Top Ten Favorite Books for Girls

The Top Ten

1 Divergent

This book is so hot and romantic and sooo funny too if you have not read this than you are missing out

2 Marked

This is the first book in the house of night and it is sooo sexy

3 A Want So Wicked

This is the second book in a need so beautiful series and it is awesome can't wait to read the first one

4 Strange Angel

This book is funny romantic scary hot and wayyy more I would not read it at night

5 Prom Queen

Average to glam yay

6 Hate List

Sad scary funny romantic love it!

I cried reading it.

7 Warrior Cats

Not a single book but a book series. Pretty amazing. There are romance subplots, but there is a heavy focus on action, adventure, and suspense.

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8 Shelter

This book can be for anyone but it is so hot

9 Twilight

Everyone should read this it is awesome have all the books and movies

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10 Forgotten

So heart warming you should so read this

The Contenders

11 Goddess Girls

Best and most girls love it+drama and romance

12 Serafina and the Black Cloak

You should really read this book! It about a girl who lives in the basement of Biltmore estate.

13 Dork Diaries
14 Lunar Chronicles
15 Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

This book beats all the others on this list in my opinion. It's got lots of romance and funny parts. - TheHabsFan

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