Top 10 Favorite American Ninja Warrior Contestants


The Top Ten

1 Flip Rodriguez

Flip Rodriguez is so brave and quick, not afraid and willing to help others. - Jjstoff

He has never made it to stage three

2 Kevin Bull

Bull made the impossible possible, and moves that are one-of-a-kibd. He has alopecia, which causes hair loss, so he is a hero among kids with that same problem. - Jjstoff

I remember rooting for him when I was watching ANW! He was the only contestant smart enough to use his legs in the ball obstacle. - TwilightKitsune

3 Jamie Rahn

Captain NBC is known for green hair and superhero costumes. A ninja warrior since Season 2, he is a fan favorite. A real superhero. - Jjstoff

4 Jessie Graff

Graff is a stuntwoman and the strongest female competitor. She was the first woman to complete stage 1 in Las Vegas and represent Team USA. - Jjstoff

She is awesome

5 Josh Levin

A rookie to be a Team USA choice, he quickly made room on the leaderboard and in our hearts. - Jjstoff

6 Nicholas Coolridge

Strong competitor and Mr. Cool, all I can say about this superstar Modern Tarzan. - Jjstoff

7 Drew Drechsel

Awesome and strong, quick and agile. - Jjstoff

He is cool

How is he #8 here... he's been the best for awhile. super fast and crazy strong

8 Grant McCartney

A dancing cool guy from Hawaii, he showed us his moves, on the course and off. - Jjstoff

9 Joe Moravsky

The Weatherman needs to at least the top 5 - 2storm

Moravsky finished stage 2 of Mount Mirdoriyama 3 consecutive seasons, including his rookie season. - beastloader

10 Neil Craver

CRAZY. All I can say. - Jjstoff

The Contenders

11 Daniel Gil

Good hair, don't care - Jjstoff

12 Meagan Martin
13 Lorin Ball
14 Geoff Britten

Britten is the first of only 2 competitors to finish stage 4 at Mount Midoriyama, and the only competitor to finish a season without failing a single obstacle. - beastloader

15 Paul Kasemir
16 Jake Murray

Who doesn't like his fast pace and funny antics on the course

17 Nick Hanson
18 Adam Rayl
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