Top 10 Favorite American Ninja Warrior Contestants


The Top Ten

1 Flip Rodriguez

Flip Rodriguez is so brave and quick, not afraid and willing to help others. - Jjstoff

He fearless and I predict he'll bounce back from his stage 1 fall last year and win it all!

No it would be Jeff up here his the boss

He has never made it to stage three

2 Kevin Bull

Bull made the impossible possible, and moves that are one-of-a-kibd. He has alopecia, which causes hair loss, so he is a hero among kids with that same problem. - Jjstoff

I remember rooting for him when I was watching ANW! He was the only contestant smart enough to use his legs in the ball obstacle. - TwilightKitsune

3 Jamie Rahn

Captain NBC is known for green hair and superhero costumes. A ninja warrior since Season 2, he is a fan favorite. A real superhero. - Jjstoff

4 Jessie Graff

Graff is a stuntwoman and the strongest female competitor. She was the first woman to complete stage 1 in Las Vegas and represent Team USA. - Jjstoff

She is awesome

5 Josh Levin

A rookie to be a Team USA choice, he quickly made room on the leaderboard and in our hearts. - Jjstoff

6 Drew Drechsel

Awesome and strong, quick and agile. - Jjstoff

He is the best

He is cool

How is he #8 here... he's been the best for awhile. super fast and crazy strong

7 Nicholas Coolridge

Strong competitor and Mr. Cool, all I can say about this superstar Modern Tarzan. - Jjstoff

8 Grant McCartney

Well Grant McCartney is my favorite and also that I am obsessed of him and I want him back because I want him to win and I also watch the America ninja warrior show a lot I am just obsessed of the show and Grant McCartney

A dancing cool guy from Hawaii, he showed us his moves, on the course and off. - Jjstoff

9 Joe Moravsky

The Weatherman needs to at least the top 5 - 2storm

Moravsky finished stage 2 of Mount Mirdoriyama 3 consecutive seasons, including his rookie season. - beastloader

10 Neil Craver

CRAZY. All I can say. - Jjstoff

The Contenders

11 Daniel Gil

Good hair, don't care - Jjstoff


12 Meagan Martin
13 Geoff Britten

Britten is the first of only 2 competitors to finish stage 4 at Mount Midoriyama, and the only competitor to finish a season without failing a single obstacle. - beastloader

14 Lorin Ball
15 Najee Richardson
16 Paul Kasemir
17 Jake Murray

Who doesn't like his fast pace and funny antics on the course

18 Nick Hanson
19 Adam Rayl
20 Najee Richardson
21 Natalie Duran
22 Brent Steffensen
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