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21 Red Carpets & Relationships

I love their romance it's so cute and I often don't actually see how much he loves her he never says anything about the love he has for her only ally does and in this one you can see he truly loves her

Number one I loved when he did all that just for ally

Its really not a question its just the best

Why is austin and ally broke up

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22 Duets & Destiny

The series finale... has it really been four years already? It seems like just yesterday I was seeing promos for the show. This episode provides the closure that we deserve, and a beautiful duet. I loved all the callbacks it did to the pilot, too. I honestly couldn't think of a better ending for this show.

Final episode of Austin and Ally! Best episode EVER

I love this episode it shows that Austin and Ally are ment to be together forever

23 Princesses & Prizes
24 Beauties and Bullies

This episode is so meaningful and important. It deserves to be way higher than it is. Watch it and you'll see what I mean.

How did Trish gets bullyed

25 Comebacks & Crystal Balls
26 Future Sounds & Festival Songs

I love this episode because austin fell asleep and had a dream.

There is so many funny parts like when trish says ugh so much work and all she does is press a button.

Nelson is always so funny...whoever has the most coaats gets to be president...LOL

The timeless performance is so col

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27 Everglades & Ally-Gators
28 Last Chances & Last Dances

Austin gave up his music for Ally. Very emotional

Ally and Austin get back together!

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29 Homework & Hidden Talents V 1 Comment
30 Fresh Starts and Farwells
31 Solos & Stray Kitties
32 Magazines & Made-Up Stuff
33 Parents & Punishments
34 Beach Bums & Bling
35 Backups & Breakups

Why did Trent broke up with Trish

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36 Crybabies & Cologne
37 Directors and Divas
38 Hunks & Homecoming

Upcoming episode. Dez and Trish become a couple. Austin and Ally become a couple Season 3 finale.

Why austin get mad that ally choose to Gavin and ally or austin and ally

39 Seniors & Senors

It is when Austin is one credit from being a senior with his girlfriend ally

40 Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds
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