Favorite Female Fairy Tail Characters

Who's your favorite FT female character? If she's not on the list you can add her. The character can come from any guild.

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1 Erza Scarlet Erza Scarlet Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail . Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her friends' calls that they want ...read more.

There's a reason why she is called "Titania" Erza Scarlet. It's because Erza has proven herself to be the strongest female mage in Fairy Tail. She is also the youngest Fairy Tail mage ever to become S-class. Her personality is also awesome as she is shown to have a strict and serious side along with a funny side.

Whether if she's my mom OR my sister OR my wife. Erza is perfect. She is powerful, wise, strict but caring and a tough one. Despite being hot-headed + cold blooded, she was ready to sacrifice herself back then with the Tower of Heaven episode. Very brave girl... And reliable too... My type.

She is the strongest female in her guild and she is an S-class mage. She is very strict but is shown to have a cute and funny side. And she loves eating cheesecakes.

Strong and sexy, the way I like my women. - deltanine

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2 Juvia Lockser Juvia Lockser Juvia Lockser is a Fairy Tail Mage . When Juvia was young she was abandoned by her parents because she was followed by the rain . Juvia lived in a orphanage but she never felt at home there she was mistreated by the children there because she was different from them,she was a Mage she had blue hair ...read more.

A mage who specializes in water. She is formerly an S-class mage from the guild Phantom Lord. She is known for her obsession with Gray Fullbuster. She is also the comic relief of FT.

Juvia is an amazing character! I absolutely her! She's devoted, loyal, forgiving, funny, and just a sweetheart. She often calls the girls in the guild her Love Rival (mostly Lucy), but she'd still protect them, no matter what. She proved that during her "battle" with Cana when she sacrificed herself. She also helped Meredy, a girl who she didn't know and was also her enemy, and showed her the light. She's probably one of the main reasons why Meredy is a apart of Crime Sorciere. Let's not forget her love for Gray. (Which is pretty hard to forget.) She has a weird way of showing it (stalking, making plushies and bentos of said person, etc.), but Juvia really does love Gray. She's extremely devoted to him, and I love her for that. I mean, is there really ever gonna be another girl who perpetually puts up with Gray's tsundere crap, and always comes back to him no matter how many times he pushes her away? A girl with this much patience, love, and devotion is extremely hard to ...more

I really love juvia.. She is my favorite ft female char.

Her beauty her personality.. On how she care about her guild and its members!

Love her!

She's insanely strong.

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3 Mirajane Strauss Mirajane Strauss Mirajane, the sister of Lisanna and Elfman, uses the power takeover and can transforms into a few forms. Mirajane is also a s-classed wizard who was rivals with Erza Scarlett when she was young. While she was young(before Lisanna's pseudo death) she was criminal-alike and work Gothic clothing she was ...read more.

Also known as the demon Mirajane, is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, as well as it's "drawing card" and is often a model for the Sorcerer Magazine. Despite being a she-devil, she is absolutely full of niceness. Some people say she's just about as equal in strength as Erza.

Mirajane is definitely one of the strongest fairy tail characters there, regardless of gender, attractiveness or favoritism. Her abilities can definitely match Erza's, and Mira is capable of causing great destruction. Her strength is incredible. Even when we haven't seen her use her strongest forms, we know she is capable of great things. Because she simply chooses not to unleash all of this strength, this makes her a better character because it shows that she knows what she is capable of and that she is capable of more, but chooses to suppress these powers to the benefit of her family, Fairy Tail. She's a beautiful S-Class Mage, one of the youngest ever like Erza, and many other powerful characters including Erza and Laxus believe so. Whether she's my favourite character ever, I'm unsure, but I'm sure that in this list she's no.2 at the least. Mira is a compassionate, strong, beautiful character.

Mirajane's beauty had the very strong impact in anyone who seen it, although she does not have many liker she did her best. Also, her power was incredibly strong even laxus said She's not the one you wanna piss off, and even master makarov forbade her to use her Halphas form because it can destroy an entire city.

So gorgeous and kind nowadays but look at her past I think I like younger Mira than older Mira.

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4 Ultear

Ultear has a lot of stuff to talk about. She should be ranked number two if not number one. Like her mother, she posses Ice make magic. She also contains the magic, "Time arc". She can make things go back in time to the state they were before the were damaged. Also she uses the magic in order to summon her it's from the past and from the future. And then she sends the orbs flying towards her opponents. Not only that, but she battled the legendary dark Mage zeref. She knocked him out cold during her battle and when she was being followed by gray fullbuster during the s-class trials ark. She noticed his presence. She should be given more credit.

Should be #2, to be honest. She has a great story and motive to her previously villainy that dig ever deeper. She never truly wanted to commit said deeds despite having been "abandoned" as a child, manipulated by countless of those who have dwelved too deep into magic (Hades, Oracion Seis' Brain, etc), and have had been treated as a lab rat. Such a past would drive people to complete evil, if not insanity. Nonetheless, Ultear persevered and only committed them to achieve a magic power that would undo all of said acts and help her attain happiness that was unjustifiably stolen from her at such a young age. Her good will is also proven when she protects and takes care of a young orphaned girl whom she had just met (Meldy). Furthermore, once she was shown the light by Fairy Tail, she turned her back against evil, and rather than stay locked up in a cage regretting her actions but not attoning for them, she formed an independent guild called "Crime Sorciere", along ...more

Erza did have a bad life with being a slave and all but she got saved afterward and people are always saying how she as the most painful past when she doesn't ultear has the most painful past she as been taking away from her mother experimented on, she thought her mom replaced her, she was forced to bad things and then got accustomed to it and ruined peoples lives I love her and she deserves number 1 spot she has a fantastic story love her wish she is still in the show

One of the best secondary character ever. Crime Sorciere should have an own spin off serie.

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5 Lucy Heartfillia

In my opinion I think Lucy is the best girl in Fairy Tail hey and I said my opinion so don't go off in the comments or whatever and say that oh my God this is not the best or something because guess what I started it with in my opinion so yeah so I think she's the the best because. She the only one that has that could use it was a really special spell when she fought flare second reason like he's really cool because like she's the only Celestial wizard that could summon more Celestial spirits at one time because Celestial wizard can never summon more than one celestial spirit at a time so like when she was doing that and she was like she was doing it Loki was like you summoned more than one celestial spirit out of time and like Lucy didn't answer but still right and then so that's pretty cool about her and like there's still a bunch more that I haven't said but if you want to learn more just go to a website and search top 10 reasons lucy is strong

Lucy Heartfilia. She may not be strong like you expected but she has a heart which can make you touched. She tries her best to catch up with everyone on the guild. Hardworking and perseverance is one of her best attitude. She is also the most intelligent in Team Natsu or the strongest team. She can make you fall in love with her, not only the looks but also mentally. She taught me to love my parent no matter what our status R.I LOVE HER! Even though I am a girl! She inspired me to work hard and be more mature! That's all thank ^^

A celestial spirit mage. Even though her magic's not strong, she tries her best to fight for her guild and her friends. She is hilarious, very friendly, emotional, and puts others ahead of herself.

I really love Lucy Heartfilia
She's definitely strong, funny, sexy, cute and beautiful and a nice snd friendly girl!
She deserves to be strong and a positive attitude
She's way better than Sakura from Naruto and Serena from pokemon
She's kawaii and has cute giggles like other girls in Amime!
She's so kind and friendly and open hearted and makes quite funny faces
She's my favourite Amime girl ever!

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6 Wendy Marvell Wendy Marvell

Originally from the guild Cait Shelter. She is a young female sky dragon slayer.

Dude, she's only 13 and can probably beat Lucy, she's kind yet strong, she has one of the best development. From a weak girl to a girl who wants to protect her friends, and she had protect them. Since she was young, she had already experienced a lot of painful things. She was left all alone by her mother dragon when she was 4 years old, got found and taken care of by a brother-like stranger only to be left in another guild, then fought in a battle where she is the only one from her guild who came, found out her guild was all an illusion and lost a family again, joined Fairy Tail and it disbands a few months later meaning she lost a family and a home again, then battled with one of the greatest war in Fairy Tail history ever (talking about alvarez) then fought a buttload of foes that are almost invincible. She even destroyed one face and no one in Fairy tail had even done that except for dragons, not even Lucy or Erza or Natsu, but Wendy, and if you think it's because of Dragon Force, ...more

She's so cute. I love everything about her!

She is my favorite everuy time I play in FT roleplays I play her

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7 Mavis Vermilion Mavis Vermilion

The grand master of FT. She is dead but the FT guild members can see her. She is seen in the Grand Magic Games as the "cheerleader" of FT guild. She is shown to be really cute and childish.

She's too cute not to vote. A genius and a cutie packed in a ghost. I mean, seriously, who would expect a young dead girl to be the grandmaster of Fairy Tail?

For me there are 2 characters who stand out. Mavis and Natsu. I'm only on season 2 and read none of mangas but I absolutely can't help but love Mavis. She loves this guild, she loves it even though she had to write a warehouse of apology letters. The way she she cheered during the grand magic games and even when she cried and said 'I'm not crying' and the way everyone reacted to it. She is beautiful - this is the first time openly call a girl beautiful like this even though I'm a girl - and just lovable that if she were real I would be dancing with her. I would invite to every party I would even become best friends with her. Even though I voted for Natsu in the top 10 Fairy Tail characters I love Mavis equally, it's just Natsu was there in the anime before her so voting for her on this list was the least that can do for now. Gosh I wish I was a brilliant strategist like her. really Mavis... just take my money you don't even need to ask.

I just like her she is a real beauty 😙

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8 Cana Alberona Cana Alberona

A mage who specializes in card magic. She is the daughter of Gildarts Clive. She is currently in possession of "Fairy Glitter" given to her by Mavis Vermilion.

She drinks but who can't love cana she strong and helpful and she gets along with people I love her

Mavis herself told that Cana has incredibly high latent magical ability.

My favorite character love her

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9 Levy McGarden Levy McGarden

While the the majority of girls in Fairy Tale rely largely on sex appeal, Levy McGarden has substance. Despite being a character that lingers in the background, Levy has heart and character in spades, and it shines through. Case in point: forgiving and opening herself up to Gajeel, the man who tortured and publicly humiliated her. She loves freely and is loved in return. Gotta admire the most brilliant girl in Fairy Tail.

Levy is one of my favourite characters from the show, mainly because she doesn't, unlike the other female characters, rely way too much on her physical appearance and take the fanservice way too far. Additionally, she has great strength and courage, as shown when she tries to get the guild back together on Tenrou island or when she helps gajeel out during his fight against the death guy. Even though she isn't as strong as some of the main characters, she still does her best to protect the guild like everyone else. She uses her brains, unlike most characters like natsu who just jump into the battle and hope for the best, she tries to come up with a strategy and has already been extremely useful like during the battle of fairy tail or the fight against tartaros. Lastly, the story of the love she shares with gajeel is one of the most beautiful in the series, because she overcomes her fear and trauma caused by his attack on her and the members of her team back when he was part of phantom ...more

Levy is probably the most well written character in the series. She is definitely one of the cuter characters mainly because she doesn't try to be cute, she isn't written to be the moe character The way Wendy is. We definitely don't see her as much as some others, but readers immediately can characterize her and yet we still see her character being built by does few scenes where she's a side character. Additionally, her interactions with Gajeel are adorable. In the end, Levy is able to stand as her own character while still helping emphasize other characters like Lucy and Gajeel.

I love Levy. So smart, well written, and under appreciated.

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10 Kagura Mikazuchi Kagura Mikazuchi

As others have said, she is an amazing;y strong and very undervalued/underestimated character. She broke through Erza's unbreakable armor with an undrawn sword (key word, undrawn), she took down Yukino's various summons including the 13th gate Snake thing, and held her ground very well against Minerva. She is confident but not arrogant. She has pride for herself and her friends, but does not let the pride get to her head. She is loyal and loving and is fair and just. It makes me sad that she is not in the top 10, or even the top 5 since she was only a part of two arcs, and most people prefer the main characters whom you see over and over.

Anyway, shes a strong character who actually HAS character as it shows her past being a child and having to basically grow up fast due to unfortunate events happening, but even with that, she has kept a level head and only once did she lose it when she learned about the person who was, partially, responsible for her brother's death.

Kagura Mikazuchi, so hot, so beautiful and elegant she should at least be number 2 of 3 and possibly even number 1 because I truly believe she could be STRONGER than Erza because she could had killed Erza but she was just standing there I mean ihate when anime fighters just stand there and wait for them to get up again to fight, if I was Kagura, I've would had killed Erza just when she falls down.

Kagura is very strong and beautiful character I wish she had more screen time and she doesn't show much emotion which means that she is very mysterious and if it weren't for Minerva she would have beaten Erza. She also beat Yukino's 13th key with no problem, she is also the strongest female member in mermaid heel. Not to mention she is a very powerful leader and when people do inspirational fairy tail people quotes PUT KAGURA IN THERE PEOPLE! I mean come on people Kagura Mikazuchi deserves some love!

Number 11! Come on let's keep getting her higher! Kagura is amazing!

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The Contenders

11 Lisanna Strauss Lisanna Strauss

Lisanna is really gorgeous and even she doesn't have powerful magic but in her heart she is really strong

She don't deserve all that hate about her

I love her so much! Her character is perfect and I love her personality, too bad she doesn't get much screen time, but I wish they did! I really think she should be with Natsu. I don't understand why people hate this kind, animal lover girl she's the nicest person ever!

my bae

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12 Meredy Meredy

She was so cute before the time skip, and now a total beauty. Not to mention her powerful magic.

I love her

When she was older she one of my favorites female wizards and she is beautiful.

Best Character

She was a good character

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13 Erza Knightwalker Erza Knightwalker

She has a charm that none of the Fairy Tail characters have.
A demented/crazy side. :P

And she's here why?

Yeah but she is not so powerful like erza scarlet

I hate her

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14 Yukino Aguria

Underrated and very beautiful. When she was being humiliated in front of her entire guild I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and comfort her. That scene broke my heart.

She got beat by Kagura big time. And cried in front of so many people I pity her because she's not in saber tooth anymore.

I feel so bad for yukino I mean she cried in the whole audience when beaten by Kagura

She is my favorite! Even if she is not very powerful she is still very clever and kind and I do think she is stronger than Lucy.

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15 Lucy Ashley

I say again, my friends. And she's here, why?

Earth Lucy is way better FOOLS!

This mah girl she is powerful even without Magic

MUCH better than Earth Land Lucy. - Goku02

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16 Minerva Orlando

I know I might get a lot of hate for saying this, but Minerva is probably my favorite female character, possibly tied with Wendy. She's a very interesting, complex character, and she's also rather realistic - people who suffer that kind of abuse CAN turn out like that. When Erza made her realize her worth, I almost cried. When Sting, Rogue, Frosch, and Lector came and told her that she belonged with Saber Tooth, I actually shed a tear or two. When she was welcomed back to Saber Tooth with open arms, I really did start crying. To me, Minerva is a character that I can relate to (I too have daddy issues, though they are thankfully of a different variety), and I honestly feel inspired by her to put myself back together the way she did, even though I don't have an Erza or a Sting.

No matter how evil she is I still love her is it only me or is the evil characters in this show so lovable or once evil characters (aka Laxus dreyar love him) glad she changed later on

Love her versatile magic, her looks, and her intelligence as a brilliant tactician during the Grand Magic Games Arc


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17 Ul

Ul is a very very powerful Mage. She took down the demon Deliora by herself. Also when Lyon asked who was the strongest Mage around, they all pushed him towards Ul. Not only that, but jellal stated that, if lu was still alive she could've been on the magic council. Now that is really saying something. She wasn't shown very much in the anime or manga, but the parts where she was shown, they were amazing. She is also the mother ultear milkovich, and she is a very powerful Mage.

Ultear's deceased mother and the mentor of Lyon and Gray Fullbuster. It was mentioned that she was powerful enough to be considered a Wizard Saint. When I saw the flashback of her finding out about her daughter being 'dead', I cried. She didn't even have a chance to be with Ultear again. This woman sacrificed her life to seal Deliora away. I wish she'd get revived, somehow.

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18 Millianna

She is to cute! She is funny and adorable she should join Fairy Tail. And she deserves her own Exceed!

Shes so happy all the time and I just love her character! It's well thought out!

She loves cats she is so funny she is always happy she loves to see erza she Is a really though out

She's a cute neko girl. - Goku02

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19 Virgo

She's my favorite zodiac spirit ever. She's just so funny, clueless and simply adorable. I even liked her in the eclipse version. Above her is only Plue, who is the most wonderful spirit of them all.

Even though she's a spirit she' so strong

She's a bit creepy

She is awesome and funny. but I don't get the punishment thing. Plus she's my zodiac sign.

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20 Zera

I cried so hard when she disappeared

I literally cried my eyes out when Zera diapered

Mavis's dead friend

My nickname at school is Zera

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