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41 Mr D

Come on, he deserves some credit just for being the only person alive capable of coming up with so many names that start with a P or a J in order to avoid the right one:L Plus you gotta love the man that plays pacman during the end of the world!

42 Eros (Cupid)

Love can kill
Love is a weapon
Love can be used for destruction
Love can heal
And the Lovers can be used
I voted for this troll for a reason...
Because he is right about love
It's painful like the thorns on a steam of a rose
But, beautiful and delicate as the rose itself

Love hurts, Nico

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43 Janus V 1 Comment
44 C.C. V 2 Comments
45 Juniper V 1 Comment
46 Persephone

She is the daughter of Demeter and is really a awesome seriously what is not to like

47 Hecate
48 Nemesis

Well, I think she's cool! She's the goddess of revenge, balance and fortune cookies! She balances everything out. If you get too much good, she gives you bad. If you get too much bad, she gives you good! And anyways, can you look me in the eye and say that you've never wanted revenge before?

Taking someones eye is just plain gross (she has got serious very medival issues, and not to mention higein)

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49 Pan

By far the best God character

Mans a savage

50 Percabeth

Percabeth is one of the ships I hate and why is it even on here I mean percy and annabeth are characters but this, this is not

Percy and Annabeth are the best characters, and they are always better together!

51 Khione
52 Damasen

Damasen is so Brave to stand up to Tartarus and buy Percy and Annabeth time

53 Calypso

Calypso is a fabulous character, and I really like that percy thinks of her. And now she is Leo's girlfriend. I also love her and she doesn't deserve to be punished

How is she so low?

Stupidest character

Needs to be higher up :(

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54 Ares

Wish percy could kill him. Would be good riddance

I actually like Ares. He's a bit... meh but come ON! He's the Greek Mythical WAR GOD! Although, it was annoying when he argued with his Roman form in Frank's head.

Who like Ares?

55 Typhon

Beat all the gods at once... Enough said

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56 Thanatos
57 Zeus

How in Hades is Kronos higher than Zeus

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58 Riptide

How did a sword get on here? But I mean hey Percy needs him.

Why is Riptide here? I mean Jack (The Sword of Summer) TALKS. Does Riptide talk? Is Riptide funny? No.

Why in the hades is a sword on Here?

Is a sword a character?

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59 Atlas V 1 Comment
60 Helios
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