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1 Secrets & Songbooks

I like the part where Austin and ally sing that love song

I love it because it's so cool awesome and amazing Austin and dez reads allys secret songbook that their not aloud to read and figures out Austin has a crush on her!

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2 Chapters & Choices

This episode was the most emotional episode ever. I mean Austin goes on tour and Ally has to stay for her new album. While they both don't want to be apart. This was an awesome episode for me. Probably the 4th favorite episode from Austin and Ally, next to Austin and Ally's first kiss, of course!

I really like this episode I watch it over and over again

I like chapters and choices but you can come to me was a good song

Wow Austin does change his mind very often

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3 Managers & Meatballs

AMAZING! It tests the bond of their friendship (Ally, Austin, Trish, and Dez) and the snotty manager is pretty funny in some ways, like she snaps her fingers when she wants something. Her servants kinda look like Dez

I love this episode because I watched austin's worst nightmare. He was playing time square on New Year's Eve without his three best friends and he was out of peanuts, but mostly the New Year's Eve thing. I even screaming out loud I heard austin hears himself screaming too.

I hate the snobby snappy-fingered manager, although the red headed servant kinda looks like a mixture between Dez and Rupert Grint.

This episode was nice, I wanted to slap the new, rude, selfish manager. - Catacorn

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4 Rockers & Writers


Austin could do any thing for ally he has great feelings for ally

I so like austin and ally are partners at the end of the show

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5 Kangaroos & Chaos

This episode is so funny. The kangaroo was hilarious. I mean this episode was awesome who wouldn't like it. Although I do prefer the second episode of season two and up than this episode any day.

I laughed so hard when Dez was fighting the kangaroo. - Catacorn

I think Dez wrestling the kangaroo is one of the funniest moments ever on Austin and ally :D

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6 Partners & Parachutes

Yes! I seriously waited for this to happen since costumes and courage aired during monstober. I've wanted them to be a couple for the longest time! I was in tears at the end of this episode. I was so happy! The way austin serenaded ally was classic. Eff what the hater say. This show is amazing. Its so great for kids and teens. What an amazing show and an amazing episode! - jg417001

When Austin sings "Think about You" to Ally, so romantic. This episode was probably number 5, compared to my other Austin and Ally episodes. So heartwarming!

I knew Austin and Ally would be a couple it was romantic when they kissed but n it was sad on the end

This episode was a absolute favourite. All the emotion, drama and most of all- the friendship and togetherness! Long live Austin And Ally!

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7 Tunes & Trials

This was a great episode with all the drama and tension going on. It was making me just wiggle with excitement. Long live Austin and ally!

This is just pure genius and the song, great. Awww! Austin and ally are so cute together!

I love when trish gets new jobs but when I saw that she was a lawyer I cracked up

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8 World Records & Work Wreakers

I think this was a pretty funny episode because I loved how Austin and Dez were trying to beat each other but ended up realizing that it doesn't matter but the Funny thing was that Austin said he could win and let go of the ball and Dez being Dez said he would let him win and so eventually none of them won! Loved it!

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9 Deejays & Demons

It was funny when Trish and Austin we're lip saying things!

This is an awesome episode

10 Zaliens & Cloud Watchers

This episode is not about dez's dream that 1 is eggs & extraterrestrials which was written by Calum

Awesome episode cool weird awesome amazing funny

This episode was all about dez's dream.Funny and interesting! Long live Austin and ally!

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11 Austin & Alias

Upside Down Stand in there I swear my love turning around oh my favorite song ever

12 Road Trips & Reunions

I think it was funny how they kept ending up in the wrong place and how ally ended up going on tour

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13 Real Life & Reel Life

Why is austin and ally mad at each other

I L-O-V-E the ending kiss, I just wish that for at lease ONE of their smooches, Nobody will ' block it! Or make the camera angle all weird so that you can't even see their lips touching! <3 Raura & Auslly!

14 Tracks & Troubles
15 Club Owners & Quinceaneras

I like this episode because Austin thinks that a country club owner is a night club owner and Ally
can't dance and breaks Austins Leg

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16 Diners & Daters

Really funny and weird but I think Austin and ally is the most best show I wish they continued it

I love the singing it's funny and awesome + Cassidy is way cool :D

17 Bloggers & Butterflies
18 Songwriting & Starfishs

This is episode is awesome! I love how the gang gets stuck in an ice cream freezer and ally loses a fight with a lawn chair!

19 Tickets & Trashbags
20 Family & Feuds

I think all of them are great I'm in 12th grade and still watch this


Its so funny this deserves to be #1
Go family & feuds

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