Erza Scarlet

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Erza Scarlet is an S-Class Mage from the infamous magic guild Fairy Tail . Erza starts off as a lone wolf and stays loyal to following the rules. As the story develops Erza changes into loving mage strong and independent. As her terrible past haunts her she ignores her friends' calls that they want more.


I love Erza Scarlet. She's my favorite anime. Erza is the most strongest female character in Fairy tail and she even know to fear/afraid because she prove that the fear is not important and the confidence is the one thing that you could stand up for your self. Erza is my Role Model in life even she is only an anime. I have many lessons I've learned when I watching her in Fairy Tail, the courage, good personalities, and the sentence he said " take care of your self to be a perfect girl". I also copying her in hair, the way she walk, talk and everything! That's why I love Erza Scarlet!

She is the strongest, most beautiful and kind woman in the guild. She likes eating strawberry cheesecake and she has a cute and funny side in her. She is caring, powerful, wise and tough. Other than her hot-headed or cold-blooded self, she is willing to sacrifice herself for the whole guild back in the tower of heaven.

Erza is amazing she is beautiful, strong both mentally and physically, she is funny, she and Jellal are perfect, I empathise with her because of her past, love her armour especially heavens wheel, she loves strawberry cheesecake and I do too, lastly she just like I locks her heart away so she others don't see her as weak and so she does not have to deal with her past struggles Fairy Tail could not be without Erza Scarlet I LOVE YOU ERZA SCARLET!

In her first appearance in fairy tail, erza caught my eyes because of her charismatic beauty which leads me on liking fairy tail. erza scarlet is indeed the fairy queen because she has proven it many ways not just on being powerful but also her personality especially her sense towards justice. I really love erza scarlet! Shes the best!

Erza is just... WOW! I love her. Not just appearance but also the fact that she is so strong. Erza is beautiful and she has such a cute, strict and strong personality. I really like her as a kid. She is just beautiful wearing an armor. I like her in Flame Empress Armor, Lightning Empress Armor most. And last thing : I love JELLAL! He and Erza make a lovely couple.

A fan of Erza Scarlet I was born. A fan of Erza Scarlet I live. And a fan of Erza Scarlet I will die. And from the grave I will yell "Erza Scarlet is the best. " A woman in whose little heart, stays the love for the whole world.

She is so far the strongest mage I ever seen. She had never admitted herself as powerful even though everyone knew she was. She believed that what gives her the strength to fight is indeed not anything else but her love ones. She cares for everyone. She was pretty. But that's the last thing I love about her

She is not the whiny type but is of a strong character. She does not dumps her problems on others but insists on solving them herself. She is wise and reliable. Can be hot headed but that's what makes her adorable and has a feminine side too. Erza is perfect.

Our titania has an amazing personality and deserved to be called as titania. Wise, strong, beautiful, caring and even more she struggle for life! She is my favourite anime character so far! She must win

Nobody can compare the other female anime characters to her. She is simply the best. Her personality is unique and she is a badass woman who doesn't even need to depend on a man, like most female characters do. She is funny, cute, strong (the strongest to be honest, Mira probably comes second), courageous, caring, beautiful (both inside and outside). She is my favorite female anime character and in top 5 of favorite anime characters. Erza is a goddess.

Lol erza always wins a poll for the best fairy tail female... ALWAYS...Sometimes the best fairy tail character too... But don't start thinking that I hate her now, because she's one of my favorite characters. I love erza and I think she's beautiful and awesome, but I also think that she's a bit overrated. This is just my opinion. U might think differently.

She's strong awesome and I like her armor

Erza is truly THE BOMB! I mean the team of Gray, Natsu, Lucy and Erza would have never even happened if it weren't for her. She is awesome and cute and funny!

Erza is the type of woman, that you will respect from your heart!

Strong, Kind, Considerate, Caring & of course Beautiful - all the good qualities she got!

Erza is an incredibly strong, intimidating character who can even scare Natsu and Gray. She also has an amazing sweet side who only lives for her family (Fairy Tail) and strawberry cake! She would definitely be one of my favorite female characters in the best anime EVER

She is the most charismatic character in the whole anime, she suffered when she was young, but with courage she became stronger, she is so kind Erza was about to sacrificed in tower of heaven to save every one.

She is legendary, the most beautiful, the strongest, the funniest character of Fairy Tail.

Erza Scarlet ♥ - Altair-1988

Just amazing in looks/ body.STRONG and Fierce, but cute and funny at times... Perfection

Most kind and beautiful member of the guild! She is the ind of person who will not judge people by their past and will help anyone who needs her help! She may have her "crazy cake lover" moments and a crush on Jellal but just like anyone else Erza is woman with a beautiful and kind heart!

She is honestly the first character I have ever truly loved. Her personality, her strength, her weaknesses, everything about her is so real and relatable. I feel her every emotion through the screen; when she cries, I cry. When she laughs, I laugh. She's been through so much in her life and still smiles each day. A truly underrated queen. Long live Erza Scarlet.

She's cute and I love the parts where she fights! She's so cool and I love everything about her

Titania Erza...powerful, beautiful, gentle, strict, funny, hot! Best female anime character!

I love Erza Scarlet, don't get me wrong. But I think people here are getting the wrong idea about how they like her. The majority of these comments are fans saying that they like her because she is just 'strong'. It kind of matters on the personality of the person, and how unique they are, not how strong they are. - Eva-san

Erza is the only reason why I watch fairy tail.

She is a strong person who is modest when it comes to her strength but she is very strict when it comes to natsu and grays fighting but in the end her sense of justice is one that I truly admire.

Erza is such a bad ass. I look up to her. Although I do love Lucy and Mirajane so much as well, I believe she is the strongest female in the guild. But there are so many great female wizards I love them all so much!