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101 Tyanna Jones
102 Adam Ezegelian
103 Alexis Gomez
104 Jax

Jax was amazing and deserves to become the superstar she is. Not many had the charisma she had in 2015

So many of the best idol contestants land in 3rd place is seems like that happens every year.

105 Anwar Robinson

Said to be technically the best singer on season four by Paula Abdul, finished in seventh place. I still love his performance of "What a Wonderful World."

106 Malaya Watson

One contestant to watch for during this season of American Idol (Season 13) that particularly has an amazing voice

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107 Janelle Arthur

Loves to sings and loves jesus christ

108 Sam Woolf

Loved Sammy's voice. Wish the judges didn't keep trying to make him a Teen idol. Just let the boy sing!

109 Mandisa

Gospel singer that loves jesus christ and supports traditional marriage

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110 Sundance Head

Never heard of some of these contestants but Sundance beats them all easily

111 Paul McDonald
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