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21 Pia Toscano

Thumbs up if you think she should have won that season!

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22 Bucky Covington
23 La'Porsha Renae

She has such a beautiful, soulful voice, and though she didn't win, she came in second place OUT OF 190 CONTESTANTS. That's extremely impressive. Also, I found her story very touching.

It is a singing competition.

24 Michael Johns

Michael R.I.P. was the first male Idol I ever saw and immediately thought he could be a music superstar. Was robbed at only 8th place. Amazing personality, good looks and what a voice! Miss him terribly!

25 Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee

I remember when I was younger she was one that show. I loved her! She has an amazing voice there is no way that she should've lost to taylor hicks. How did that happen anyway? She's amazing perfect and OH MY GOD DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER BLACK HORSE AND A CHERRY TREE? THAT WAS AMAZING!

I love her! Her CD is out now and is awesome. You can't honestly say that you didn't absolutely love her rendition of "Somehwere Over the Rainbow." - keziahsuperstar

We will see the real KAT in January when "SMASH" hits the T.V.. Her voice is so beautiful it's a joy to just listen to her sing

Nice voice!

26 Allison Iraheta

Allison was one of if not the best contestant of all time. Should be number 1

Allison rocked and has a big future ahead.

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27 Phillip Phillips Phillip Phillips Phillip LaDon Phillips Jr. is an American singer, songwriter and musician who won the eleventh season of American Idol on May 23, 2012. His coronation song, "Home," released after his win, became the best selling of all coronation songs.

I recently saw Phillip in concert a and he was so good. He has a unique voice and style that is unashamedly raw and passionate. Perfection is not his aim in his music, you can tell he just really loves doing it. A gifted song writer and accomplished guitarist, all you have to do is watch him perform and see how lost in the music he gets to understand why he is one of the best new musicians out there, American Idol winner or not.

Phillip won American Idol because being American Idol doesn't mean that you can hit the highest note, it's your passion to win.

Love Phillip Phillips! Together with Jessica Sanchez... I love both of them! His song Home is good and the version of somebody that I used to know by gotye is such a hit.. And also the duet w/ Jessica "up where we Belong"

P2 was a born star. You just saw his passion for his music. He knew who he was and what he wanted to do. Loved him!

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28 Lauren Alaina
29 Tamyra Gray

I orginally wanted her to win. I cried when she was voted off.

30 Fantasia Barrino

Anyone that can bring Elton John to tears deserves all the accolades in the world

31 Crystal Bowersox

Crystal was named aptly. Crystal voice and not one bad performance. Should have won her season. One of Idol's greats!

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32 David Archuleta David Archuleta David James Archuleta is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and actor. At ten years old, he won the children's division of the Utah Talent Competition leading to other television singing appearances.

Has a soulful voice... I played his song a little too not over on my cellphone over and over again...!

Humble and talented - just loved him singing Imagine

Why is this at 19?! This should at least be in the top 5 if not the first!

He's so good loh you people ada2 aja sih bikin list.

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33 Siobhan Magnus

By far the most versatile and talented!

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34 Elliott Yamin

some say Chris Daughtry(who really only needed american idol to be known obviously didnt need to win... cuz he didnt) should have beat Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee ...but you are forget number three from that season... he was my fav i love his singing.. he is soooo talented

Elliott has one of the most soulful voices of our time. He was a little lacking on stage presence but I think the many times he shared a stage with Taylor Hicks helped pull him out of his shell.Some of the duets Elliott and Taylor have done in concert just bring the house down!

Definitely deserves to be in the top 10!

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35 Haley Scarnato

She's got the sweetest voice since Olivia Newton John. Can't wait for her to release a CD!

36 Blake Lewis

Most creative person ever on American Idol, I can't stop watching his "You Give Love a Bad Name"

37 Elise Testone

Elise was the best song stylist ever on Idol. Such great performances. The judges were crazy.

Eise is so unique. Nobody can sing like her. And she is also so humble and funny and seems like a person you can relate to 100%.

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38 Joshua Ledet

He has the most amazing voice I've ever seen, his passion for singing is so clear that it almost makes you cry, when I watch American idol at home and when joshua sings, I almost stand up and clap my hands. His voice is so powerful. Shame he didn't win American idol...

This man DESERVES to be # 1. Greatest vocalist alive. If you hear his cover of When A Man Loves A Woman and continue to disagree, are incorrect.

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39 Angela Miller

Hopefully she wins this season

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40 Jason Castro
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