Clay Aiken


It is true, Clay Aiken is the American Idol, not only for his glorious voice, but also for his heart! He gives of himself to others whenever or wherever needed! We as his fans, admire and support him from his first appearance of Idol to this day!

Clay has that STAR quality very few artists from Idol have shown. I have never heard anything like his voice, the range, his falsetto, his phrasing in which he articulates every word. In fact, he can hold a note longer than I can hold my breath. And nobody can sing Christmas songs like Clay. He absolutely should have won Idol and everyone knows it. I miss him and hopefully, he will do Broadway or concerts again soon. I had never thought any singer could steal my heart, however Clay has and I want the excitement to continue.

Clay is one of a kind. He has a great voice, is very smart, and has a heart open to all. He always wants to help people. His successful Foundation for Kids is known nationally. He has a glorious and wide-range voice and he can make any song his own. He has performed on Broadway and in other areas and is a good actor. For his voice, heart, and accomplishments, Clay is the American Idol.

In any generation, very few stand out as truly rare talents, whose voices are beautiful & pure. This voice was extraordinary from the beginning, & has grown richer with time, still belting out amazing vocal performances that touch the heart, seemingly with little effort. That it comes packaged in a soulful, kind & incredibly giving & generous human being, is indeed, a rare treasure.

Clay Aiken's voice will always be among the very best of our generation.

For pure power, tone, dynamics & emotionality, & having watched every season of A.I., I have to say that no voice on that show has ever come close to affecting me & my family as much as Clay's. He's one of a kind, truly unique & has the professionalism & heart to make him a true American icon. He's also a brilliant speaker & seems to have turned to politics & humanitarianism as his focus, but I hope he will always sing in some capacity. It would be a great loss to the world to lose that glorious voice.

He has a voice that can not be denied, he can sing ant song, ballad to rock. He is a good Samaritan, starting the National Inclusion Project an organization for children with/without disabilities to learn and play together, to teach teacher how to work with the children, provides a two week camp experience for each child with special care givers. He is so intelligent a bout politics and promoting cooperation. He is a good actor, has a great sense of humor

While everyone on this list deserves recognition for their talent in their own right my vote is for Taylor Hicks for the following reasons: (1) He does his career HIS way-without cowtowing to "the business"-and keeps his sanity for it; (2) He's not in it for the sales-he's in it for the love of music and for the lives he can impact THROUGH the music-(3) He stays true to his roots and doesn't forget those fans who helped get him where he is-(4)He is the first Idol to have a residency in Vegas, the first to co-star in a Broadway play and the winner of Idol's best season with more votes given than in a US Presidential election (5) He won the title by keeping his eye on the voters-the American people and didn't let what the judges say make him lose his focus-

This is why I vote for Taylor Hicks as the best American Idol-because he represents grassroots America and NOT "the business"

When it comes to delivering a song, Clay is masterful! His ability to focus our attention and draw us into the soul of his lyrics whether the mood is sorrowful, funny, ecstatic, or tragic is pure magic. Through song, he leads us into the gamut of our life's experiences and teaches us how to cope with each and every challenge. There are very few singers who can "capture the moment"!

He should have won still number one to me.

Clay is a true American Idol. He is very talented, but it is the things he does with his celebrity that make him someone to look up to. He aspires to use the beautiful voice that God gave him to sing with to make the world a better place. And he does through his acts of humanitarianism. His record speaks for itself. And I'm not speaking of vinyl records either.

I started watching American Idol when I heard that a teacher of special needs children was a contestant. I am a teacher and instantly fell in love with his voice and heart for children of all abilities. Since then, I have traveled to many of his concerts and made many new friends!

The names that are most synonymous with American IDOL are Kelly, Clay, Ruben, Carrie, Fantasia and Jennifer H. I don't even remember the other artists. I do have to say that the artists I DON'T remember probably got far more promotion than the winners of The Voice. The voices I enjoyed the most, personally, from IDOL were Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard from Season 2. Best season ever on IDOL!

Clay has range, persona, stage presence, and is the most audience-centered entertainer I know.

The best American Idol ever. He was raw and fresh when he started but he knew his music and he had great talent. He honed his craft and became the best during AI2 season _win or no win. I'm sure a great many people would agree with me

I generally hate American Idol contestants, mainly because they are all untalented, bland, and manufactured, but at least Clay Aiken is active in politics. Most of all, he supported Bernie Sanders, and that alone is a strong asset.

Clay Aiken stole our hearts and went on to bring people from all over the world to meet each other and develop friendships.

Not only do I think Clay is the best singer that was ever on Idol. I admire him even more because he kept his promise to use his voice to help others

The true American Idol with the golden voice. Not only uses his voice for singing, but for working with children with challenges. Terrific entertainer.

Highly engaging and talented personality. His voice stirs the soul and he can handle any genre.

Clay is the best of the best. Everyone remembers his stint on American Idol. He is a giving person and truly cares about his fellow man. He has had many successes and unfortunately has given up singing professionally and will strive to make our country better. He is the real
American Idol.

I have always loved Clay Aiken's voice. Season 2 was, by far, my favorite of American Idol. There is something about Clay's voice that drew you in and wanted to hear more.

Clay Aiken had the best performance when he sang Bridge Over Troubled Water.

One thing for certain is Clay can fill you with laughter, bring tears to your eyes, and sing your socks off! No one can come close to his expertise!

American Idol has had many talented vocalists on the, but, Clay Aiken has always been my favorite male artist. His renditions of Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me, To Love Somebody, and Solitaire were brilliant and remain forever engraved in my mind. I wish he would record a new album.

A voice like no other. A modest man with talent, heart and charisma. A magnificently kind and intelligent gay man who has faced every obstacle with courage and compassion. My true idol.