Favorite Fallout New Vegas Weapons

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1 Anti-Material Rifle

There's nothing better in a FPS than getting a one shot kill with a bad ass sniper rifle. THis is one of the only guns int the game that will grant you that awesomeness.

This gun is for slaying not wounding

"Have you seen what one of those anti-materiel rifles can do to a deathclaw? "
Oh yes I have, and it's beautiful. Love this rifle and everything about this awesome game. Fallout: New Vegas is spectacular!

No explanation need

2 Fat Man

Let me tell you something how can you vote for the anti material rifle when you can watch the fat man and it's ragdoll effect.

Although it seems better in Fallout 3, its still overpowered in New Vegas.

needs small nukes to use

Man: Wait, what's that in the sky? HOLY CRA- *explodes*

3 A Light Shining In Darkness

Comes from the majestic Joshua Graham after he dies. It rips death claws to pieces. It has a seemingly never ending amount of critical hits. It's modeled after the 1911. And it fires faster than Automatic Riflea... enough' said!

Joshua Graham

It’s a special 1911 must there be more

4 Oh Baby!

Probably the most overpowered melee weapon in the game.

Hit's hard, and easy to get, for me best melee weapon.

Easily slaughter the legion with this

It takes a while to get but worth it

5 Ranger Sequoia

Amazing revolver that will erase your enemies head.

I use it a lot but there's not a lot of ammo for it in any trading post? gun runners.

Because headless Deathclaws are prettier.

6 All American

A b*tch to get to in Vault 34, but an overpowered Marksman Carbine.

-great way to pick off golden geckos

The all American is really awesome but hard to get

7 Ballistic Fist

One hit anything in the wasteland! How can you not like it!


8 Holy Frag Grenades

Can take out the Alpha death claw with just one of them. To bad there are only three ):

9 Brush Gun

Basically an overpowered hunting rifle. (Sorry I keep the using the word overpowered)

Why is this gun so low on the list? It's the best all-around gun and is stronger than the AMR.

Brush rifle

10 Alien Blaster

An extremely powerful weapon that is second only to the Anti-Material rifle.

Can only be obtained with the Wild Wasteland trait.
Totally worth it.

The Contenders

11 .44 Magnum Revolver

With all the mods, this is a powerful, durable and very effective gun.

12 Lucky

Favorite sidearm for sure. Really cool looking and it has critical chance. High rate of fire and really awesome reload animation. Great gun.

13 That Gun

So easy to get and still so good

You mean that Boi

This gun carries me from level 5-26,plus it is free if you have 25 lock-pick and don't mind a little bad karma,and allows the use of 5.56 ammo on a pistol only build allowing a little ammo versatility,at the same time you can get Boone and the first recon beret in the same town,making it stronger due to its bonus to critical hit chance already.

14 Plasma Caster

Might be the best energy weapon in the game.

15 Archimedes II

How the heck is this gun not even on the list!? Archimedes 2 is the single greatest gun in this entire franchise. It is an absolute joy to use and was a brilliant idea. First place. Ps. If you don't know what it is, YouTube it!

It's a bit glitchy but can easily be fixed. I agree with the other guy, how is this not first? It has unlimited ammo, massive blast radius, ungodly damage, disintegration chance and it also looks cool! Best super space laser ever!

I didn't initially put this one on the list because, while it is arguably the most powerful weapon in the game, you can only use it once a day.

Doesn't firing down explosives from the sky sound fun? We'll its possible just by it from the kid in freeside, and complete Archimedes II quest

16 Multiplas Rifle
17 Holorifle

Perhaps the best weapon out of every dlc ever

Most ammo efficient weapon of them all, and the best thing to come out of the Dead Money DLC.

18 YCS/186

The damage and range makes up for the single shot only, my
Favorite unique.

A shotgun that is a energy weapon impresed

19 Mysterious Magnum

A badass revolver that plays the mysterious stranger's theme whenever it's drawn or holstered. Very nice looking and powerful.

Kill the lonesome drifter towards the beginning of the game for it. Worth it.

20 Riot Shotgun

Best shotgun in the game.

Good weapon for any encounters.

21 Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle

-with the right perks it can take down almost anything with just one shot

With the right stuff you can pump up the critical hit chance to 100%! That'll give it around 250 damage!

Better than the anti-material rifle

Looks anazing and is way better than the anti-magerial rifle

22 12.7 mm SMG

The 12.7mm submachine gun is really nice looking, effective and powerful. Favorite!

Best SMG in the entire game.

Very good in any situation. Ammo is hard to find but is worth it!

The underdog SMG. basically enormous DPS and decent fire rate, with good luck can go better than many weapons in this list.

23 Tri-Beam Laser Rifle

After mods from gun runners DLC it is very good. Good damage (+DT with max charged), good speed (DPS), low weight, good ammo capacity. Very good from medium to low range.

24 Tesla Beaton prototype

Picks off the toughest enemies in the game with 1 shot with the right perks

This gun is great even with the small price

25 This Machine

For sure the best gun in the game.

"U.S. Rifle, Caliber.30, M1"... M1 Garand. Great all rounder. Semi-Auto, very wide variety of ammunition types, useful against everything. Perfect for Survival difficulty when you're trying to cut weight from having too many weapons and ammo types.

M1 Garand

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