Favorite Big Brother 19 Players


The Top Ten

1 Kevin Schlehuber Kevin Schlehuber

A cool 55 year old who doesn't know what he's doing. - growlbunny

2 Ramses Soto

A cool teenager who was neutral until he was evicted. - growlbunny

Voting him again because I have to - growlbunny

Voting him yet again - growlbunny

3 Jessica Graf Jessica Graf

A great player who was in a showmance with Cody Nickson. - growlbunny

4 Cody Nickson Cody Nickson

An amazing player who managed to survive 8 nonconsecutive weeks with few allies. - growlbunny

5 Mark Jensen

A cool man. - growlbunny

6 Matthew Clines Matthew Clines

I love him because he's neutral and he loves cereal - growlbunny

7 Jason Dent Jason Dent

He's a cool cowboy - growlbunny

8 Megan Lowder Megan Lowder

A cool girl who sadly had to suffer - growlbunny

9 Cameron Heard Cameron Heard

I love him because he's a nerd - growlbunny

10 Alex Ow Alex Ow

The Contenders

11 Elena Davies Elena Davies

She had a good game until Double Eviction - growlbunny

12 Christmas Abbott Christmas Abbott
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