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21 Hermes

Hermes is definitely my favorite god in the series.

He should be up there - Mayachen2006

Best god ever


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22 Apollo

He's like the PJO fandom's Sheldon Cooper. You feel sad for him, and you want to smack him in the face at the same time! He's the jerk we all root for, and he isn't that mean toward demigods. I say, at the least, he should be ranked higher than Athena. I mean, I respect her and all, but as she said, "Wise counsel isn't always the most popular counsel." This is a popularity contest. Apollo should be ranked higher.

Apollo my favourite go he really should be higher up. He's a cool. Character being so sassy and he's funny. With the trial of apollo out I hope he gets more liked. I mean he's self-obsessed and always thinking of him self makes it even funnier.

So awesome, and whoever said he should have his own series predicted the future

I brighten up whenever he makes appearance! Rather endearing sort of character.

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23 Coach Hedge

Amazing guy. He is the coolest. So funny. He just makes me laugh. I think he is hight though. lol!

Come on cupcakes! Vote for coach hedge

He's like a more badass grover

"Pokemon, gotta kill 'em all! "

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24 Clarisse La Rue

Though she came off as as a bully at the start, as time went, I began to really respect and even sort of like the daughter of ares. She's headstrong, hot tempered, rude, tough and a leader. Clarrise fights for what she believes in and is just as stubborn as percy jackson. She's very independant and thinks having friends and showing your soft side makes you weak. She puts up a strong wall to hide that she has a heart just like leo uses his jokes to hide the guilt and darkness and insecureness. When she came to avege silena's death, she reminded me of Achilles, who despite being one of the best warriors, sat out the war until the death of a close friend and then joined to avenge their death despite the fact it could have been avoided if they had pushed aside their pride. Despite that, clarisse truly cares for people though she doesn't always like to show it. Though her father's one of the least likeable gods, she's a good person and someone to be respected

I'm sure we can all agree we hated Clarisse at the beginning. But in the Battle of the Labyrinth we were all like "Huh what's going on? " The more and more we get to know Clarisse the more we find out about what she's really like. She may be strong and sometimes rude (correction all the time) but really she's as nice as Piper is to Leo or Annabeth is to G-Man. Clarisse is a character you believe could exist.

If you get to know her she is probably really sweet and loyal

I hated her at first, but now she earned my respect. - Mayachen2006

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25 Zoe Nightshade

Zoe is one of my favorite characters. Zoe the Hunter sets out on quest that permits her to save Artemis, her leader and the goddess of the Hunt. This Act shows the danger and adventure that she is willing to take to save lady Artemis even knowing it could mean her death. She has portrayed loyalty to extreme standards. Zoe is a character for whom we seem to root in the book. She takes the story through twists and turns and amazes reader with her past. Zoe can also be thought as the bravest among her sisters.

Zoe is so so so awesome! And a relatable character for you to feel sympathy towards and someone to root for.

Severely underrated, I loved zoe

I loved Zoey, may she rest well in the stars

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26 Frank Zhang

The most underrated character in the whole series. It breaks my heart that so many people that read the books find him weak or boring, because I absolutely love his character. He is caring, sweet, modest, and bashful (making him even more adorable.) He sometimes will underestimate his abilities, but is always there to back up his friends, especially Hazel (one of my fave ships by the way.) On top of his amazing personality, he can turn into animals. Like any animal. But yeah, that's pretty boring - dig the sarcasm?

This dude is seriously UNDERRATED. I mean, come on! Who else would be an Mars/ARES kid, and yet he is extremely nice, and yet so POWERFUL, he can turn into ANIMALS, people, ANIMALS.

How on earth is PIPER above Frank? Frank is like, my baby:( the feels...

Frank is so adorable. How is he #26?

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27 Athena

Athena's awesome how can you not like her she is the GODDESS OF WISDOM FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

Come on people! Vote for the most amazing God ever

How can people not like her she is the goddess of wisdom and battle she is much better then Ares ( in my opinion, and sorry Ares's Fan). She's also Annabeth's mother and Annabeth is awesome. Plus all of her children are awesome (yes I'm mostly talking of the guy that created the labyrinth. )

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28 Bianca Di'Angelo

Bianca, though only starring in one book of the first series, was very brave and caring, especially to Nico. If Nico is #2, how can Bianca not be higher? She was always careful to make sure everything was safe, and was kind to everyone (who was not a monster)

She is so sweet, and caring how can she not be number 1

Bianca could have been a much stronger character, and compared to Nico, she is cardboard

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29 Bob

In the demigod diaries he lost his memory and became bob and now he is in the second series

He should be higher up. It surprises me why people like KRONOS more than him. How is he even related to kronos?

WHAT?! He should be so much higher on this list. He sacrificed his life for AC and PJ to save the rest of the world. Him and Damasian should be so much higher! Love Bob, Damasian, and not to mention Small Bob!

That 'good' Titan deserves credit. The lad of a lifetime.
I hope he does not betray Percy and Annabeth. Still in the 'House of Hades book" at the part where they are at the doors.

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30 Kronos

He's so evil! I don't like him.

Luke aside, he's a bit more 2 dimensional than some of the other villains.

He's so evil! I don't think he should even BE on this list!

He's an OK villain. Luke made him way better.

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31 Festus

Festus was awesome! Plus, you've got to give him credit for being blown up

He sacrificed himself to help his friends. He is awesome. Anyone who is related to Leo, I like.

He's the reason Leo is alive

32 Ethan Nakamura

All he wanted was his mother to get credit, and died trying.

33 Bessie the Ophiotaurus

Because guy sea cows named Bessie are totally hip.

Bessie was discribed so well in the bookes and sounded so cute

34 Will Solace

Uh... I don't have much to say about Will besides that he is kind and helped Nico get out of his shell.

If some one can get close to Nico beside his sister's they have to be good

I'm kinda surprised Will is so far down on this list considering that most people love Solangelo

He is just an all round kind character and I mean seriously wico is perfect ( will and nico)

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35 Magnus Chase

Honestly I just enjoy his character the most: his unique experiences, understandable wolf phobia, and outlook on life bring a new depth and light to the series. Although admit Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth are tied for close second in my favorite Percy Jackson character list.

WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. HOLD the phone. If I'd seen him earlier, I'd have voted for him!

I love this character though it was a close call

Okay Magnus I like you and all but you don’t even go here

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36 Gwen Madison

Anyone who dies and comes back to life is awesome in my book.

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37 Sally Jackson

She purposely chose to stay with the nastiest, most horrible human on the face of the earth. She remained with Gabe, who abused her. All to protect her son. She deserves to be on her list and you know what? She deserves to be on the top ten best fictional moms list.

When she found love for the second time, I was so pleased. She deserves to have a good man to treat her right. And percy deserves a proper father figure...no offense Poseidon...your awesome but you don't get much time for your children.

Best mom ever. I mean who wouldn't like her. Poseidon was right she is a queen of woman

Sally should be way higher on the list in my opinion, she was very understanding of Percy, and in general a very good mother

Sally deserves to be on the top ten. If it weren't for sally, none of the series would have happened - Mayachen2006

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38 Octavian

I like Octavian's character, he shows the betrayal of people at war. He is cunning and probably could charm speak Piper. He gets what he wants and is the one character in the books that shows that not everything is just hacking limbs off. That there's another side to the demigod world, the side of politics.

He is also a great villain and leader (even if most people don't agree). He came to power during a time of fear for the Roman demigods, like many leaders did, he offered a solution to end the war. (Which wasn't the best but hey, who said that all great leaders are good? ) He offered leadership and was the backbone that kept the Roman Army together well Renya was flying to Greece, he kept the Roman Army united and attacked the enemy (Leo did end up booming their city, which many people take as a sign of war. Especially from a group that they already had a rocky relationship with.)

As I read these comments I face a dreadful decision about how this fan base reacts to Octavian
Nobody really understands that he may actually be calling for understanding from the beginning
I mean his family was one the most highest and respected in the roman communities and imagine trying to live up to that. Remember people judge and if your family was well respected and people were acting very strange or nicer than they usually are or treating you better than every one else it kind of makes you feel like an outcast and then trying to live up to his family's image
I believe there is more than meets the eye with this character...

What? Even Octavian made the list, but not Khione?! She's the best villain this series has ever produced! Not only is she out for herself (unlike all the monsters, who are just doing what they've been doing for thousands of years), but she's just an all-around jerk, which is something no other main villain in the series has accomplished (maybe besides Drew, but wether she's a main villain or not is debatable).

The teddy bear murderer

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39 Hera


HERa isss he hfrhuhr worst

Hera's kinda like my friend's mom. -_-


Why is she even here
I bet Percy and Annabeth saw her in Tatarus,
Hell is filled with people like Hera - Mayachen2006

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40 Jack


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