Favorite Engineering Alloys or Materials

Time for a nerd battle: it's time to represent the engineering world.

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1 Steel (Any ferrous alloy)

Unmatched in versatility. Any exotic new material always draws comparison to steel. - Kingzoid

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2 Aluminum (Any alloy)
3 Titanium (Any alloy)

Not as light as aluminum, but high strength-to-weight ratio. Often compares in strength to steel. - Kingzoid

4 Carbon (Any allotrope or form)

Insane material, can be drawn in a myriad of shapes and sizes. The current focus of much materials research. - Kingzoid

5 Glass (Usually, but not limited to silica-based)

Clear and beautiful. But also theoretically strong, too. - Kingzoid

6 Any Plastic (UHMWPE, Kevlar, PEEK, etc.)

A whole world different from metals and ceramics. - Kingzoid

7 Magnesium (Any alloy)

Less popular than the steel-aluminum-titanium "holy trinity" of structural metals, but nevertheless presents an attractive combination of light weight with decent strength. - Kingzoid

8 Composites (Any)

The new rage in industry to minimize weight and maintain or even improve mechanical properties over metals. - Kingzoid

Imagine a composite made of aerogel and graphene, endless possibilities

9 Ceramics (Crystalline)

High melting temperatures, theoretically also strong. - Kingzoid

10 Wood (Any)
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1. Steel (Any ferrous alloy)
2. Aluminum (Any alloy)
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