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1 Pitch Black/Boogie Man

I think there's absolutely NO reason why he should be placed in third place, especially not below North.

North acts far more childishly with absolutely nothing being added to his character anywhere in the movie. We catch a glimpse of something more with Pitch in certain parts of the movie - and re-watching it I catch even more subtle hints about who he was, who he is and who he could be - that very few of the characters have. Hell, Tooth, Jack and Bunny all have a vulnerability shown in them in the fight against Pitch - which by the way, is five against one... hardly fair.

Pitch starts off with four enemies and though he does make a snide comment to Jack, Jack did genuinely say that he was on no one's side. He saw Jack's potential then too, but also clearly was angered by the way that the frost spirit lied to his face. Then he's stuck with having to fight five enemies and having to work faster than ever unless he wants the Guardians to round up more allies. And when he ...more

Pitch is more made to be with Elsa than any of the Guardians. And more likeable than Frost, in some instances. Sure, a kid would much prefer to be able to make snow buddies than nightmares in those circumstances... but Pitch has better qualities (ambition, resilience, intelligence and an understanding that surpasses that of the Guardians and Jack) as well as flaws that he doesn't hide, nor does the movie attempt to hide it. What dreamworks brushes off as Jack simply having fun is dangerous and cruel; the fact that he doesn't regret his actions makes me concerned about the skewed view DreamWorks and children have on what is good and what is evil... even though no character is entirely either, but they've so boldly highlighted Pitch as ''evil'' and Jack as ''good''. Similarly, they've done the same thing with the Guardians...

And Pitch is just as fit to be good - what with how good characters are portrayed in the movie - as Jack is to be bad. Jack is dangerous, cold, ...more

Not many can compete with him.

Certainly not in his abilities - he can use people against themselves in a way very few villains can. If any. Clearly he's worked to develop and improve his abilities too, which suggests that the variety of ways he can use that which he'd been both blessed and cursed with will only grow. Pitch will be tough opposition for anyone sooner of later. I wonder, if Joyce keeps creating spirits, how long will it take before simply adding another Guardian to the lot will not be enough, or if children will even be effective for much longer.

Clearly, Pitch is clever. It is a pity they'd made him act so stupid for no reason at all. I mean... the staff, the memories and the fairy?! He should have never given him even two of those at once, never mind giving Jack all three. Surely, Pitch would not sabotage his own plans quite so easily?

The Guardians wouldn't beat him in dance, or equestrian either and at least Pitch pays some attention to his ...more

There's really no reason to believe that Pitch doesn't make for an interesting character. But there is a reason why you would choose to avoid any proof that he is an interesting character. It's called bias and shallow opinions. He plays an important part, not just as the person who makes things happen - finally - but as the person who informs Jack about the spirit world. He does have a depth to his character, it's just glossed over because there's not enough time in one single movie to discuss or explore the antagonist under normal circumstances. It's even less likely to happen in an animated children's movie with heroes and villains that follows a more fairy-tale like structure, with brightly coloured, pretty and high-spirited heroes and grouchy, dark and "ugly" (not really, but many children would say they are not as nice to look at as the heroes) villains. That's not quite true for this bad guy, but many believe it is.

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2 Jack Frost Jack Frost

He is the best and probably made to be with elsa just saying

He is very cool. That movie is great, but Jack is, well Jack. Sandman was okay, but he was really evil. The other are okay. Jack is the best. He has a why to make winter white!

He is awesome! He has cool ice powers and he controls winter too. That's COOL! ; )

Cute, sexy, hot. Who wouldn't love Jack Frost.

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3 North/Santa

Lol, North is awesome. Santa is a badass, who would've thought?

North is friendly with his friends. He is great but I'm not a fan of him. The most funny moment of North in the movie is when he was at wrong place ^_^

He is very...loud...but is full of wonder,and I love his center!

4 Easter Bunny

He is actually the one who made earth round - earth was eggshaped before

Cute. Hugh Jack man rules

His accent is amazing. I love Australian accents! I don't know why. And also,his awesome boomerangs that he through,I really want them.


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5 Pippa

Gentle, caring, but less naive and trusting than Jamie, she makes a realistic and good character in spite of the lack of screen time she and the other Burgess kids get.

An interesting character that could very well be developed in a sequel, should one be created.

Precious, fun-loving child with a faithfulness towards her friends that overcomes her fears.

She's a sweet, tomboyish girl, that though more pessimistic than Jamie, is still willing to stand up to her fears.

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6 Sandman/Keeper of dreams

He's really friendly and nice. Plus, he gives us dreams. He protects us.

Cute! And he gives us dreams, so I love him.

Sand man was the best

He is the keeper of dreams so you gotta like him. He makes my dreams he makes your dreams,basically awesome.

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7 Pitch's Nightmares

They have an awesome design... and that pun! *wipes away tear* Absolutely brilliant.

There scary,but there cool. I mean,everybody has nightmares once in a while...and it's all thanks to Pitch!

I want one of them >:-)

8 Jamie

SO GORGEOUS! ! He is so adorable, Courageous, and full of spirit.


He is cute now isn't he. And he is courageous, he never gives up andhe sorta protects the gaguardians in the movie.

He is the third cute character I've ever seen after Jack Frost and Olaf ♥ He never give up and he does not afraid to Pitch Black! And he believe in all the guardians ^_^

9 Tooth Fairy/Keeper of Memories and Teeth

Toothiana a.k.a Tooth, the Guardian of Memories, she is my 2nd favorite out of my two main favorites in the film as well as Jack Frost. Perky, funny, cute and sweet, motherly and truly adorable. Tooth is the best out of all of them. I shouldn't say this as well, but, I have to admit, I have a little bit of a crush on Toothiana, because she has a huge heart and her pretty little face is too cute, if you have aww's to aww, then you to really go awww when you see her face, in her Tooth Palace as Pitch gives that speech there to them all, there's a cut to Tooth and you see her look so sad and you really feel for her and I found it just too heartbreaking I almost cried, nearly, inside, it was painful to see her look so sad at the time. Anyway, yeah Tooth is probably the best favorite next to Jack Frost for me in the film.

She is great too! She is my second favorite character in this movie ♥ She is kind and great. Her face is pretty too

She is funny,and she likes teeth too. She is sweet,and a sweet tooth.

She is sweet and hyper like me. She just needs to stay away from my Jack Frost ;-)

10 Jack's Sister

She is nice I guess,I still can't believe that Jack saved her even though they are still brothers and sister

She is so cute, but then she IS related to Jack.

Poor Jack. He saved his sister...and...*cries*

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11 Cupcake

Pretty funny, pretty relatable.

12 Abby / The Greyhound

I love her. She's just so nice and caring.

13 Onyx
14 Bunny's Walking Eggs
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