Top Ten Favorite Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Characters

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1 Red Guy or Harry

This dude is the main character and one of the episodes is dedicated to him!

The guy sounds so un-enthusiastic, he's so funny "hmm he seems upset about something... I wonder what will happen"

Very touching to me, how tried his hardest to help his friends escape the illusion of the media. Harry deserves a hug and a chicken picnic.

Probably the sole reason I love this series. He makes me laugh every time, and if film theory is correct, he tried to save his friends from Roy's advertising.(R.i.p Robin T_T) h

2 Tony the Talking Clock

My friends make fun of me for having an enormous crush on a talking clock...

He scared me when her started making that repetitive screeching noise...

I swear I will slam my fist on him if he beeps and destroy him into bits.

There's a time and a place for mucking around.

3 Manny or Yellow Guy

I can't choose between red guy and yellow guy. They are both such good characters. But I love Manny because he's just so innocent, he doesn't deserve such a cruel father. He had to go through most of his allergies and was the main victim of all the characters! He doesn't deserve a trip to punish land, he cares about even the smallest insect!

He's so sweet and innocent, he just gets abused by everyone. You just want to hug him and protect him.

Have you seen the adorable fan art?

My daddy's...uh computer

4 Sketchpad

Its name is paige, right? or is that just the fandom? Plus, I think it's a girl?

Is it a boy or a girl... I think the sketchpad and the spinach can are girls.

Whoa there friend, you might need to slow down.

Blue, red, green. Green is not a creative color.

5 Robin or Green Guy

Best voice, best personality, best digital styles

Robin likes to have fun with his friends and he is very nice to his friends.
Plus he said he was sorry when he upset manny and that he brought the last egg
Just to cheer him up for manny.

So funny and fun. How did he lose to red guy. Yellow guy and everyone else.

RIP - Unnamed Google User Remade

6 Colin the Computer

Best choice possible, I like his voice, trapping the puppets in the digital world and the don't touch me quote!

Digital dancing. Need I say more?

My Favorite Is Computer Guy - Jessy Sheldrake


7 Robin or Duck Guy

Why is his voice autotuned?

Yes now die

8 Shrignold

He's on the list already but some dufus forgot his name and puts Benny.

9 Michael
10 Benny The Butterfly

I know you don't know who I am...but maybe I can hold your hand...and together we can understand about love...

Put on this ring *and join the king* and you will never be alone!

It's actually called shrignold

And we can live in harmonee!


The Contenders

11 Malcolm

Haha! I love the way Malcolm is on this list. lolz haha! Laughing to much. Why I have no Idea!

12 Roy

Roy was the metaphor for all things bad in the world. Why is he here? Such a bad father, exposing Manny to these things, and not even caring.

Roy is scary and doesn't deserve a child like Manny.

I don't like roy. he creeps me out and he's kind of disgusting

13 File

I am a file. You put documents in me!

14 Bread Boy

Definitely the best


Fish and chips
Steak and beef (chuckitichow)
Grapes and eggs
Steak... Eggs... Uh...

15 The Lamp

His voice is just so amazing during the first dreams song.

My senpai :3 *hugs lamp*

16 Spinach Can

I like her a lot actually she's actually my favourite one out of the Healthy band all the rest suck to me she is my third favourite character after Manny and Robin

17 Bunny

One of the best American accents I've ever heard!

18 Cigarette Guy

He's such a bad enfluence

19 Furry Boy

Heh Heh (:


He he, HARDER!

20 Saxophone

I’ll teach ya how to buy a canoooe

21 Big Talking Steak

Ice cream beef makes your teeth go gray!

He's byfar the creepiest character in the show and maybe the evilest too. He made Manny eat his friend.

I dislike this guy for killing my all time favourite dhmis character Robin!

22 Gilbert the Globe
23 Magnet

Magnet x Spinach

24 The Can

I liked when the confetti popped

25 Universe Guy

We are in the universe
Planets live inside the moon
A rocket ship can go to space
A rocket ship can go to the moon!

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