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Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and stage actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 2.5 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.


Most exciting, talented artist from AI. He went on to become an international star with fans all over the world. He's had a successful worldwide solo career, he's been fronting Queen for the past few years, and has done some acting and modeling. He was invited back to AI as a guest judge at the judges' table. He also had a successful run on XFAU where he coached and mentored one of his artists to a win.

When Adam Lambert lost to the vocal rice cake, Kris Allen, AI was over. The show was broken after that because it lost all credibility. The viewers wanted a boring, bland, sounds like so many others singer and then they didn't even go on to support him after the show.

LOL. Adam showed them a thing or two. Kris Allen is playing local pubs and college campuses and, for the most part, has been forgotten except by those few die hard fans who think he is the best thing ever. They gave him a cursory spot on the AI finale singing with a few other boring dudes. Again, LOL.

Such an amazing talent and performer. No one better than Adam Lambert. No wonder he's gone on to have the successful career that he's had. Not only his own touring but as frontman for the legendary Queen. I don't think some people realize what an amazing accomplishment that is. Both Brian May and Roger Taylor have said many times that his voice is one in a billion. We've suffered through so many karaoke version of Queen songs. When you see Adam Lambert perform he totally owns the stage and the songs he's singing. You can tell by the looks on Brian's and Roger's faces when you watch the videos that after five years of performing together they are still amazed by his talent.

So many of the same type of performer came from American Idol. I swear listening to some of them makes me feel like I've been shot with a tranquilizer dart. They may have found their niche and their groups of dedicated fans but none of them have come close to achieving the level of success that Adam has ...more

Adam IS the best American Idol contestant ever! With the most talent! He has gone on to have a wonderful career and still going strong worldwide! Queen and Adam Lambert is the best pairing I've seen. Perfect fit! All of his albums are full of great songs that I play every day and can't wait for his fourth hopefully coming out soon! Adam's vocals are unmatched in my opinion and he can sing anything! Beautiful man with talent to spare!

Adam is not only the best that American Idol had in all seasons, but is one of the best musicians and if not the best, one of the best singers in world. It is not only about his voice, is about everything around his music, his presence, how much he give of his soul when he performs, plus his creativity and how much he can just do anything different of all others. To be honest the world is not even prepared for him.

Adam is an amazing artist, both his solo concerts and the shows with Queen are fantastic. I hope he continues to expand into acting because his stint as Eddie in Rocky Horror was hilarious. Since coming off Idol, Adam has been the most vocal contestant about his gratitude for the opportunity afforded him by the show. His sense of humor and humility are among my favorite traits, right along side that breathtaking voice and killer fashion sense!

I knew Adam would be a star from the first time I saw his audition. Sadly he didn't win but it was okay because his first album was amazing despite not getting the recognition he deserves. His sophomore album was a great album, then on to front lining for Queen the greatest rock band to exist which is a great honor. Mr. Mercury had some big shoes to fill and Adam wears them just fine. His third album is killer, and is about to take off. Adam is easily the best Idol contestant ever.

Adam is an epitome of using his talent to inspire others. Despite being gay, he is able to share his passion onto others through his music. Right now actually, I'm writing a book dedicated for him, showing my love and appreciation for the lines he wrote that inspired me to never give up on my dreams and to strive better, knowing that gender is not limitless for you to inspire others.

The best ever from American Idol! His voice, talent, showmanship, personality and charisma are unmatched. Incredible entertainer! Many say he should have won AI (it didn't matter since he ended up being one of the most successful artists). by the way even Kris Allen, who did win, said on several occasions that Adam should have won. Again, it didn't matter. Adam has a stellar career!

Such a beautiful voice and so gorgeous! There were so many who sounded the same and singing the same kind of song. Adam brought a uniqueness with his extraordinary voice, talent, and stage presence. There were others who came after him who tried to copy him but they were out of their league. No one can touch Adam Lambert's incredible voice.

Adam Lambert was the best American Idol hands down. He's in a class all his own. No one can compare. The following seasons were boring to me because Adam set the standards way high. Not only was he the best vocalist Idol ever had, his stage performance far surpassed all others.

ADAM is the Best contestant to ever compete on American Idol.. ever! Not only is he talented but he is A REAL pro... he gives his audience everything they came for & MORE! He may not have been given the title... which he more than deserved... he out sang & out entertained everyone on that show... but ADAM has gone on to be a front man for the iconic band QUEEN & is loved by millions worldwide! His voice is incomparable & his style is his own... unique... he doesn't try to imitate or duplicate anyone else! He loves his fans & they in turn LOVE him!

Adam is absolutely unmatched in vocal quality, range, stage presence, and charisma. He's the whole package. I forgot the name of the other guy who won the 8th season, but really, no comparison regarding musica talent.

I love his music, he can bring his voice too an amazing level!
He has a fantastic voice!
He should have won idol but he is more successful than the winner for some reason. Not to mention hot!

Adam is most unique music artist and performer. He is able to sing music from any genre and does it effortlessly. It's rare to find someone that can front Queen and do it as well as he does. He makes me so proud to be a fan.

Even 4 years later I am still watching his performances and can' t get tiredof them... Most charismatic, charming, good looking singer with fantastic voice I have seen rise in the last 40 years. ( since I listen to music... )

He didn't even win American Idol for some reason, but came out more successful than the winner! Why? Because he was already an icon! He stuck to his own uniqueness and that's what made him so successful love Adam Lambert!

The first 10 seconds that Adam Lambert opened his mouth to sing, I knew, hands down, that I wanted to follow his journey through American Idol to the end. I felt completely robbed when he didn't win.

Adam's voice is amazing! I watched him on American Idol when I was 6 (and had a huge crush on him for 2 years or so) and I still think that he has an awesome voice! Plus his charisma and stage presence!

He is my favorite Idol contestant, even he wasn't the winner of his season( everybody knows why). His talent is incontestable: voice range, stage presence, and we have to add his beautiful face and sexy body, in fewer words: the total package.

Adam is the only reason I watched Idol at all... before he came along I always thought the show was boring and was really never impressed with what I saw as "cookie cutter "talent. Adam came along and was so different I was hooked from day 1!

Adam is a wonderfully gifted singer. I think that he is one of the most underrated singers in the world. On american Idol, even though he didn't win he is fantastic. I just went to his show with queen in Toronto, Canada and he was amazing!

Unbelievable voice, stage presence and looks to die for. He should have won that year, but he didn't need AI to be successful. He was already a success. Number 2 should have been Daughtry who didn't win either, 3, Jennifer Hudson and 4 Carrie Underwood.

It's been so much fun following Adam's career. Truly an incredible talent. He has accomplished so much since his time on AI and I know there's lots more to come. Rock on, Adam Lambert!

He was exciting. He really knew how to perform and play the game. He was a professional who pushed the envelop in his performances. And of course, he had one of the best voices

Not only does Adam possess the best voice ever heard on the Idol stage, he is also an exquisitely consummate entertainer with charm, charisma and stage presence to spare. Plus, he's a super nice guy and amazing human being - the total package.