Juvia Lockser

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Juvia Lockser is a Fairy Tail Mage . When Juvia was young she was abandoned by her parents because she was followed by the rain . Juvia lived in a orphanage but she never felt at home there she was mistreated by the children there because she was different from them,she was a Mage she had blue hair ...read more.


Juvia is my favorite character in the whole show since the first episode she showed up...

Many people hate on her just because she can obsess a little over Gray and because she used to stalk him, but I actually love her!

She isn't as strong as Erza, but she has the sweetest, purest and most selfless heart in the guild, she may not be as positive as Lucy, but her character development was the best in the whole show, she can't be as perfect as Mirajane, therefore, her flaws make her more human and she has a lot of good traits too.

Juvia seems to get a lot of hate, especially because some people claim that she's stupid for loving Gray and that he doesn't has any feelings for her, but her weird personality, pure heart and fertile imagination are a little warmth and sunshine in Gray's tragic and harsh life, and eventually, she started melting the ice in his cold heart with her kindness, leading him to slowly fall in love with Juvia. His feelings for her were confirmed ...more

Is the best! Her personality too *-*

I just love her as a whole. A person, a Mage, a lover. She doesn't empathise on being powerful or being the best, she just want to be with the one she loves and everyone she cares to be happy. I'm so touched by the gesture of requesting master to take in gajeel. She sees the best of people. However she doesn't back down and has confidence in her magic as well. Her bravery to be honest with her feelings is so admirable. Not everyone has that bravery. This kind of bravery, to be honest with your feelings, is much harder to obtain than fighting bravery. She has so much to learn from.

Her power and personal are a combo that deserves to be in the second ranking, I mean can you give me an example of someone as funny, smart, powerful, and love crazy over Gray Fullbuster as her...no? I thought so, but please for all those who may not enjoy Juvia as much please please please re-watch the episodes that she's in and see how funny, fun, smart, and powerful she is...LOVE JUVIA SHE'S LIKE MY FAVE AND THE BEST!

I honestly don't understand how Juvia is AFTER lucy I get it Lucy is no damsel in distress and yes she is pretty tough, but yo to say shes stronger than Juvia-chan that's crazy... Cause the only way Juvia would every lose is when she has Gray on the mind. I strongly don't believe Juvia-chan should be after lucy no matter what. cause Juvia is stronger prettier smarter and cooler than lucy. I'm sorry but this is just crazy to think that lucy is supposedly 'stronger' than Juvia.

Juvia has a really sweet persona. She is kind, shy and looks embarrassed when talking to Gray. She has a tremendous amount of magic power but really never goes overboard. She can use a lot of magic power and also to mention she has cool magic spells like water lock. She also is very slim and she wears a beautiful color as a dress; blue.

At first I didn't like Juvia that much when she was first introduce but later on when she joined fairy tail she quickly became one of my favorite characters on the show. Her obsession with Gray is hilarious. Other than that, she is beautiful, charming, funny, her devotion for Gray and her loved ones is awesome and I hope she ends up with Gray in the end!

Juvia is literally too kind for word, after seeing the light (quite literally, with Gray). She has the ability to change the would be worst of people (Meredy's case) and see the good in them no matter what the circumstances, give them a chance, guide them in a way that only someone who truly cares could. And sure occasionally her emotions do cause a great big hullabaloo (Which is SO funny to watch btws) but then again shes proud and ready to show them, express them, live with them, she isn't afraid of what she feels which is why she can openly declare her love for Gray despite all her rejections, that's why she so loyal to the guild, to her family. Not only is she comfortable with her emotions but they also power her forwards, give her strength, hope and certainty of some sort of future to come! That's really and truly that in it's self is truly inspirational!
Mentioning all those we can't forget to add that she really is beautiful, inside and outside also. Juvia is increasingly ...more

Even thoughI like Erza better, I voted for her since I wish she would surpass Lucy. I mean, Lucy deserves to be 5th or 6th in my opinion, not 2nd. But both Juvia and Lucy had a lot of character development through the series. Lucy progressed from a naive and superficial girl to a kind, caring and strong fighter. Juvia progressed from a cold, gloomy character to a happy, bubbly, and caring person, but also strong and loving.

Juvia is indeed a cute one out of all fairy tail female mage. What I like about her is that she shows her true self no matter what. She too cares for fairy tail and fight for fairy tail. Hope more from her! Juvia!

She is definitely an amazing character. She always stands for what she believes in, whether it Fairy Tail or Gray. She has been through so much yet she never fails to smile. Truly strong.

Juvia is by far the best. Unlike Erza who's ONLY thinking about Jellal, Juvia's different. She'd adorable & is willing to INSTANTLY place her comrades lives before hers. She gets so badass when someone harms or wants to harm Gray! I love Juvia, she's inspiring, adorable, beautiful, sexy, kind, huge heart, SHE'S PERFECT!

Juvia is so pretty especially when she has long hair and I think her obsession makes her a unique character. Haha also that she likes gray and lyon likes her! - animedreamer

Juvia can be obsessive over Gray, which is hilarious and sweet (my OTP) she can also be protective of her friends, like when her and Cana where forced to fight and she wouldn't so injured herself, this isn't a very important thing in the show but it just a small example of how Juvia is willing to prove herself by helping, and protecting her friends. Well, except Lucy but whatever

She has everything I find very cute on a girl. Her smile, her voice, her obsession over gray,( gray is my favorite on the whole series ), not to mention she has what it takes to be sexy. - admister300

I love Juvia! She's so funny and sweet, and she'd sacrifice herself for her friends. I love characters that have reformed. They are the most interesting; sometimes even more than the protagonist.

She's the most progressed character. From a shy quiet almost depressed girl in phantom Lord to a bubbly, loving woman in fairy tail. How couldn't you love her, also her love for Gray is too cute.

Funniest character in fairy tail. My favorite moment is when the guys beautiful pictures fall to the ground and there was a picture of the guild. Look at Juvia and you'll see her with heart eyes and string at Gray - Gabster

She's this whole package of cute, sexy, badass, bashful, funny, awfully caring and not to mention just plain weird.
And adding the whole gray-juvia-lyon to the list, the show gets a whole lot entertaining!
How can one not like her and her antics?

This is a small fact, but I like how she's conservative about her beautiful body.

I love Juvia. She thinks about Gray a lot because, well, he's her love! I know you guys have had crushes before anf thought about them a lot. She was shunned her whole life because of her rain, so it's understandable. She's strong, even Gray said that she was a good comrade (I know a lot of Gray fans hate her, so think about that).

Other than Gray, she loves Fairy Tail and even Lucy. Love Rival is a bit annoying (Especially to GrayLu shippers), but it's SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY! The creator can joke around a bit, right?

Juvia Lockser is the best female character in Fairy Tail because I love her personality which is so cute and lovely especially the interaction between her and gray

Juvia is not only incredibly strong, but she has a huge heart. She's beautiful, passionate, smart, kind, and one of the funniest characters in the series. She is by far my favorite character, with Erza being my second.

She is so cute and fights for the ones she love and cares a lot about other people ( Gray and an episode where she sacrificed herself instead of fighting Cana/Kana)

I honestly adore Juvia and I do think she is very powerful