Favorite Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Battle Units

A Top Ten list of the most favourite Battlefield Units used by the Allied and Soviet forces.

The Top Ten Favorite Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Battle Units

1 Soviet: Apocalypse Tank

Apocalypse tanks will win a battle with literally any unit on the battlefield. It is an ABSOLUTE beast.

This is a Monster of a tank with very high armor and very high damage, it also has anti air capabilities. It can win a 1 and 1 battle with almost any other unit on tbe field. - LeeParty

2 Allied: Tanya

She can go in Walter blow up ships in 2secs she shots from far away she is BEAST!

3 Soviet: Dreadnought Ship
4 Allied: Spy
5 Soviet: Yuri

He controls the game - LeeParty

6 Soviet: Crazy Ivan
7 Allied: Rocketeer
8 Soviet: Tesla Trooper
9 Soviet: Kirov Airship

Even a smal group van destroy an entire base

10 Allied: I.F.V

The Contenders

11 Allied: Grizzly Tank
12 Soviet: Rhino Tank
13 Allied: G.I
14 Soviet: Flak Trooper
15 Soviet: V2 Rocket Launcher
16 Allied: Prism Tank
17 Allied: Harrier
18 Soviet: Terror Drone
19 Allied: Aircraft Carrier
20 Allied/Soviet: Attack Dog
21 Allied: Chrono Legionnaire
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