Top Ten Favorite Characters in 2016's the Jungle Book

Vote for your favorite character from the live action remake of "The Jungle Book" that came out in 2016.

The Top Ten

1 Baloo

There is a very different version of the jungle book but it is called Mowgli and I did like it but Baloo looked and sounded very mean! If you have kids you will see what I mean...

Not only was Baloo so great in terms of his personality, but his role in the story was even better. He's there to show Mowgli that he should use his unique abilities as a human no matter what others think. Plus, he's a bear and I love bears. - DCfnaf

I thought the movie was absolutely awful - Gangem

I liked this character I saw myself in him

2 Bagheera

I like the end that Bagheera runs faster then Shere khan

Bagheera was easily the best looking character in the film. He was also the narrator for the segments where a narrator was speaking. I loved his character development in this film. - DCfnaf

He is my favorite character in the film

I love that he is so fatherly to Mowgli but tough as well. He is my favorite character from this amazing movie!

3 Mowgli

Why would I go easy on movie review just because the main actor was a child? That's giving away free rides to someone that doesn't deserve it. Sometimes it hurts to be honest but it is what it is. There are a lot of good actors, even other children, so I think they could have done a much better job. Besides there are other issues with the movie like lack of a main theme, no connection at all, and it felt rushed. I hated it, I can tell that critics were bought over with money on this one. Also no I didn't see those other movies why would you ask me that?

I'm just saying that the actor was inexperienced and therefore it is unfair to hate a movie because of it. And thanks for giving other reasons so it didn't sound like you were a kid. But really, your response was a little over the top. Something tells me that you accidentally sat on a cactus and your checks turned bright red.

Mowgli is the protagonist of the film. He is a human boy who doesn't really seem to fit in with the other animals due to his strange skills.

This movie sucked and the child actor has terrible acting skills. Worst movie I've seen this past year to be honest.

To The Person Who Said The Jungle Book Was The Worst Film Of 2016, No Suicide Squad And Norm Of The North Were

4 Shere Kahn

I don't even need to explain why Idris Elba's portrayal of Khan was amazing. He really made the character scare me, which is something you should always do with an antagonist. - DCfnaf

5 King Louie

I found it interesting how this version of King Louie was very threatening, as the original version looks very dopey. Either way, loved him as an antagonist. - DCfnaf

6 Kaa

I wish she was green

Scarlett Johansson is awesome as Kaa and does a great job at being manipulative. Plus, I loved her cover of "Trust in Me". - DCfnaf

7 Raksha

She is so brace an is a natural leader

A perfect portrayal of a protective motherly figure. - DCfnaf

I really loved Raksha. She is kind, caring, yet fierce and brave. Coming in second would be Bagheera, but there was something about Raksha I really liked.

-Emberflight of StormClan

8 Akela

Akela! Let me hear the law. This is the law of the jungle as old and as true as the sky. The wolf that keeps it may prosper but the wolf that breaks it will die. Like the creeper that girdles the tree trunk the Law runneth over and back. For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. Akela did not deserve to have such horrible deaths in the movies! I love Akela!

I love Akela without Akela we might of not even had Mowgli! He deserves more votes! I like Akela so much I have a stuffed animal and named it Akela

The leader of the wolf tribe. - DCfnaf

9 Ikki

Loved the moments with him and his involuntary spines. - DCfnaf

10 Gray

SO CUTE! I feel bad for the poor little runt. - DCfnaf

The Contenders

11 Mr. Pangolin

He's a minor character

12 Fred the Warthog
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