Top 10 Favorite Couples from Sci-Fi Shows

This time let's choose favorite Sci-Fi couples (not Fantasy!!!). Please, add your favorite couples from SCI-FI Series and vote!

The Top Ten

1 John Crichton & Aeryn Sun - Farscape

Besides the awesome chemistry, the talent of these two sets them apart from most and to top it off, a great writer behind it all who understands people.

They both made a very beautiful and sexy couple. Their relationships had a very nice development. As a result - cute baby in the final - Irina2932

2 Jack Harkness & Gwen Cooper - Torchwood

Strange relationships but I always wanted to see them together - Irina2932

They aren't a couple, but I truly, do ship their friendship with a passion! For couples, I ship Jack and Ianto (despite Ianto's death). Gwen and Jack are just, very interesting and unique. I really do like them. - kendralang

3 Alex Murphy & Lisa Madigan - RoboCop: The Series

Brilliant duet. Some fans accused this series in lack of violence and "brutality". Why? This series was unique, well written, acted and I love this duet - Irina2932

4 The Doctor & Rose - Doctor Who

They just click. And they balance each other out. She isn't afraid to kick ass while talking smack at him.

Awesome oh sorry fantastic and allons-y

5 Stark & Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan

The most unique couple on television. This love between former Banik slave who has the ability to ease the pain and 10th level Delvian Pa'u (a plant-evolved being) was very interesting. They should have developed it much better - Irina2932

6 Victor & Sierra - Dollhouse

What a wonderful and beautiful couple! Even having erased memory they still found love for each other - Irina2932

7 John Loengard & Kimberly Sayers - Dark Skies

Another great couple from underrated T.V. series Dark Skies - Irina2932

8 Jake Foley & Diane Hughes - Jake 2.0

Unfortunately, the show was closed after season 1 but this beautiful couple was memorable. I loved them so much - Irina2932

9 Kai & Zev Bellringer - Lexx

Zev left this series too much soon. She was a very interesting, beautiful, hot and unique character. Even her costume was wonderful. Xev was good but Zev was the Queen! - Irina2932

10 Fox Mulder & Dana Scully - The X Files

Probably the most famous couple in television history. I love them - Irina2932

They rule T.V. since 1993. Can't question that...

The Contenders

11 Jack & Kate - Lost
12 Charlie & Claire - Lost
13 Richard Tyler & Lily Moore - The 4400

I hated the way they killed Lily but I still adore this beautiful and so kind couple - Irina2932

14 The Doctor & Sarah Jane Smith - Doctor Who

Before there was Rose, there was Sarah Jane. The Doctor and Sarah may not have been a couple but they were best mates and had real chemistry.

15 T'pol & Charles Tucker lll - Star Trek: Enterprise
16 Leopold Fitz and Jemma Simmons - Agents of Shield

This is a couple that has been through everything. The world throws everything at them that could split them apart, yet they end up together. Now they're married! Nothing could stop them. Not being stuck at the bottom of the ocean. Not being stranded on a planet across the universe. Not being stranded in a virtual reality where one of them turns evil.

17 Will Riker & Deanna Troi - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Was there ever a more comfortable, steadfast relationship in Sci-Fi T.V.? Soul mates.

18 Richard Cypher & Kahlan Amnell - Legend of the Seeker

Always together and yet they can never be together. Most T.V. relationships, the agony comes from will they or won't they, a choice we have to wait for the characters, or rather the writers, to come to. But Richard and Kahlan can't or it will destroy their mission...and the story. But oh how we wanted it for them as much as they themselves!

No people in the history of T.V have had so many looks of pure love. Richard would do anything for Kahlan but she has to remain true to her duties as much as it kills her.

19 Lois Lane & Clark Kent - Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman

Before there was Smallville, there was Lois & Clark. Shippers had to wait decades before Lois and Clark had a successful onscreen relationship and this show fulfilled that wish for the first time and we loved it. Not only did Lois learn Clark's secret but they fell in love, got married and even adopted a child by the end of the series. What more could a shipper want?

20 Amelia Pond & Rory Williams - Doctor Who
21 Newt & Thomas - Maze Runner

I know they're not a couple.. But I ship them so bad!

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