Nico Di'Angelo


Nico is my favorite character in the series for sure. I find his life very sad because he lost his only sister and his mother. I think he is kinda cute. He is very mysterious in many ways I just find him so awesome. He can shadow travel raise ad control the dead. I also like his dad very much I feel like since hades is an outcast on olympus that Nico is an outcast at camp half blood. He is also a very young boy yet he can fight while handling a sword the can absorb your soul. I was afraid he might have died in the battle of the labyrinth after facing King Minos and summoning so many dead souls

Nico has been through so many horrible things yet he still gets up in the morning and kicks ass.

Nico may not seem like an important character at first, but in the end, the crew of the Argo 2 couldn't have done it without him. Nico is strong yet sensitive, which makes him the perfect demigod. Forget Percy! Nico is confident most of the time, and has more then one flaw (unlike Percy). Nico has super awesome powers. Forget breathing underwater, or charm speaking, or making flames out of your hands, or even turning into animals! Raising the dead! Come on people! That's just stinking awesome! I wish I were a child of Hades! Sure they get forgotten a lot, but sometimes it's better to be alone where others can't hurt or judge you (you all know what I mean in Nico's situation). So I believe that Nico should be #1. GOODBYE JACKSON!

I love Nico! After he lost Bianca he found out his only other sister Hazel was trapped in elysium. He went and took her out and started to spend time with her like he used to do with bianca. :( It's sad how everybody treats him like such a freak. Like really he's a good kid. If I were a character in the book I would date him. :) I love Nico!

Nico di Angelo is... well, I'm at a loss for words. He is for one, the strongest. He lost his mother and sister when he was only a little boy. Not many of us have had to go through that at such a young age. He is also- obviously- a demigod, which brings on challenges of its own. The anger and grief he went through- it's unimaginable. He's faced depression head on; telling himself to just pull through. Finish the mission. He's too selfless. I know he'd give his life for any of the seven. (Especially Percy...) And lastly, his homosexuality. This is one of the hardest things you could have to come to terms with, especially in the 1940's. Imagine having to face the world. Homosexuality is nothing to be afraid of, or to be ashamed of. Rick wanted every kid to have a hero, which is why he added so much differentiation. Caucasian, African American, Italian, Asian, Native American... and homosexual. They finally have a hero too. He's brave, loyal, and beautifully developed. Out of all of the ...more

Nico Di Angelo might not have enough screen time, but I think he is the best (I mean come on Necromancy and Shadow Master, what more could you want? ) Sure he betrayed Percy, but his father made him do it. Percy might have been the main char. but it's because he won a war with fate not life, and Nico did just that. He isn't Weak-willed or he would have succumbed to the isolation, hate, fear and the feeling of hopelessness, he may not be Physically the best but he certainly emotionally and mentally the greatest.

Nico is the best! Really, who wouldn't like a super cool, super hot and amazing son of Hades?! And the fact that I could relate to him just makes me like him more! I just wish that Rick Riordan gave him more credit since, well you know, him raising the dead every time that they need him, I also love the way him and Hades talk to each other in Blood Of Olympus

Nico is a great character, I agree. He goes through a lot, and he easily could have joined the Titans, but he didn't, as I respect him for that. That being said, I'm not sure how I feel about the revelation that he is homosexual. I have nothing against it, but I feel like it didn't really fit his character. However, I have grown to appreciate it in BoO, and the new series. I wouldn't name him my favorite character, but I do love him.

Nico di Angelo is definitely my fave (well tied with leo of course). He has gone through so much, much more than any of the other demigods in my opinion. Also, being from the 1940's, him being gay was unacceptable. He was forced to hide his feelings throughout most of the series, which would have been quite hard. Also his sister died when he was so young and he had to deal with those feelings also. He went through Tartarus all by himself which almost broke Percy (even though he had Annabeth and bob with him). Nico was a fighter, that's one of the things I love about him. He always fought for the greater good even if it was hard for him to do so. He put the needs of others before himself, even if he wasn't accepted because he was a son of hades. That brings me to another point, Nico was always left out because of his parentage. He "creeped people out". From the point that Bianca died to the end of the HOO series Nico didn't even feel like he had a home at either camp. so that's why ...more

Nico is the best character ever. For some reason I had a feeling he was gonna die in the fourth book, but he didn't. He can control the earth, fire and summon the dead. He is totally awesome! I don't see why he is not number one.

He's just so lovely and is one of the most relatable to me. He's lost so much, but still continued to fight for his sis (both Bianca and Hazel) and he's also gaaay! I was so happy when I found out because you very rarely find openly (well he's sorta open) gay characters in books aimed at the younger side of young adult. And also his relationships with the other crew members are so fun to see develop as he was always kinda reluctant to talking to the others (which also reminds me of myself).

Nico di Angelo is spectacular. I feel like I can relate to him so much. Not only is he physically powerful but emotionally powerful too. He went through so much and still stays strong. I love that Rick Riordan made him homosexual. While reading the book series I was questioning my sexuality. Reading about Nico helped me bring up my courage to come out. Nico is basically my spirit animal. He saved me and I love him. I've never connected with a book character like I did with Nico. I love you Nico!

Nico is the coolest I liked him even in the 4th book when he wasn't a good guy yet! He is so cool!

Nico Di' Angelo starts with a dark past, with his sister dying and his dad being the god of death. As the story goes on though, you start to realize the importance of his character. Yes, there would still be Hazel, daughter of Pluto; the roman version of Hades, but Nico's character couldn't and shouldn't be replaced. Personally, I ship Reyco. :D

How can nico not be number one. He is amazing. He can rase skeletons and hellhounds and he is totally bad ass. He should be number one

Nico is just this gigantic sweetheart that's been through so much pain and still, everyone treats him as an outcast. every time I think about how much sadness he's been through, I cry. He's still fighting even though he's broken on the inside. His sister died, he has to watch Percy be with Annabeth (it'll make sense if you read house of hades), and his innocent Mythomagic games life is gone. He's so polite all the time, refusing to be rude to the dead and saying thank you and please all the time. He's just the most amazing character, and without a doubt, my favorite Percy Jackson character.

I absolutely LOVE him. I like how at the start he was very intriguing. Thanks for all the wonderful comments about him, because they all made me feel great about really liking him

He is just a great character. He shows that he has his issues, but he manages to work through them, and basically everything I want to say has already been said by the others, so just read them.

Nico is an absolute angel. When I First found out about him being gay, I cried. But he is an amazing character and he is so much better than Percy, who is so overrated.

Okay, why do I choose him out of many? First, he's a very powerful demigod as his father is the Lord of The Dead and he also trained his powers himself. Second, he's very cute, I still remember how young Nico is adorable yet annoying at the same time. Third, he has a tragic past. Obviously, Nico's story is one of the saddest: His mom died, his sister-the only person who understands him died later, he's afraid of letting people know he's gay and he got seperated from his half sister. Fourth, he's kind and loyal o his allies

I lovwe Nico so, so much. I feel like he sheds light on the many secret thoughts and insecurities that people have. He is, in all honesty, an inspiration to every girl and boy with and without the similar fears and experiences he has had. Nico proves to be one of the strongest, most relatable and humane characters in the books.

Nico di Angelo is an amazing character in the Percy Jackson series and absolutely the strongest demigod out of all of them. I also think he is the most powerful demigod (even more powerful than Percy), seeing as he survived Tartarus ALONE. He suffered through so much, including his fear of coming out, so I was very happy to see that he finally gets his happy ending in The Blood of Olympus and in The Hidden Oracle. I love Nico so much!

When he was little, I wanted to hug him because he was adorable! Now I wanna hug him because he's too sad.

I like Nico because he is the you who is the outsider in the the books and to me has the most pressure.

Nico is my personal favorite of all the characters. Not only does he have wicked powers over the dead, but he has a bravery feature that makes him really stand out. His inner struggle really tugs at the emotions and his loyalty is undying. He is truely a great character.