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1 Jack Frost Jack Frost

Elsa was a character written to be misunderstood. The script writers and producers certainly succeeded. I don't care if someone can manipulate snow and ice, I've seen several people do it in fiction, *scoff* I really don't get why people make such a BIG DEAL about Queen Elsa!

He is very cool. That movie is great, but Jack is, well Jack. Sandman was okay, but he was really evil. The other are okay. Jack is the best. He has a why to make winter white!

He is awesome! He has cool ice powers and he controls winter too. That's COOL! ; )

Cute, sexy, hot. Who wouldn't love Jack Frost.

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2 North/Santa

Lol, North is awesome. Santa is a badass, who would've thought?

North is friendly with his friends. He is great but I'm not a fan of him. The most funny moment of North in the movie is when he was at wrong place ^_^

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3 Pitch Black/Boogie Man

Misunderstood and... I guess he's also a little confused. He doesn't seem to understand that he is going about it in the wrong way, probably because of his anger and hatred towards the Guardians, but I don't think that his hatred is there for no reason. They had hurt him, denied him the chance to have what they have and didn't even let him live, not really.

He also looks like a smart guy. Although, I really don't know why- how, could he have made such a stupid mistake and give Frost's staff back to him. Like, "hey there, here you have your staff back, once you're done fixing it, come and meet me by Bennett's house." I know, he probably didn't mean to, but well, you know...

Also, Pitch is an absolute diva at time and that's why people adore him. I mean, did you see that little dance on North's globe?! Unnecessary, but awesome. Or that time that he melodramatically called out to Jack, once they met again: "Let's end this, shall we?! " He really knows ...more

I just think he deserves a little more understanding than he gets from the Guardians. No matter what the books imply, all emotional capability may not be lost. Humanity and the ability to feel emotions are two completely different things. If animals have emotions, so can spirits, without exception, meaning Pitch can have feelings. So although he may no longer be human (though he wasn't to begin with - he wasn't born on earth and however human-like he may have looked back then, he would have been considered an alien) he still can have feelings, hence his feelings could have been hurt which could have been the reason why he did what he did to Jack.

Some people think he's incapable of emotion thus he was only pretending to look hurt and weak and lonely, but he is simply incapable of feeling like a human, or acting like a human as it was his "humanity" he lost. Unless those people use the word "emotion" directly, I will not perceive their theory of Pitch being ...more

He may be the bad guy but he is really good in this movie am I right?!

Pitch > Jack

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4 Easter Bunny

His accent is amazing. I love Australian accents! I don't know why. And also,his awesome boomerangs that he through,I really want them.

He is my third favorite character in this movie ♥ He looks really cute when he changed into small bunny ^_^ He is great and brave even though he always fight with Jack Frost

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5 Sandman/Keeper of dreams

He's really friendly and nice. Plus, he gives us dreams. He protects us.

Cute! And he gives us dreams, so I love him.

Sand man was the best

Even though Sandman can't talk but he is friendly ^_^

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6 Pitch's Nightmares

There scary,but there cool. I mean,everybody has nightmares once in a while...and it's all thanks to Pitch!

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7 Jamie

SO GORGEOUS! ! He is so adorable, Courageous, and full of spirit.

He is cute now isn't he. And he is courageous, he never gives up andhe sorta protects the gaguardians in the movie.

He is the third cute character I've ever seen after Jack Frost and Olaf ♥ He never give up and he does not afraid to Pitch Black! And he believe in all the guardians ^_^

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8 Jack's Sister

She is nice I guess,I still can't believe that Jack saved her even though they are still brothers and sister

She is so cute, but then she IS related to Jack.

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9 Tooth Fairy/Keeper of Memories and Teeth

She is great too! She is my second favorite character in this movie ♥ She is kind and great. Her face is pretty too

She is funny,and she likes teeth too. She is sweet,and a sweet tooth.

She is sweet and hyper like me. She just needs to stay away from my Jack Frost ;-)

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