Top Ten Favorite Big Brother (U.S.) Houseguests

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41 Brendon Villegas - BB12 & BB13 Brendon Villegas - BB12 & BB13 V 1 Comment
42 Porsche Briggs - BB13

Porsche didn't really stand out to me.

43 Jason Roy - BB17 V 1 Comment
44 Eric Stein - BB8

Americas player made it to 5th place despite his status and was very entertaining trying to complete his tasks he even got a girlfriend in the house

He would have won if he wasn't screwed by being Americas player.

45 Andy Herren - BB15 Andy Herren - BB15

I think you need your eyes checked if you think he's and I quote " good looking".

Nicest guy in bb15

The best looking guy of his season. Very charming and nice.

He is a rat...

46 Brittany Martinez - BB16

Love her and wish she had stayed! Best looking this season by far! Bring her back

I LOVE BRITTANY she was the only one willing to go against the Bombsquad and she was sent home because of it :(

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47 Candice Stewart - BB15
48 Jackie Ibarra - BB17 V 1 Comment
49 Kevin Schlehuber - BB19 Kevin Schlehuber - BB19

Absolutely amazing person. One of my all time favorite Big Brother Houseguests - Pantherking21

50 Kaysar Ridha - BB6 & BB All-Stars Kaysar Ridha - BB6 & BB All-Stars

What up Kaysar! Voted back in the house with 82% of the votes

Gameplay was not that great but he was very genuine.

Ahhh... Kaysar! Good looking, kind, and way too trusting for BB. Loved his season - one of the best!

51 Aaryn Gries - BB15 Aaryn Gries - BB15

People criticize her for being a racists in the game, but as she made the game more strategical and not emotional (because when emotions play, who knows who will pay) she could've actually win or be close to the final if it wasn't for Amanda (the queen of mean and manipulation) and Andy (anyone else notice that he has a rat like nose? ).

Aaryn should not have been tolerated on BB. She had no right to marginalize and denigrate another player because of the color of their skin - this was abhorrent behavior. She came off as self-entitled, nasty, fake, and a very ugly person inside. She was so unpleasant that I stopped watching the show that season.

I don't think that her gameplay could excuse her racism. Its unacceptable and that's why america booed her when she left the house

She has something oh never mind its her face

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52 Ronnie Talbott - BB11 Ronnie Talbott - BB11

If there's a good vs evil season, this guy fits the bill to play on team evil

53 James Rhine - BB6 & BB All-Stars James Rhine - BB6 & BB All-Stars

My favorite!

He is so funny a good pranks😂

54 Frankie Grande - BB16 Frankie Grande - BB16 Frank James Michael Grande Marchione (born January 24, 1983), usually credited as Frankie Grande or Frankie J. Grande, is an American dancer, musical theatre actor and singer, producer, TV host and YouTube personality. He is the older half-brother of singer and actress Ariana Grande.

No way he's so fake

I wish it was his sister who is on the show lol

He is my least favorite houseguest ever.


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55 Mike Malin - BB2 BB7 & BB14
56 Jase Wirey - BB5 & BB All-Stars
57 Joey Van Pelt - BB16
58 Jun Song - BB4 Jun Song - BB4

Funny in the diary room and the kitchen

59 Kristen Bitting - BB12
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