Top 10 Favorite Couples from Fantasy Shows

Let's vote for our favorite couples from Fantasy (not Sci-Fi) shows! Please, add your favorite ones

The Top Ten

1 Spike & Buffy - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2 Angel & Cordelia - Angel

I liked Angel with Buffy but couple Angel/Cordelia had more mature and interesting relationships, they understand each other very well. They looked great together - Irina2932

3 Xander & Anya - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4 Sam & Jessica - Supernatural
5 Stefan & Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Their love was epic! They have the perfect love! - D37

I shipped them since the very first episode. :}

6 Damon & Elena - The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Elena is just OTP to the max. I mean she brings out a side to him that no one has ever really seen. Damon never really believed in love, or so it seemed, but he really did care and love for Elena. He makes Elena actually stand up for what she believes in and will put himself before him. If that isn't love I don't know what is. They're just so cute together and I hope they get back together in the 6th season.

This is unfair! This couples are by far the best couples ever in television history

Damon and Elena Are the cutest couple everr so hot and just the best

Damon to Elena:"We've loved each other since the beginning of time

7 Leo & Piper - Charmed
8 Angel & Darla - Angel
9 Dean & Jo - Supernatural
10 Clark & Lana - Smallville

The Contenders

11 Dean & Castiel - Supernatural

The homosexual implication alone made me vote for this one. Pretty much any Supernatural fangirl's fan-fiction of the show.

12 Angel & Buffy - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Seriously.. am I the only one who thought this relationship worked better that Buffy and Spike?

13 Arthur Pendragon & Gwen - Merlin
14 Bill & Sookie - True Blood
15 Phoebe & Cole - Charmed
16 Jim Lake Jr. and Claire - Works
17 Hook & Emma - Once Upon a Time
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