you and bring you to my house to learn why Maddie is the BEST

My bias probably, but that's because Alice in the Wonderland (1951) is in my top 3 Disney movies!

Who can't love her. Just who?

WHAT?! I firstly thought Maddie would...well...AT LEAST BE IN THE TOP 5!

6 Ashlynn Ella

Ashlynn is amazing! Apple is a selfish brat! She only cares about here happily ever after even if it means hurting someone. Ashlynn should be the leader. Go ASH!

Ashlynn is awesome! I loved it when she stood up to Duchess Swan the meanie. None of the Royals trust Raven Queen except for Ashlynn. We all know that she's a royal but she acts more like a rebel.


She should be the leader of Royals instead of Apple, who is really selfish. Raven is the best leader of rebels. Ashlynn should be the leader of royals and Apple should left from Ever After High! I love this character (Ashlynn). How can Briar be the most selfish character?!? Come on, she is one of my favorites too! Apple is the most selfish one! Raven, Madeline, Briar are awesome! Ashlynn is so kind, selfless and caring!

Ashlynn is so kind and beautiful and her heart the most warm heart is to die for!

7 Blondie Locks

I love Blondie's personality, she is outgoing, quirky and she is similiar to one of my favorite characters from Monster High, who is Spectra. Blondie is a sweetheart.

I don't like the way she dress it's so much.

Uggg why does it always have to be Raven and Apple can somebody else b e the main character instead of them?. Blondie is m.ore like the m.ain character

8 Holly O'Hair

Holly is so pretty and kind. I liked her in dragon games. Her sister is cool too.

Holly o hair is my favorite character because I love rapunzel and I think that she’s sweet too lol 🦄

Holly O'Hair is the best I love love love her I think she could be the main character of ever after high or else better than the stupid apple right? she is so pretty especially her long beautiful hair and beauty doesn actually comes form outside I like her a lot because she is beautiful form outside and inside how kind pretty she is.
i ship her with daring a lot! >^<

Her hair is so long. I want my hair like that.👩🏻‍🦰 Jealous!

9 Darling Charming

Darling Charming is the hottest girl in Ever after high she should be the main character of the series and she is prettier and better than the stupid Briar right? She is a beautiful character inside out I love her and I like how brave she is.

Darling charming is a great and brave character and I love her outfit.

Soo brave. Needing that when I talk in front of many people.

10 Duchess Swan

Even though Duchess doesn't like her story, she used to be a villain but later she becomes nicer since "Best Feather Forward". She is awesome anyway!

She is awesome and cool - cooliobaconbitz

The Newcomers

? Nina Thumbell
? Daring Charming

He should be Apple's Prince charming!🤴🏼+👸🏼 =❤️❤️❤️❤️Even he did not wake Apple from an enchanted sleep! 😴

The Contenders

11 Lizzie Hearts

My absolute favourite! I love her, wish that she ended up with Daring!

She has one of the most developed stories and is one of the only characters in this series with any depth.

Get her to the TOP TEN!

12 Rosabella Beauty

Rosabella I love her so much ever after high writer please make Rosabella the main character!

Love her and her cousin

How is she so low

No likes for brair, more likes to rosabella

13 Ginger Breadhouse

Sweetie pie, made of sweets and a kind of pie- is the best and cutiest

14 C.A.Cupid

I love cupid not only she is a person who love Valentine's day and love she cares about Dexter but she at least not a crazy person that stalks him.

15 Blondie Lockes


16 Cedar Wood

Creative puppets are awesome :3

Lobe het

17 Poppy O'Hair

She is prettier than her sister!

She is better than her sister

18 Kitty Mischievous

She is so pretty - cooliobaconbitz

19 Dexter Charming

He's the CUTEST! I like Daring & All, but personally, I think Dexter is fairer! I mean, FORGET Daring's bleached teeth! Dexter's gorgeous blue eyes are REAL & they are spell-BOUND to make you swoon! I don't know why Dexter isn't the popular one, he certainly is the sweetest! The shy and dorky prince is totally cute & very sweet & caring. Also, he is more like his father, King Charming, was in high school than he realises! Plus he's the main person in a LOVE TRIANGLE, and hey! Who DOESN'T love a good Love Triangle to start Ever-After-Chaos?! I bet Kitty does... *+. purrs and dissapears.+*

He is so handsome

20 Prince Charming

Which Prince Charming, Daring or Dexter?

Prince charming isn't so charming to me.I mean like he already has a girl friend so why would he flirt with other girls.

21 Meeshell Mermaid

She should be 1!

She sings so beautifully! I want to be like her. Meeshell you rock! 🧜🏻‍♀️

22 Kitty Cheshire

So pretty! Kitty is going to be like her mom! But not pulling pranks all around ever after high.

She is pretty and cool

She is not rahat pretty she is an ugly mary sue!


23 Ramona Badwolf
24 Farrah GoodFairy
25 Faybelle Thorn

Love her story

26 Crystal Winter

She is pretty but spoiled. She can't even tie her laces. her pixies wont be there all the time. She needs to grow up. Basically a bitch. She ruined the show. No wonder why it shut down it was because of her. stupid

27 Hunter Huntsman
28 Bunny Blanc
29 Goldilocks
30 Rubik's Man
31 Alba Kadabra
32 Justine Dancer
33 Evil Queen
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