Top Ten Favorite Fairy Tail Male Characters

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21 Happy V 3 Comments
22 Freed Justine Freed Justine

Oh, Freed is so cute!

He's hot.

I hate him.

23 Ichiya Ichiya

The power of meren - DADONALD

24 Jackal

How am I seriously only just adding him? He is a ball of sadistic, explosive, fluffiness...I mean come on, he's got ears and a tail

Very cute. He should date cat girl.

25 Midnight

YES! Totally hottest character in Fairy Tail. Period.

26 Eve

Personally my favorite Trimen. His magic is also awesome and he's adorable

27 Hughes V 1 Comment
28 Bickslow
29 Bacchus Groh
30 Jura Neekis
31 Neinhart

Why is he even here? He is the crappiest Spprigan there is, he is worse than Ajeel.

32 Romeo V 2 Comments
33 UI

SHE is a woman, duh! If she was a man, then how did she give birth to Ultear?!?!? does she have boobs...?!?!

V 2 Comments
34 Plue
35 Jiemma Jiemma

What the crap. How is he even on this list?! He sucks.


I hate him So MUCH he should be on the hate list! here the reason why I hate him so much 1 reason he almost kill sting and rogue and he kick out yukino! 2 reasons he almost kill leactor glad Minerva's could help and he Treat Minerva's like trash I wish she could be a nice little girl but jiemma change that!

36 Sawyer
37 Brain
38 Zero

I mean because technically he is another character

39 Lector
40 Tempester V 1 Comment
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