Top Ten Favorite Books for Girls

The Top Ten

1 Divergent

This book is so hot and romantic and sooo funny too if you have not read this than you are missing out

2 Marked

This is the first book in the house of night and it is sooo sexy

3 A Want So Wicked

This is the second book in a need so beautiful series and it is awesome can't wait to read the first one

4 Strange Angel

This book is funny romantic scary hot and wayyy more I would not read it at night

5 Prom Queen

Average to glam yay

6 Hate List

Sad scary funny romantic love it!

I cried reading it.

7 Warrior Cats

Not a single book but a book series. Pretty amazing. There are romance subplots, but there is a heavy focus on action, adventure, and suspense.

I love warrior cats. A lot I mean. - Oliveleaf

8 Shelter

This book can be for anyone but it is so hot

9 Twilight

Twilight: A series about how a girl gets a guy. How amazing. - Minecraftcrazy530

Everyone should read this it is awesome have all the books and movies

10 Lunar Chronicles

The Contenders

11 Forgotten

So heart warming you should so read this

12 Goddess Girls

Best and most girls love it+drama and romance

13 Serafina and the Black Cloak

You should really read this book! It about a girl who lives in the basement of Biltmore estate.

14 Dork Diaries
15 Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

This book beats all the others on this list in my opinion. It's got lots of romance and funny parts. - TheHabsFan

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