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1 Slender Man

Slender man is a man that is Wight and eats you sole if you go into he's woods - mikaylaroes

2 The Tails Doll

The tails doll is a doll that will kill you if you do the 3 cerses then he will com the first one is to play sonic r 100 times and you need to get first place the 2ent one is to go to a drake bathroom with a thing that can play can you feel the sunshine backwards and living in the city backwards and the 3erd one is the pitcher one - mikaylaroes

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3 Sonic.Exe

So sonic. Exe is a game that has tails knuckles and egg man in it at the end you see sonic. Exe saying I AM GOD - mikaylaroes

4 The Rake

The rake is a heumen crecher that you find in the woods I don't know what woods but you may find the rake - mikaylaroes

5 The Amy Rose Game

So you know cream the cut rabbit well she termed evil amy needs to kill cream and blow up the world that cream made so thars 4 parts to my game - mikaylaroes

6 Username666

Usernane666 is a you tube video that if you refresh the page it turns creepy - mikaylaroes

7 Sally.Exe

Sally. Exe is the 2ent part to sonic. Exe so you play as amy cream and sally - mikaylaroes

8 MLP Cupcakes

So cupcakes is a lost episode of mlp so pinky drugs her friend rainbowdash and makes ranbowdash into cupcacks - mikaylaroes

9 Sonic.Exe the 3rd Game

So the 3erd game of sonic. Exe is whar you play as shadow silver and the purple man - mikaylaroes

10 Abandoned by Disney

So when you reach the yellow striped door that's a mickey mouse and when you look away from it then you her a old man that tried to get up but it is the mickey mouse costoom - mikaylaroes

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1. Slender Man
2. The Tails Doll
3. Sonic.Exe



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